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  1. Absolutely agreed. I've already sent Email to Techland about this, asking them to get rid of this group, I think I did that around few weeks ago. This group is cancer of Dying Light's community, I really hope they'll do something about it.
  2. Sounds great!
  3. Have to agree with this.
  4. Not my video.
  5. I've sent the key to you personally, check your PM. You can activate it by opening your Steam Client, select "ADD A GAME..." option it's at bottom and left side, then "Activate a Product on Steam..." copy & paste code and press "NEXT >". Have fun!
  6. Try posting here as well:
  7. Tell him to try cleaning cookies/cache, and trying with different Email.
  8. Absolutely agree with you.
  9. Definitely! It'd be awesome to see firearms getting some more love. I don't know about silencer and how OP it'd make firearms, perhaps it could be extremely rare and with a durability?
  10. Hello. I kinda find this hard to believe that I'm only person who's been thinking that Dying Light's crafting speed is a bit slow. Also the fact that you can't see chat while you're crafting is a bit bothering. I'd like to suggest that perhaps every Legend skill-tree rank add 10% increase towards crafting speed, or at least chat should be visible while crafting. While in Co-Op, the possibility that I may miss chat while crafting is always getting me, so I have to close menu, then go back, which is... somewhat uncomfortable. And I don't know honestly how long this has been bothering me, maybe about an year? I can't recall, it definitely has to be longer than half year. It'd be truly awesome if Techland did something about this. TL;DR: Increase crafting speed. Allow chat to be visible while crafting. Perhaps each Legend skill-tree rank should increase crafting speed by 10-15%.
  11. This simply closes my rights to complain about hunters being overpowered and survivors needing buff, I believe. But I'm not saying that. My solid opinion is that both sides are okay and neither needs buff or nerfing, which I can safely say after playing for hundreds of hours as a human. We did play once, there was another ultimate survivor with 800 hours with me and we lost, it was 2vs1 by the way. I asked for rematch but you didn't come back, my mate was one of the best survivors by the way. He mentioned about you being so good as hunter, yet complaining on forums about how underpowered the hunter is, well seems like he was right. I meant to say that you should try playing as human more, because it doesn't seem like you are. It truly does seem like you sure like to complain a lot though.
  12. That sounds like you haven't played against an actual good hunters. There are a lot of "Apex Predators" who aren't actually apex predators. They just downloaded save files so you see their rank as Apex Predator when they join, so of course you'll beat them without any effort as they play like biters. Again, I honestly don't want to sound really rude, but I'd like to see you win against good hunters like Lucas, Night Hunter, spinoza and etc, "without any equipment" and flawlessly as you described, 1vs1.
  13. I don't know about that. This is what google tells me, I hope I found the right profile. I don't wanna sound like I'm boasting, saying that I'm any better than this person or something similar, simply showing my hours. Now I have to admit that around 600-800 of my hours are from afk/idle and that most of my hours are from SP, but I still have a decent amount of experience and skill as human, of course I'm not the best human but I think I do very well compared to other best humans. That's a very subjective thing to say. The opposing team can also say the same thing, I've fought really good hunters with really good team, and still lost despite doing everything best we could, I'm talking about humans with hundreds/thousand+ of hours into the game. Saying that hunter is on a far below level what he's required to be in order to compete really good teams is very subjective idea as well and I definitely disagree with that. Especially if it's 1vs1, if human gets hit from spitsmash there's basically nothing a human can do after that, especially if the hunter is really good at mobilty. I guess you should try playing as human then. I constantly see hunters with few/dozen hours into the game complaining that it's unbalanced and unfair. Now this is really difficult topic which I rather avoid talking about. But as I said, many times I had a team of very experienced players, hundreds of hours into the game, all skilled ultimate survivors and still lost against really good hunters. Of course the hunter was smart and knew how to play well. But I personally have no issues the way it is now. I definitely disagree that hunters need anymore buff. I have to admit that I don't play as hunter, but again, I fought really good hunters with the best survivors in my team and we still lost. I'd say it's very well balanced except 1vs1 battles, hunter has a little bit more advantage there.
  14. I don't want to sound rude. But you guys should first play against really good hunters as a human and judge it afterwards. It sounds to me that you're just playing only as NH, and against good humans while you still need more experience as a hunter. There definitely are really good hunters who are extremely hard to fight, and mostly impossible to win against unless you have extremely good team with hundreds of hours into game on record. If NH is buffed just because newbie hunters complain, you're making the game for humans who are playing against really good hunters, unfair and unbalanced. You simply need more experience.
  15. It's not hard to level up at all. I don't want it to be changed much, perhaps more added stuff would be awesome.