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  1. Because he can't DFA-crow his way to victory anymore. Now he'll actually have to... not abuse unfair animation exploits? An unbearable thought for him, probably.
  2. Reducing GP recovery on top of the new buffs would've been quite harsh, considering now it's one of the rare chances to end the Hunter. It's fine as it is. Agreed, this updade was much needed.
  3. One thing is noticeably different - Hunters are way more plentiful. Game went from a single Hunter per 40-60 minutes (if you were lucky) to Hunters invading every 2 minutes.
  4. What was unnecessary is for you to start insulting and calling me ''slam spammer'' every time you died in our match. This is what made me realize what kind of player you are: limited. Instead of changing your ''left click and dodge mashing'' playstyle that has been the basic since 2015, you prefer to make up excuses, seek fault in your opponent and dumb down the game enough so that you can do two inputs and win every time. This update did the opposite, and that is why you don't like it. Everything in your post reflects that, plus the fact that you think using one of the 3 melee moves a Hunter has twice in a row is spam. By the way, it's called a Ground Pound. And trust me, you have not seen what GP spam is.
  5. Well, just spent the night in all sorts of matches, testing the new update. And let me just tl;dr right now: That was the most fun I've had in Dying Light in a while. And not just for Hunter. Sure, it was fun playing the Hunter and finally not being afraid entering 2v1s and 4v1s because of the absolute animation camp and medkit spam (which is still entirely possible), plus winning despite it. But playing Survivor? That is the hidden gem of this patch. I have not tested 4v1, but I did play a few 2 and 3v1s, mostly some 1v1s. My 1v1s: It was incredibly fun facing even an average Apex Predator, let alone the Hunter who really knew who he was doing - a game I barely won, but it felt so good and it was so fun. I felt like I was at my peak again, despite not really playing Survivor recently because of how easy it was. Had to use everything in my disposal, think on my feet, take a few risks, prioritize nests to killing the Hunter - a.k.a fight for my life against a stronger, superior being, the way it should be. For the first time, the Hunter feels like a threat, but a threat you can definitely overcome with skill and a bit of luck. In terms of balance, the Hunter this time around is slightly more likely to win a 1v1, while before the update it was the opposite situation. 2v1: The new most balanced mode. The nerf to 2-handers is surprisingly useful, but not too harsh, the spits are plentiful but definitely not too much. Both sides have the arsenal needed to take down the other side, so all that's left is skill vs skill. Nobody is favored here. 3v1: We faced a pretty good Apex Predator, while we were a fairly uncoordinated team (no offense, Cartier, much love) but individually skilled, so our overall level was around the Hunter's. Even despite that, we only had 3 spawns on the last nest to kill for the win, until we finally went down. If we had better teamwork we would've definitely won, so again - a very balanced game. I would favor a good team to beat a good Hunter in a close game here, so this in itself balances out with 1v1 mode. Autobalance was not that apparent; spits were, for the first time, effective even if they don't stick; buffed crossbow damage (not mentioned in the notes) was a nice addition; the Hunter... feels smoother to control. I can't really explain it, did you change anything in terms of his locomotion? Anyway, I will write again when I experience a 4v1 from Survivor's side. This update, at least for me, is the spark that made me love the game again. As a final note to James Gallagher: don't listen to people like the person above me - a player who exclusively plays Survivor, has 3 times less playtime than what's needed to know the PvP inside and out, and basically requires the developers to change the game to compensate for his own shortcomings. It's by listening to players like him that the PvP of this game got in its worst state by far, which was before this new update. Thank you for reading and listening to our feedback.
  6. That was a Techland update, they handle the single-player content. Digital Scapes, a different studio, handles the PvP-stuff, so I wouldn't expect the silencer update to bring any changes for us. Have faith in Gallagher, if he left his own band to become a game developer then he must be dedicated.
  7. The only case where these two changes should be implemented is if: - Health regen from medkits is somehow drastically nerfed - Animation camp and abuse is removed (DK and DFA when the Hunter performs pretty much anything) Otherwise they are actually needed, as imperfect ways of dealing with overpowered ''tactics'' (medkit spam is way, way worse than Ghost Claw, by the way).
  8. Аre you actually telling me that you - with 3000 hours on the game - regularly lose to a Hunter with 40 hours?
