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  1. Sorry for late reply. If you're on Steam, and have Steam Cloud enabled, you don't have to worry, I believe it's enabled by default.
  2. They should drop from Rais's Men IIRC.
  3. Trick-or-Treater outfit is unlocked when finishing the game on Hard mode, along with the Zombie Wannabe. Finishing the game on Nightmare mode will unlock you Brainsss and D.O.A outfits. Also, make sure you don't downgrade the difficulty or join others until you reach 100% story completion to unlock the outfit. Joining others or downgrading difficulty can break rewards.
  4. Sorry for late reply, from what I know this happens because of mostly NAT settings, I've not much info about it. There are other factors that may prevent you from finding certain games, such as story percentage, difficulty setting you're playing, city, ping and etc. Try disabling or enabling VAC secure game from settings > online.
  5. It should carry. You can successfully unlink and link another platform in the dockets website.
  6. That's because you're not supposed to fight these enemies at the early game, you must focus on your parkour or try to fight off zombies one by one and level up your power. Also you must retrieve disaster packages from supply drops and deliver it to level up your survivor and start finding better weapons, you also get bow which makes it piece of cake.