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  1. They're bounties. One bounty for each three weapon. Here's tutorial about Kuai Dagger.
  2. Or at least have an option to disable it.
  3. I've lost hundreds of, possibly thousands of millions experience by dying for whatever reasons, I don't mind. You shouldn't be worried about losing experience that's on you, since logically you don't wanna turn in packages until you have enough to pass the next rank, and since that you can't lose the rank itself.
  4. That's weird, but it doesn't matter which difficulty you obtain the DROP, what matters is which difficulty you deliver it. For example if you forgot to change difficulty into Nightmare, or you join friend who's on Normal and deliver drop, it'll apply much lesser experience.
  5. I don't mind some sort of rifles and silencers, they don't necessarily have to make it OP, nobody's asking for it to have super high damage, just more variety wouldn't hurt. Like there's already pistol, revolver, SMG and etc, something like this wouldn't hurt. Silencers could have durability, and scope isn't even really necessary since Dying Light isn't suited for long range combat.
  6. Did you allow a bit of time? it's not instant. Also don't send multiple packages, send one at a time.
  7. There's difference between VAC and Game bans. Game bans can be issued by developers. Developer can't issue a VAC ban I believe. VAC is system which if enabled for this certain game, player can enable it to protect themselves from cheaters. But the problem is that VAC doesn't work properly in Dying Light, you can enable it, then hunter still joins with unlimited energy/health/spits/super jumps and etc, cheater is still unpunished even after several months.
  8. Deliver it on Nightmare mode for highest possible experience.
  9. I doubt there's really anything that Techland can/will do about it, besides giving game bans which I even doubt that will happen, as there's really been nobody banned from game so far, at least from what I know. If it was a VAC Secure Game enabled game, then VAC should have done its job. However, VAC doesn't seem to work in Dying Light, as I've already seen many cheaters who were definitely using some sort of trainer/script while it was clearly VAC Secured game, are still unpunished even after several months, my best guess is that VAC doesn't work properly in Dying Light, and also that these people will most likely go unpunished, but hopefully I'm wrong.
  10. It's weak, and it's an easter egg. I believe OP is asking for something that'll be more useful.
  11. No way, no. I hope it'll never come back and all the rest of the duplication glitches will be fixed asap.
  12. True, an option to toggle it would be useful.
  13. I personally like the Bozak Horde. But it's nowhere as fun or as enjoyable as Dead Island's Bloodbath Arena, I can just play arena for hours and hours without getting tired or bored, I wish Dying Light had something like that, where you can just relax and fight infinite hordes of zombies with friends, that'd be truly awesome.
  14. It is definitely necessary to be brought back, at least in my opinion. Especially in 3vs1/4vs1 matches. I don't know really about GPs, for me they already have long enough range, it also opens hunters for GP spit which is already devastating. The problem is experienced players playing on Normal mode to take an advantage against hunters. And the hunter has no ability to see difficulty of the match he's joining. Also since zombies die easier on Normal mode, so the healing isn't just only advantage. Developer weapons would be too OP in invasions to be very honest, and if duping/spamming takes place, it's not really a great choice unless they receive some sort of huge cooldown. Generally Nightmare is difficulty to be taken seriously with highest possible challenge so that's why we can't use developer weapons, I think I'm fine with them being disabled, however an optional setting wouldn't be bad, letting the host switch on/off developer blueprints in Nightmare mode, less experience when enabled, however I don't think it's good idea to be able to use/spam developer weapons in invasions, but with cooldown it isn't really that bad. Right, it's not really a huge issue for experienced hunters. However it's still a major issue from what I see. It happens to even top hunters, sometimes they get stuck in ground or get slowed down due to the environment, it's just not fun I can see. I've seen dropkick being abused, even against very experienced hunters. It's not just dropkick chain, one dropkick is enough to obliterate the hunter by quickly anticipating hunter's fall spot, grappling there or being there, blocking hunter and killing him. No, that is already possible by starting another hunter or simply mutating and not adding the skill. But it's not about that, it's more of a personal choice, like it is for Legend skill-tree. Also I don't really consider it an exploit, more like a smart move. Also if people want it, they'll get it anyway, no need to limit fun for other people just because of that, is what I think. If developers really consider it as an exploit they'll patch it anyway Right. That's true. They've already fixed the teammate glitch. However the way it is, nobody uses sense suppressor spit because it's not viable and extremely underpowered. It's there, it's part of the hunter abilities and it should be used, at least useful. As you mentioned, it's even less useful in 3vs1 and 4vs1 matches, however it has to be. If it's about the balancing. There are even people playing without HUD. So it's not really impossible for humans to play without sense. It'll add more to the game. That's good idea. Right, it has to be made in a way which doesn't really impact too much on skills/abilities and overall performance. However adding more ranks, and something to work more while playing and having fun as hunter, more motivation. Not something you're forced to, or something you have to obtain definitely and as fast as possible. I'm not sure how to properly explain as my English language isn't very wide, sorry about that. Great ideas, thanks for sharing!
  15. I've answered this here. Orange weapons are really easy, just keep checking vendors and play on Normal mode, you have highest chance of finding Orange weapons on Normal mode from chests/police.