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  1. The way I played was finishing all side missions first until none left, then progressed story until side missions appeared, repeat. Never had any issues playing like this.
  2. improvments

    Although it can be boosted by playing with friends, I'd still like to have something like this.
  3. There's fix for this, go to Main Menu > Play > Campaign > Save > Advanced > Restart from quest > Any quest. I'm sure restarting from The Pit definitely works, as this is when I have seen people usually getting this glitch from and then fixing it using this method.
  4. Or at least have an option to disable it.
  5. I was 100% sure I had it disabled, until I checked it right now and apparently it wasn't, thanks for the heads up.
  6. dockets

    Are you using translator? I'm not sure what you mean with intendant. You have to redeem dockets at quartermaster, try unlinking account and linking it again, if that doesn't work try registering another account.
  7. Human rank can reset when you do NG+ or finish the final story mission (I think), I've lost my rank few times due to those. Anyways, all you need is Underdog which shouldn't take very long if you're experienced human, besides that the rank doesn't really matter. I'm almost sure it doesn't reset regardless of how long you take break, I've taken break for weeks in past and I'm still Ultimate Survivor. I'm sure there's no such thing as seasons either, I think I've been this rank for nearly half year now.
  8. dockets

    Have you linked your docket account to your platform?
  9. I wish Dying Light had something like Bloodbath Arena, had so much fun playing it. If you like challenges, one thing I suggest you doing is this, I found it quite tricky to accomplish.
  10. They can throw two flares if it's 1vs1. But in 2vs1, 3vs1 or 4vs1, each player gets cooldown after throwing one flare and is unable to throw another flare until cooldown is over.
  11. There's already a cooldown per single thrown flare in 2vs1, 3vs1 and 4vs1. That means only 1 flare per player, then cooldown kicks in, but flare can be easily destroyed by a GP, leaving human have to wait for cooldown in order to throw another one, so I think it's fine the way it is right now. As of the drop kicking, I agree on this point, although the damage isn't a problem, the problem about drop kicking is that hunter has no way of dodging it besides not being in the human's reach from the first place, therefore human can launch a chain drop kicks on hunter, while being able to kill the hunter during animation, for example imagine a scenario of one human drop kicking hunter, another standing behind the hunter or simply anticipating the spot hunter will fall, then launching an attack which hunter has no way of dodging, there's the problem. My suggestion would be, not allow hunter to be drop kicked as frequently as it is right now. For example making the hunter immune from being drop kicked by the same person within 5 seconds. Also being immune to be drop kicked during animations, or immunity against drop kick while recovering after being drop kicked once, so there won't be chain drop kicking. Also DFA in 3vs1 and 4vs1 matches requires some sort of toning down, in my opinion.
  12. Simply redo the bounty, they are repeatable. Or, as WebbedSun said. If you need help on the blue shield escort missions, I made guide which may be helpful here. Hope it helps.
  13. It's not near impossible. That's what I thought to be honest when I tried it first time. But as other challenges, it can be easily done, assuming you practice and memorize it well, which takes time and doesn't happen in matter of few minutes. Here's the video. Note: If the video doesn't help, check the pinned comment, I explained what to do. Hope this helps.
  14. not slip

    Actually, it works with all the options for me. At some point it wasn't working with either of the options disabled. After restarting the game, it began malfunctioning again, but jumping before performing Slide fixes it. Anyways, you need to be running in order to perform Slide, as well as holding W. If your Sprint Toggle is disabled, you'll have to hold 2 buttons(W and Sprint) and press Crouch in order to perform Slide, if you let go of Sprint it won't work, compared to having it enabled, then you'd only need to be holding only W while sprinting to press Crouch and Slide. It makes sense, but the Toggle Crouch option seems to be making conflicts with Slide.
  15. not slip

    Keep the both Toggle Crouch and Sprint Toggle options on, the Slide ability will work at best with that. The Crouch key shouldn't matter, but I personally enjoy most having it set to Ctrl. This is how it should work. With the Sprint Toggle option, you won't stop running once you stop holding on the Sprint, Crane will perform Slide smoothly with better accuracy. You can also easily sprint, slide and jump this way.
  16. Enable the Sprint Toggle, that must fix it. Have the Toggle Crouch enabled as well. And don't hold the Crouch button, simply tap on it while you're running, this will work. As a side note, I recommend mapping the Crouch button on Ctrl.
  17. Agree with all the points, would like to see it in the game.
  18. They're bounties. One bounty for each three weapon. Here's tutorial about Kuai Dagger.
  19. I've lost hundreds of, possibly thousands of millions experience by dying for whatever reasons, I don't mind. You shouldn't be worried about losing experience that's on you, since logically you don't wanna turn in packages until you have enough to pass the next rank, and since that you can't lose the rank itself.
  20. That's weird, but it doesn't matter which difficulty you obtain the DROP, what matters is which difficulty you deliver it. For example if you forgot to change difficulty into Nightmare, or you join friend who's on Normal and deliver drop, it'll apply much lesser experience.
  21. I don't mind some sort of rifles and silencers, they don't necessarily have to make it OP, nobody's asking for it to have super high damage, just more variety wouldn't hurt. Like there's already pistol, revolver, SMG and etc, something like this wouldn't hurt. Silencers could have durability, and scope isn't even really necessary since Dying Light isn't suited for long range combat.
  22. Did you allow a bit of time? it's not instant. Also don't send multiple packages, send one at a time.
  23. There's difference between VAC and Game bans. Game bans can be issued by developers. Developer can't issue a VAC ban I believe. VAC is system which if enabled for this certain game, player can enable it to protect themselves from cheaters. But the problem is that VAC doesn't work properly in Dying Light, you can enable it, then hunter still joins with unlimited energy/health/spits/super jumps and etc, cheater is still unpunished even after several months.
  24. Deliver it on Nightmare mode for highest possible experience.
  25. I doubt there's really anything that Techland can/will do about it, besides giving game bans which I even doubt that will happen, as there's really been nobody banned from game so far, at least from what I know. If it was a VAC Secure Game enabled game, then VAC should have done its job. However, VAC doesn't seem to work in Dying Light, as I've already seen many cheaters who were definitely using some sort of trainer/script while it was clearly VAC Secured game, are still unpunished even after several months, my best guess is that VAC doesn't work properly in Dying Light, and also that these people will most likely go unpunished, but hopefully I'm wrong.