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  1. One step forward, two steps back. Is this what you were aiming for? Let me just get straight to the point: the issue of this patch is not the removal of GP-Spit, it's not the removal of instant Tackle (which isn't actually removed), it isn't the lie that DFA in water is no longer possible. It's..: ''- Fixed the charge attack exploit of spinning on the spot while sprinting'' Excuse me? Tackling while running in circles an exploit now? Since when? Apparently the ''fix'' for this is to completely disable the option to Tackle when you turn to a side too sharply, and ''too sharply'' literally means a small, 30-degree curve, the ones we've been using for ages to fake out a Survivor. What the patch also omits to mention is that the Hunter's velocity is now completely removed and he comes to a near halt the sharper the turn he takes. A 180-degree turn nulls his movement entirely. That is... beyond dumb. I'm trying to find words to describe how bad this set of changes feels, so I'll try to sum it up. With this patch, you removed one of the Hunter's strongest points - his incredible agility, maneuverability and elusiveness. The Hunter now feels incredibly sluggish, and paired with the literal fuсking inability to Tackle a Survivor if you move your mouse more than 30 degrees to the side is the epitome of stupidity. Like the fact that a Survivor can smash the hell out of Space bar for maximum Tackle immunity wasn't enough, now if Hunters want to Tackle from the side (Tackles from the back are impossible) they'd need to wait so the game accepts you're sprinting forward and lets you Tackle, which gives Survivors all the time in the world to react and turn, making it a sure evade. Couple that nerf in speed and lessened difficulty for Survivors to keep their UV light on the Hunter and you've got a pathetic zombie that cannot remain in combat for longer than 2-3 seconds before running out of energy. Now here's the funny part. I asked around what the inspiration for this idiotic change was, and get this: apparently it's because ''PC Hunter players should not be faster than console ones''. Huh? Obviously this is something I've been told and don't hold it as a fact, but it's strangely believable. So, Digital Scapes, if you want to completely kill one of the two sides of your PvP design why take such a roundabout approach? How on earth has the fact that Survivors are easily the superior side escaped you throughout two years of patches and fixes? Nerfing Tackle and Tendril speed after all this time seems absurd to me. I realize this may just be some sort of temporary change for you to just see how it works in practice and get some feedback, so hopefully that's the case and this is not permanent.
  2. Credit where it's due, first of all - even if it isn't as significant, a list of changes on a two year-old game of this type is still commendable. So, a few notes: 1. Without being completely reworked or excessively buffed, Sense Suppressor will always be useless. You just can't substitute a spit that can almost guarantee a kill on a single Survivor (UV Suppressor) and a spit that is the only thing that can somewhat combat a team with a spit that... what, removes something that is in no way needed to survive? All the spits should do is take away something that a Survivor needs in order to stay alive, though obviously still having a chance to save him/herself. For example: - UV light - absolutely essential to combat the Hunter, which is why UV Suppressor is a great spit - Safety on ground - the massive pressure that is put on a Survivor to get to a roof before he/she instantly dies and having to fend off the Hunter at the same time is irreplaceable. No game is perfect, no game has patches that bring its multiplayer aspects the perfect balance. Honestly, accepting Sense Suppressor is the mandatory useless slot is okay. 2. Toxic is good as it is. It's largely situational, and most of the times I've used it or it's been used on me it has done its job. More damage is well received. 3. Increasing Energy regeneration rate while crouching is, in my opinion, the best change in here. It's creative and new, definitely a welcome change. 4. This initially seems like it would just make it impossible to perform Claw + Ground Pound, but would it also mean that you can fling back Survivors that come in for the kill when you're out of Energy? Haven't tested it yet, but that would be very useful. 5. Elemental damage wasn't used on Hunters much, but it's still good it's reduced. 6. Finally. The crossbow is/was just... so unbalanced. Anything I say here wouldn't even scratch the surface of the stupidity that is facing a 4-man team, each member equipped with 2 crossbows, so I'll just say thanks. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Larger respawn time is good. Could be better in other ways, but it's not a big issue. 2. Well, that at least saves us the time of having to go in our inventory and throw out the normal flares. 3. Flare cooldown change is interesting. Seems like it's mostly intended to give a Survivor one more chance to remain alive, and if he screws that up as well then it becomes difficult to survive. However, two flares in 3 and 4v1s despite the cooldown is still too much to handle. Guess the sea of UV will be back... 4&5. Definitely needed 6. Uhh... why? Who uses charge attacks on nests? 7. Guessing this is the fix for Explosives + Molotovs, so that's good. 8. The Hunter stays pinned on your radar for 10 seconds before you need to use Sense again, so how does the 3-second cooldown change anything? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. By far one of the most needed changes, yet... DFA punish after every single animation, successful or not, remains untouched? Seriously? I would really appreciate it if I can just get an answer whether or not this is the way it's supposed to work when you're facing a team, though I don't see how this game design is supposed to be fair. I can understand failing a Pounce/Tackle/Ground Pound and being punished for it, but when you have 2-3 crows standing up high and waiting for you to engage the Survivor on the ground so they can instantly kill you when you do anything is just... stupid.