  9. First of all, your son has 40 hours as a Hunter. I'm guessing you have as much or lower playtime. This probably doesn't mean anything to you, but to me it was all I read in your post - not only do neither you or your son know how to actually play either Survivor or Hunter properly, but because of your own inability, zero experience, and basically 20 times less playtime than what it actually takes to make accurate suggestions about which side is stronger I wrote that you have no idea what you're talking about. Survivor is currently the stronger side. Slightly stronger in 1v1s, overwhelmingly stronger in teams, to the point where it's unbalanced. I don't mean to sound demeaning, but coming here and telling the devs that the Hunter is too powerful is just ludicrous, especially since players who love this PvP, play it regularly and know it inside out have been trying to argue the exact opposite point.
  10. - 2 Tackles - 2 Claws - 4 Ground Pounds Meanwhile, you get hit once with a 2-hander and you either run away or die. That balance, though.
  11. I forgot another important thing: - Currently, evading a Tackle is a guaranteed 40% HP loss if against a wall, or a guaranteed 80% HP loss if on flat surface, without counting the unavoidable DK and DFA in teams. This would maybe be fine... if Tackles weren't so easy to dodge spam out of. Hunters need some sort of an alternative that would at give them a chance to escape the damage at least once in a while, just like the Survivor missing a dropkick - sometimes, if you notice in time and react accordingly, you get a free Tackle or Ground Pound, but sometimes you don't, and by the time you act the Survivor has already hooked away and escaped punishment, which takes a split second. Tl;dr: A way to sometimes avoid the currently guaranteed damage after a Hunter's Tackle is evaded.
  12. Damage and values is far from what's imbalanced about your PvP. I realize you asked us to stick to what you wrote, but those variables are something that would be suited for a fine-tune when the PvP is almost balanced and needs just a few tweaks to make it perfect. You need a few fundamental changes before changing values. Here are some of the facts pretty much every seasoned player that knows both Survivor and Hunter inside-out agrees with:
  13. You have no idea what you're talking about.
  14. I'm scared already.
  15. matchmaking

    I honestly think this is where your problem is. I don't even remember finding more than 2 servers on VAC-secure, so I've kept it off for all my playtime. I suggest you do the same, hackers:legit players ratio is like 2:8. As for 4-5 barred games being either Preys or someone with 2k hours, that's a lie. It can only be one of the two, that's how the game is designed, and Apex Predators can't even get Preys as anything more than a 3-barred orange game. I know, because I've tested it with an Apex with only losses. Anyway, get a feel for your matchmaking menu and start picking from there. The game definitely has a number of faults, but I can say I've always used matchmaking accurately. ------------------ About the dodge spam: yes, it's a thing. No, it will never get addressed. That's how Digital Scapes feels it's fair. Though a cooldown isn't the right solution, it would be piss easy to casually sprint up to the Survivor, him guessing when you're gonna Tackle wrong, and you just Tackling him when you know he's on a cooldown. Unavoidable 33% HP loss doesn't sound fun or fair. Completely agree on the Hunter climbing up hills, however. This is why I avoid Slums for the life of me, that map is so bad for PvP.
  16. not slip

    So what's the problem? Just keep it to ''On'' and you can use the Slide ability.
  17. Lmao, I used to confuse the two of them all the time as well.
  18. matchmaking

    Well, first of all, ranks are one of the two things that determine how your server's gonna look to the opponent's screen. The other factor is amount of wins/losses. Once you reach max rank in this game it's almost impossible to get de-ranked (or fully impossible? Never happened to me or anyone I know). This means an Apex Predator could've been racking up losses like mad and eventually your game would be displayed as a 4-bar green game, so he'd invade you. You can somewhat avoid the scenario of skill mismatch when you're playing Hunter - just never, ever use Quick Join. Search through matchmaking, this is how you should view games: 2 orange bars: Either way too difficult or way too easy. Always ignore these servers. 3 orange bars: Somewhat difficult or somewhat easy 4 green bars: Mostly suited for you. The best middleground. 5 green bars: Perfectly suited for your amount of wins/losses and your rank This goes for Survivor as well. Beating up several inexperienced Hunters that do nothing to up your skill will make your game look suited for high rank Hunters, making it a spiral of mismatch. Unfortunately, I agree that average players are the most rare these days. If someone tries to farm you just quit out before the game begins, it won't count as a loss. If you feel bad for being matched with a new Hunter, I'd advise to just let him gain as much XP as he can, but keep the win for yourself. And there is no harm in getting carried a little bit, or at the very least learning the game from people with more hours than you. Send out some friend requests, learn the game, and reach the point where you only want highly skilled Hunters invading you.
