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  1. I hope you don't expect anyone to take this joke seriously. The Hunter is stronger than it has ever been, a fact? Nice one, at this point it's like you're trying to get every regular Hunter that has played since 1.11 and tell you it's the exact opposite. Literally nobody, not even Survivor players thinks the Hunter is stronger than ever. I wish Visceral would make an account here and tell you how stupid that sentence is. From what I've heard, part of the reason why he even quit your game was because it was getting too difficult to compete with good Survivor teams. That was when GP-spit still had a near 100% spit stick rate, the Hunter didn't get screen-locked after a missed Tackle, and Survivors on average weren't as good as they are now. You're wrong, excessively so. And it's actually very sad hearing this kind of a ridiculous statement from a developer - someone who should know the game better than any of us. Right, too bad these stats are in no way reflected in the experience of the people posting on your forum - a forum which only recently became active because of changes on a two-year-old game while it was pretty much dead before. Now look at it: you're constantly getting new threads created on how the Hunter is underpowered, needs new abilities, or Survivors are exploiting this or that. But nope, those imaginary stats don't agree with players giving feedback, so too bad for us, hmm? ------------------------------------------------------------------- It's clear we won't see eye to eye on this, and how could we? You're someone who thinks: - DFA and DK in animations without punish is normal - Water abuse which completely nullifies spits, something that is crucial to killing a Survivor, has a massive cooldown and are tricky to land, is normal - Medkit abuse for constant regen, doubling the amount of hits a Survivor can take at all times is normal - 40%-80% HP loss (at least) for 1 Tackle miss is normal - Absolute dodge spam for maximum Tackle evasion with zero downsides to it is normal, yet... ............ fuсking wow. At least Wimbleton and the rest of us tried, I guess. I'm done here.
  2. How does it not prove anything? The point we're trying to get across is that team games consisting of Survivor players of equal or similar skill level to the Hunter player are too difficult for one side while too easy for the other. That is not balance. If you at least give us a hard time it would help your case of Hunter being strong enough as it is, which it is not. All you're doing now is avoiding backing up your baseless claims. We're not saying: ''Haha, come get wrecked, noob'', which you probably read it like, we're saying: ''Let's have a match to see which of our viewpoints on the game is more valid'', since it's clear the players writing on this forum are in complete disagreement with you. Is that really so difficult or undesirable to do?
  3. PD is actually Digital Scapes 1? The more you know...
  4. So how about that match, Donnelly? In one of your posts you said you had more hours than most of us, so that should at least make you able to somewhat compete with good players, or players with similar playtime, correct? Come, let's see that correct usage of Tackle in action, by the person who is the only one that argues for it. Just for fun and feedback.
  5. Alright Nate, guess we'll have to put in 1k more hours to reach Visceral's level. Donnelly has a point, maybe we just... suck?
  6. I give up. This is hopeless. I'm not talking to a fellow player - I'm talking to a developer. Make sure to reduce GP range or something next patch, Pete. Later.
  7. Lmao, are you joking? - This is a video from more than half a year ago, skill curve wasn't as high as it is now - This was at a time you did not stupidly lock the Hunter's screen after a missed Tackle - This was at a time GP-spit was a thing. Visceral himself admitted in a comment that without that exploit he would not be able to beat spinoza. Higher spit stick ratio = higher player confusion = more mistakes made = Tackle is a more viable option since the Survivor may decide to back off rather than attack. - This is a goddamn 1v1 match, not a team game, which are infinitely more difficult. Did you go on YouTube and type: ''Very good Hunter vs Very good Survivor'' or something like that?
  8. Clueless... Can you stream/record yourself playing Hunter against an experienced team, say the people who reply in this thread? Nathan, Wimbleton and myself should do. I would really love to see how the Hunter is meant to be played since you clearly have a completely different perspective on the game, one that I believe is objectively wrong and destroying whatever small amount of balance this game had prior to all of your changes. You beating us would mean your view of how the game should play out is, at the very least, fair for both sides, so how about backing up all of those hollow advices and one-liner counters you give to experienced players that write paragraphs and give actual gameplay examples? Should be fun either way.