  3. Pounce yes, but Ground Pound? It's completely not possible underwater.
  4. It won't get fixed. This game is heavily oriented towards the Survivors and will most likely stay that way, so as a Hunter the best you can do is accept your side is vastly inferior, not you yourself (especially now with the non-existent damage scaling plus basically infinite flares), and at least give them a run for their money.
  5. I assume you meant "by the next next weekend"? It'd be great if you could at least confirm or deny whether or not the game is going to stay like this, because at this point it seems like a real possibility.
  6. ^ The single flare and all other changes should be back this weekend.
  7. Then why don't you go ahead and spare everyone your inconsequential views on the game or games in general? You obviously don't know it as well as other players who've played it more, thus their understanding and opinion holding more merit than yours. Among displaying your bias and mocking abilities, your posts in this thread bring nothing except attempts at conflict starting, all the while self-glorifying and clearly trying to push the BS that you're somehow above people who play this game competitively. As if. "I control my gameplay, not the other way around" ...... This quote, though. I bet it sounded cool in your head. Don't even get me started on the bold, I haven't read something so stupid in quite a while. Apparently, to Chickeninja not having a hotel, officially moderated event in a fancy city and a big prize pool means playing competitive cannot be anything but worthless. So, what does that make 98% of the CS players who still play competitively but never make it to such events? Guess they're all just "playing in their head": pathetic for you, I'd assume. The funny thing is, you're equally as worthless to them as they are to you. Lastly, don't quote without understanding what I said. At the time I made the thread I had no idea how it's done and only found out about it around a month after, so you can stop with the whole me coming in here just to say that I won't tell how it's done. Since it's quite obvious you want to know the Tackle, just associate with some of the more competitive players, most know it by now. Some Xbox players are also aware of it. You think a separate thread on these forums was made for each new discovery, helping your "community"? The founder telling a few people and/or showing it in a video is how all of the tricks/tactics in this game got spread: reverse flare, GP-spit, Tendril speed, Grapple to DFA and so much more. Get in the game, ask around, drop the I-don't-care facade and you'll eventually be told.
  8. The "community" apparently doesn't know what it wants - you imply the new Tackle is a benefit, while the other guy was upset too many people know of it. Make up your minds, maybe? Not that I'm obliged to listen to someone who does not even play the game competitively, as per your own words. Going to just ignore all the mocking in your post. "Doesn't change the fact that tackle generally in 1v1 is op" ^ That quote is enough to take everything you say with a large grain of salt, I mean it is seriously too much. I don't even know how someone who's supposedly played the PvP of this game for one/two years can still have such a flawed understanding of the balance in it, though at the same time it's quite obvious you're just advocating for the only side you play. Instead of looking at it from an unbiased point of view and trying to also see what the Hunter's abilities and limits are, all your posts consist of one-sided bias towards the Survivor - something easily recognizable by just how wrong you are in your assessments concerning both sides. So don't give me that community speech, because all you're realistically catering to is your own selfish wants.