  19. Have you even played Hunter? Literally all these counters you listed haven't worked since mid-2016, let alone now when Survivors are fully adapt at how to properly exploit DFA and Dropkick through the Hunter's failed or even successful animations without allowing him to counter.
  20. Just to clarify #6 - in 3 and 4v1 games, if a Survivor is spat on by UV spit it's impossible to not get Pounced unless saved by a teammate. That is because the one flare you can throw is outlasted by UV spit's duration, while the massive cooldown does not allow another flare drop. Though this really doesn't happen often against experienced teams, it'd be good if you could throw a second flare before the large cooldown is initiated.
  21. Not really. It's exactly about the mind games and fake outs, plus game sense and reflexes. Doesn't matter who you are and how many hours you have into the game, there will always be times when you're gonna make the wrong call and get punished for it. Your goal is to minimize that, though it takes a good reaction time, most commonly needed for when you hear the hook sound to cancel the GP and convert to a Tackle. If you've seen the Survivor do the hook for GP evasion, next time just Howl as if you're prepping a GP and do a Tackle instead. Works 70% of the time for me since the opponent thinks a GP is definitely coming. Pounce is a bad idea since they're almost always waiting for you in a flare. Alternatively, you can just boost off of Tendrils, sprint towards him while Howling and land the GP. It's much easier to react to a hook and it's much easier to track him for a successful GP as well, though at the cost of most likely taking a hit since it's so easy to just spam Left Mouse as Survivor for rapid slicing. Aside from using Tendril speed at every possible moment I don't really have tips for being a good melee Hunter other than go on YouTube and watch some pros at their best. That's how I learned, still remember watching PILOT's videos and practicing different combos back in early 2016. Watching advanced Hunters's movements transforming into their offense, coupled with your own practice in-game is the most efficient way to get better, and if you have any technical questions on how a certain trick or something is executed you can ask here and we can explain it. Unfortunately, CartierC is right. The Survivor side is way too easy and too strong currently, especially in teams. Digital Scapes have made it clear that's how they want the game to be, so that's that.
  22. It's way more difficult to hit GP-spits with the upgraded knockback. I haven't even bothered testing with it now, but with the old GP-spit I did, and this was the ratio of spit stick per match for me: Upgraded: 30-40% Unupgraded: 90-100% Since nothing has changed other than reduced auto-aim time, I can only imagine it's even worse now that you have to be more precise and the spit has to travel further, while the Survivor has the same amount of time to dodge sideways and make you miss. Leave GP-spit aside, short GP is also better for that additional and unblockable 20% damage from a claw you can sneak in immediately after it, not to mention the good old GP off a roof + Tackle combo makes the hook-cancel-air-evade exploit close to impossible, while with upgraded GP they have ample time to perform it since they fly too far away for a fast follow up Tackle. Though for a passive playstyle like yours, upgraded GP might be better. Unupgraded is more so for Hunters that rely on melee damage to get their kills and for GP-spit. If it's a top priority for you, then go for unupgraded. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for being a better Hunter, in my opinion you'll simply have to change your playstyle. Passive Hunters aren't really what you can call challenging or memorable nowadays. I really would like to be specific and dislike talking generally, but since I don't know how you play this will have to do as ''tips'': - Be aggressive (not reckless) when there's an active spit on someone for additional pressure onto him - Be passive but annoying (go in for a few quick exchanges, retreat) when you're out of spits, unless of course you feel comfortable in melee, though I really wouldn't recommend it in anything above a 1v1 - Use downed Survivors as bait for additional kills or at least free spit regen time. - Don't try to aim when attempting GP-spit, I've found it's much better (and cooler) to flick spit - slightly and quickly move your mouse in the direction of the auto-aim and spit without holding. - Practice on the invulnerable bot. Get good in melee combat if you aren't already, relying on just spits is not effective at all.