  9. - A firearm is stuck in an infinite reloading animation if a crossbow is not loaded with a bolt. - Sense Suppressor spit does not work in team games. The affected Survivor pressing Q activates his teammate(s) pulse which somehow also works for him, pinning the Hunter on his radar like his own Sense is working normally. - The Hunter has Survivor Sense. This means camouflage is pointless since the Hunter can see where the pulse bounces off and returns, locating a Survivor when he shouldn't be able to.
  10. What is the point of this thread? This isn't CS:GO - a game fully centered around its multiplayer - where the whole community plays on VAC-secure servers, so getting banned would basically translate to being forced to buy the whole game again. In Dying Light? Most players are on non-VAC because the already low number of available games lessens even more if you search for VAC-secure ones, not to mention the multiplayer aspect is hardly even half the game. A lot of the active cheaters have a VAC ban already, guess what - they still play and cheat without a problem. Unless the threat of re-buying the game is introduced somehow (as if), the cheaters aren't going anywhere.
  11. ^ One of them was cheating. This happened to me only once for all my game time, and coincidentally it was last night. I instantly died from nothing, and the person I was playing against was a known cheater anyway: NeO_Anderson. Another new hack, great.
  12. That's annoying, but it's just how Ground Pound works, it has progressively lower hit detection the higher a Survivor is, regardless of proximity. It most likely won't change, and it's not really a bug. I'd advise to go for Tackles if the Survivor is on a slope. Even if you miss, Ground Pound immediately after without waiting (will always hit) and follow up with another Tackle, since there is a large chance the switched positions would have them suspended in air, unable to evade it.
  13. Ah yeah, I think I remember now that you mentioned you wanted a rematch and I refused, was a few weeks ago or so, I believe. Without trying to sound the least bit offensive or arrogant, I can tell you that you two were in no way even close to the really good Survivors in the game. Above average, sure, but anything more? Nope. That's why you lost so overwhelmingly, if I recall correctly (I think it was something like 10-1 with maybe a single nest down) - because our skill level did not match. This also confirms what I initially thought, that you have a very wrong perception of yourself and your friends. I will explain my point as simple as possible, and again, I mean zero disrespect: - Our skill did not match, meaning your loss is not a valid argument you can use for why the Hunter does not need a buff, as you did not experience a game where the players are evenly matched in skill - Hunters that are on your level will undoubtedly prove to be a way more balanced match than I was to you, however you'll see that you will against them more times than not, hinting that you're simply playing the easier side - On that note, this should mean that when I, or any other Hunter on a similar level to me, invades a team of Survivors who are equally as good it should be a fairly competitive match, correct? Except it isn't. That's what I'm arguing. It's currently nigh-impossible to win against even a pair of actually good Survivors without a massive dose of luck. Hell, it's getting difficult to beat players who are not as skilled, yet because the Survivor is easily more powerful it makes up for that lack of skill and even they pose a challenge that way, especially with this ludicrous lock of your screen on a missed Tackle. The Hunter is more powerless than it has ever been for around 2 years, only at the game's launch was it even weaker than now. You would know this if you actually played Hunter and saw how massively unfair and frustrating it can be to invade certain games, so... trust me on this one. You're objectively wrong.
  14. Ah yes, the crossbow. This is just a small suggestion, but it would be great if some sort of mechanic could be implemented in where x-bow does more damage the more velocity the Hunter has, or at least have damage based on the Hunter's movement. This would both highly reward players going for skilled shots of Hunters speeding around and, at the same time, prove useless to cheap amateurs who just like to use it when the Hunter is suspended in an animation with a different player. Exactly this.
  15. ''I definitely disagree that hunters need anymore buff. I have to admit that I don't play as hunter....'' That's all I needed to know. Figures you're a Survivor-only player, just like that bo0ya guy arguing the same stuff you are. When you start playing Hunter, know everything there is to know about it, play it to its max potential and have a better understanding of the two sides, then I'll discuss this. Right now, you're just advocating for the side you play. I won't even touch upon the fact that I've never even seen you in game, and I've pretty much played against every well-known/very good player at least once, so I'm very reluctant to believe some of the things you posted just because I'm doubtful of your perception of ''good'' and ''best''. And seriously... telling me to ''try playing as Survivor''. I wouldn't be here writing how weak the Hunter is if I didn't have the perspective from both sides, though nowadays I find myself playing Survivor less and less because of how dumbed down and easy Techland are making it.