  9. Disagree completely. Can you explain why it's a bad thing for Survivors?
  10. "Glitched", as in Pete Donnelly referring to it? I only revealed how it's done to 2-3 other players, told them not to spread it but, of course, it was pointless - someone told one guy, then that guy spread it to all his friends and so on is what I imagine happened. Guess I should've just kept it for myself, which seemed selfish at the time. Not that the move being known is necesarily bad. Finally the Hunter has an option after a failed Tackle rather than eat 60-120 points of damage, get DFA'd or just get swarmed by 3 Survivors and wrecked. On top of that, it's not something that works 100% of the time, so it's a gamble. With how horribly the game is tipped in the Survivors' favor when they're in a team, this is hardly even scratching the surface of what the Hunter needs in order to rival the other side. As for your last sentence, there're literally 4 Hunters I can think of that even pose a threat to me because of that move, let alone these "pros" you speak of. It's not just about performing it, it's also about having the game sense opting when to and not use it, plus the reflexes to immediately switch tactics if it fails. Kids are inconsequential as the Hunter with or without it.
  11. - Credits may randomly roll if a player joins the game, disconnecting you shortly - Rarely, pressing any option in the ESC menu after a match will make the screen fade to black, as if you're joining somewhere, but will just remain stuck and you'll be forced to Alt-F4 - Sometimes after a match, victory/loss screens may stop appearing in the following matches until you restart the game - Ground Pound done on a Survivor that is either falling or too soon after a Tackle will always do no damage and will allow them to regain control instantly - Hunter loses energy while with UV block on after a failed Pounce - As the Survivor, standing near traps makes it impossible to switch bolts/arrows (extremely annoying) - The Hunter can become invisible and intangible after a Ground Pound - Explosions amplify fire damage by a lot (intended?) - Holding R (repair) while slicing will result in the second slice coming out much sooner - Bombers will randomly teleport to a Survivor regardless of their position or whether or not they are marked, killing them instantly
  12. This event was quite fun for the Hunter, Techland. Bushes, alcoves, corners and little hidey-holes were where I patiently waited and suddenly Pounced. Not that it's fun to give people heart attacks..: ... well, maybe a little. Stealth was quite possible even on experienced players, though anything above 2v1 was a chore. Anyway, this event demonstrated something - Survivor Sense could easily be removed from the game, and the impact it would have on Surviros wouldn't be that notable. Keep the music and Crane warning when the Hunter approaches, remove the futuristic radar that can track the Hunter anywhere. Or, keep the pulse that reveals the Hunter's general location, but remove the minimap pin.
  13. Hunters are going to get a holiday spanking.
  14. You can't have an out to everything. Eventually a line has to be drawn where one player just outplayed the other and deserves the kill. You're not whining, but save for UV Block + UV Spit Smash there isn't a single tactic the Hunter can employ that cannot be countered by a Survivor. You simply gotta chose how you want to handle an encounter and commit to it. Throwing a flare on the ground before the Hunter approaches (which many Survivors do) would mean you either dodge/grapple around it for the 7-10 seconds necessary for another one, or go for the Grapple to DFA trick. If you get pounded along with your flare and/or UV stuck you deserve to be killed, as that just means the Hunter outplayed you or you failed to play out the situation correctly. It definitely isn't easy to pound an evasive Survivor and his flare, especially on uneven terrain, nor is it easy to stick a spit (outside of GP-spit, which is vulnerable to the well-known Grapple/DFA combo or general movement which makes landing Ground Pound annoying). Throwing a flare for the hell of it is the worst possible play - this is why I rarely use them in 1v1s before I know the Hunter's UV spit is on cooldown, so I realistically only throw out one when it's going to be my saving ace. To be honest, I can't remember the last time I've thrown a flare, the Hunter has managed to pound me and it, and because of the cooldown I got Pounced. Nowadays you either die when the spit goes off or survive entirely. In conclusion - making the Hunter misplay his opportunities is how you survive, not just waiting for more flares. The single flare was one of the best changes Techland implemented - it toughened up Survivors requiring them to think before throwing and making them harder to outplay while they defend their small safe zone with everything they got.