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  1. The only case where these two changes should be implemented is if: - Health regen from medkits is somehow drastically nerfed - Animation camp and abuse is removed (DK and DFA when the Hunter performs pretty much anything) Otherwise they are actually needed, as imperfect ways of dealing with overpowered ''tactics'' (medkit spam is way, way worse than Ghost Claw, by the way).
  2. Аre you actually telling me that you - with 3000 hours on the game - regularly lose to a Hunter with 40 hours?
  3. First of all, your son has 40 hours as a Hunter. I'm guessing you have as much or lower playtime. This probably doesn't mean anything to you, but to me it was all I read in your post - not only do neither you or your son know how to actually play either Survivor or Hunter properly, but because of your own inability, zero experience, and basically 20 times less playtime than what it actually takes to make accurate suggestions about which side is stronger I wrote that you have no idea what you're talking about. Survivor is currently the stronger side. Slightly stronger in 1v1s, overwhelmingly stronger in teams, to the point where it's unbalanced. I don't mean to sound demeaning, but coming here and telling the devs that the Hunter is too powerful is just ludicrous, especially since players who love this PvP, play it regularly and know it inside out have been trying to argue the exact opposite point.
  4. - 2 Tackles - 2 Claws - 4 Ground Pounds Meanwhile, you get hit once with a 2-hander and you either run away or die. That balance, though.
  5. I forgot another important thing: - Currently, evading a Tackle is a guaranteed 40% HP loss if against a wall, or a guaranteed 80% HP loss if on flat surface, without counting the unavoidable DK and DFA in teams. This would maybe be fine... if Tackles weren't so easy to dodge spam out of. Hunters need some sort of an alternative that would at give them a chance to escape the damage at least once in a while, just like the Survivor missing a dropkick - sometimes, if you notice in time and react accordingly, you get a free Tackle or Ground Pound, but sometimes you don't, and by the time you act the Survivor has already hooked away and escaped punishment, which takes a split second. Tl;dr: A way to sometimes avoid the currently guaranteed damage after a Hunter's Tackle is evaded.
  6. Damage and values is far from what's imbalanced about your PvP. I realize you asked us to stick to what you wrote, but those variables are something that would be suited for a fine-tune when the PvP is almost balanced and needs just a few tweaks to make it perfect. You need a few fundamental changes before changing values. Here are some of the facts pretty much every seasoned player that knows both Survivor and Hunter inside-out agrees with:
  7. You have no idea what you're talking about.
  8. I'm scared already.
  9. matchmaking

    I honestly think this is where your problem is. I don't even remember finding more than 2 servers on VAC-secure, so I've kept it off for all my playtime. I suggest you do the same, hackers:legit players ratio is like 2:8. As for 4-5 barred games being either Preys or someone with 2k hours, that's a lie. It can only be one of the two, that's how the game is designed, and Apex Predators can't even get Preys as anything more than a 3-barred orange game. I know, because I've tested it with an Apex with only losses. Anyway, get a feel for your matchmaking menu and start picking from there. The game definitely has a number of faults, but I can say I've always used matchmaking accurately. ------------------ About the dodge spam: yes, it's a thing. No, it will never get addressed. That's how Digital Scapes feels it's fair. Though a cooldown isn't the right solution, it would be piss easy to casually sprint up to the Survivor, him guessing when you're gonna Tackle wrong, and you just Tackling him when you know he's on a cooldown. Unavoidable 33% HP loss doesn't sound fun or fair. Completely agree on the Hunter climbing up hills, however. This is why I avoid Slums for the life of me, that map is so bad for PvP.
  10. not slip

    So what's the problem? Just keep it to ''On'' and you can use the Slide ability.
  11. Lmao, I used to confuse the two of them all the time as well.
  12. matchmaking

    Well, first of all, ranks are one of the two things that determine how your server's gonna look to the opponent's screen. The other factor is amount of wins/losses. Once you reach max rank in this game it's almost impossible to get de-ranked (or fully impossible? Never happened to me or anyone I know). This means an Apex Predator could've been racking up losses like mad and eventually your game would be displayed as a 4-bar green game, so he'd invade you. You can somewhat avoid the scenario of skill mismatch when you're playing Hunter - just never, ever use Quick Join. Search through matchmaking, this is how you should view games: 2 orange bars: Either way too difficult or way too easy. Always ignore these servers. 3 orange bars: Somewhat difficult or somewhat easy 4 green bars: Mostly suited for you. The best middleground. 5 green bars: Perfectly suited for your amount of wins/losses and your rank This goes for Survivor as well. Beating up several inexperienced Hunters that do nothing to up your skill will make your game look suited for high rank Hunters, making it a spiral of mismatch. Unfortunately, I agree that average players are the most rare these days. If someone tries to farm you just quit out before the game begins, it won't count as a loss. If you feel bad for being matched with a new Hunter, I'd advise to just let him gain as much XP as he can, but keep the win for yourself. And there is no harm in getting carried a little bit, or at the very least learning the game from people with more hours than you. Send out some friend requests, learn the game, and reach the point where you only want highly skilled Hunters invading you.
  13. Have you even played Hunter? Literally all these counters you listed haven't worked since mid-2016, let alone now when Survivors are fully adapt at how to properly exploit DFA and Dropkick through the Hunter's failed or even successful animations without allowing him to counter.
  14. Russians...