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  1. Have you even played Hunter? Literally all these counters you listed haven't worked since mid-2016, let alone now when Survivors are fully adapt at how to properly exploit DFA and Dropkick through the Hunter's failed or even successful animations without allowing him to counter.
  2. Just to clarify #6 - in 3 and 4v1 games, if a Survivor is spat on by UV spit it's impossible to not get Pounced unless saved by a teammate. That is because the one flare you can throw is outlasted by UV spit's duration, while the massive cooldown does not allow another flare drop. Though this really doesn't happen often against experienced teams, it'd be good if you could throw a second flare before the large cooldown is initiated.
  3. Not really. It's exactly about the mind games and fake outs, plus game sense and reflexes. Doesn't matter who you are and how many hours you have into the game, there will always be times when you're gonna make the wrong call and get punished for it. Your goal is to minimize that, though it takes a good reaction time, most commonly needed for when you hear the hook sound to cancel the GP and convert to a Tackle. If you've seen the Survivor do the hook for GP evasion, next time just Howl as if you're prepping a GP and do a Tackle instead. Works 70% of the time for me since the opponent thinks a GP is definitely coming. Pounce is a bad idea since they're almost always waiting for you in a flare. Alternatively, you can just boost off of Tendrils, sprint towards him while Howling and land the GP. It's much easier to react to a hook and it's much easier to track him for a successful GP as well, though at the cost of most likely taking a hit since it's so easy to just spam Left Mouse as Survivor for rapid slicing. Aside from using Tendril speed at every possible moment I don't really have tips for being a good melee Hunter other than go on YouTube and watch some pros at their best. That's how I learned, still remember watching PILOT's videos and practicing different combos back in early 2016. Watching advanced Hunters's movements transforming into their offense, coupled with your own practice in-game is the most efficient way to get better, and if you have any technical questions on how a certain trick or something is executed you can ask here and we can explain it. Unfortunately, CartierC is right. The Survivor side is way too easy and too strong currently, especially in teams. Digital Scapes have made it clear that's how they want the game to be, so that's that.
  4. It's way more difficult to hit GP-spits with the upgraded knockback. I haven't even bothered testing with it now, but with the old GP-spit I did, and this was the ratio of spit stick per match for me: Upgraded: 30-40% Unupgraded: 90-100% Since nothing has changed other than reduced auto-aim time, I can only imagine it's even worse now that you have to be more precise and the spit has to travel further, while the Survivor has the same amount of time to dodge sideways and make you miss. Leave GP-spit aside, short GP is also better for that additional and unblockable 20% damage from a claw you can sneak in immediately after it, not to mention the good old GP off a roof + Tackle combo makes the hook-cancel-air-evade exploit close to impossible, while with upgraded GP they have ample time to perform it since they fly too far away for a fast follow up Tackle. Though for a passive playstyle like yours, upgraded GP might be better. Unupgraded is more so for Hunters that rely on melee damage to get their kills and for GP-spit. If it's a top priority for you, then go for unupgraded. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for being a better Hunter, in my opinion you'll simply have to change your playstyle. Passive Hunters aren't really what you can call challenging or memorable nowadays. I really would like to be specific and dislike talking generally, but since I don't know how you play this will have to do as ''tips'': - Be aggressive (not reckless) when there's an active spit on someone for additional pressure onto him - Be passive but annoying (go in for a few quick exchanges, retreat) when you're out of spits, unless of course you feel comfortable in melee, though I really wouldn't recommend it in anything above a 1v1 - Use downed Survivors as bait for additional kills or at least free spit regen time. - Don't try to aim when attempting GP-spit, I've found it's much better (and cooler) to flick spit - slightly and quickly move your mouse in the direction of the auto-aim and spit without holding. - Practice on the invulnerable bot. Get good in melee combat if you aren't already, relying on just spits is not effective at all.
  5. That is honestly hilarious.
  6. How can hitscan weapons be sensed before being fired? Even the crossbow bolt's travel time would be too fast to react to unless fired from a massive distance.
  7. I hope you don't expect anyone to take this joke seriously. The Hunter is stronger than it has ever been, a fact? Nice one, at this point it's like you're trying to get every regular Hunter that has played since 1.11 and tell you it's the exact opposite. Literally nobody, not even Survivor players thinks the Hunter is stronger than ever. I wish Visceral would make an account here and tell you how stupid that sentence is. From what I've heard, part of the reason why he even quit your game was because it was getting too difficult to compete with good Survivor teams. That was when GP-spit still had a near 100% spit stick rate, the Hunter didn't get screen-locked after a missed Tackle, and Survivors on average weren't as good as they are now. You're wrong, excessively so. And it's actually very sad hearing this kind of a ridiculous statement from a developer - someone who should know the game better than any of us. Right, too bad these stats are in no way reflected in the experience of the people posting on your forum - a forum which only recently became active because of changes on a two-year-old game while it was pretty much dead before. Now look at it: you're constantly getting new threads created on how the Hunter is underpowered, needs new abilities, or Survivors are exploiting this or that. But nope, those imaginary stats don't agree with players giving feedback, so too bad for us, hmm? ------------------------------------------------------------------- It's clear we won't see eye to eye on this, and how could we? You're someone who thinks: - DFA and DK in animations without punish is normal - Water abuse which completely nullifies spits, something that is crucial to killing a Survivor, has a massive cooldown and are tricky to land, is normal - Medkit abuse for constant regen, doubling the amount of hits a Survivor can take at all times is normal - 40%-80% HP loss (at least) for 1 Tackle miss is normal - Absolute dodge spam for maximum Tackle evasion with zero downsides to it is normal, yet... ............ fuсking wow. At least Wimbleton and the rest of us tried, I guess. I'm done here.
  8. How does it not prove anything? The point we're trying to get across is that team games consisting of Survivor players of equal or similar skill level to the Hunter player are too difficult for one side while too easy for the other. That is not balance. If you at least give us a hard time it would help your case of Hunter being strong enough as it is, which it is not. All you're doing now is avoiding backing up your baseless claims. We're not saying: ''Haha, come get wrecked, noob'', which you probably read it like, we're saying: ''Let's have a match to see which of our viewpoints on the game is more valid'', since it's clear the players writing on this forum are in complete disagreement with you. Is that really so difficult or undesirable to do?
  9. PD is actually Digital Scapes 1? The more you know...
  10. So how about that match, Donnelly? In one of your posts you said you had more hours than most of us, so that should at least make you able to somewhat compete with good players, or players with similar playtime, correct? Come, let's see that correct usage of Tackle in action, by the person who is the only one that argues for it. Just for fun and feedback.
  11. Alright Nate, guess we'll have to put in 1k more hours to reach Visceral's level. Donnelly has a point, maybe we just... suck?
  12. I give up. This is hopeless. I'm not talking to a fellow player - I'm talking to a developer. Make sure to reduce GP range or something next patch, Pete. Later.
  13. Lmao, are you joking? - This is a video from more than half a year ago, skill curve wasn't as high as it is now - This was at a time you did not stupidly lock the Hunter's screen after a missed Tackle - This was at a time GP-spit was a thing. Visceral himself admitted in a comment that without that exploit he would not be able to beat spinoza. Higher spit stick ratio = higher player confusion = more mistakes made = Tackle is a more viable option since the Survivor may decide to back off rather than attack. - This is a goddamn 1v1 match, not a team game, which are infinitely more difficult. Did you go on YouTube and type: ''Very good Hunter vs Very good Survivor'' or something like that?