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  1. Hello Dying Light community, does someone know how to make a decision inside of a movie just like at the final of the following? And, because this might be similar, how to make quick time events just like in the fight against rais? Thanks and best regards, Joluk
  2. Hey Dying Light community, working with NPC movement I tried to let the zombies (especially volatiles) follow a specific path until they see the player. The lifegraph does not work (after my first tries at least) with zombies. Any ideas I could try or maybe there is already a solution? Joluk
  3. Yes I have the same problem too since today... Edit: Going back to an older version of windows helped
  4. Hello Dying Light community, is there a possibility to create custom hints? When the player dies there normally is a quick loading screen which shows some hints for the main game. But they don't really fit to my mod and it would be useful to give the player hints when he dies for the situations in my map. Best regards Joluk
  5. @doomguy the error just says that "Dying Light dosn't work anymore. This Program has stopped working because of a problem....". The normal Windows Error. Anderfalls kann ich dir nur empfehlen was doomguy schon sagte. Die Datein auf fehler zu überprüfen geht schnell und falls du nicht weißt wie das geht kann man das schnell googeln. Ein Pc neustart kann auch helfen, falls du noch keinen nach dem Installieren des spiels gemacht hast. Komplett neu downloaden und installieren sollte die letzte Option sein. Viel Erfolg
  6. Hello Community, I have a question if there is a possibility to modify the flashlight inside of the tools. The normal one is way to strong for my plans. Or is there a way to create a new items the player can hold and use as a flashlight? best regards, Joluk
  7. Hello community, I just wanted to ask really quick if already someone tried to reproduce the Volatile nests and knows how to create them + if it's possible to use self-made Ais. Thank you
  8. I'm not at home until monday next week. But you should find the log files somewhere in the "out" foulder of your map. The map is located in the Dying Light foulder of steam. If you don't find it I will send you the exact path monday.
  9. To change the time always work with the script. As doomguy already said ,set_day_time _ is the way to go. If you want to change time slowly and not within a milisecond you can add for example -interpolate=10 at the end and it will take 10 sec to change the current time to your wanted time. To change the weather there is no good way to do that with the script. It looks like the phase does not work. And I never saw anyone changing the weather in his map. I'm working on this problem too. If I find anything out I will post it here.
  10. Hm this is bad. You could check if there is anything wrong with your tools by validating you game files in steam. You could also look if a log file is created. Do you have any errors in your map?
  11. So this "Developer Tools" Forum is for the Dying Light MAP makers. Not for the developers. But if you are interested: Techland planned to make the wallrun but took it out of the game befor release. There was a mod on nexus mod that enabled the wall run but I'm not sure if this mod is up to date. Maybe we will see the wall run in an upcoming dlc or in Dying Light 2
  12. No they are working as intended. They only disable one side. So make sure your barriers are facing in the right direction.
  13. Hello Dying Light community, I was making some dialogs and when I tested them I noticed that sometimes the camera and the zoom jumps around. But always at the same dialogs. Anyone who had something similar? Joluk
  14. Hello Dying Light community, I have a really big problem. When I try to color the terrain, everything looks fine at first. But after locking the block the area becomes white. Except for the grass color. This does not happen in other maps. Any ideas what could be the reason or what I could do or maybe which files are responsible for the terrain? Big thanks in advanced Joluk
  15. Maybe this funktion could be used for checkpoints too. So the player can quit the game after a marked checkpoint and when he starts the map again he can press a button and the map automaticly invokes to a specific point. I will look through the editor if this is possible.
  16. Hello community, is there a phase that allows me to empty the players inventory? Best regards Joluk
  17. Hello Dying Light community, I have a question about the respawn flag of the spawnpoint. How can I control were the player will respawn after he dies. I thought it would be the nearest Spawnpoint with the flag respawn. But now he respawns at a Spawnpoint that only should be used later in the game. How does the phase ",checkpoint" work and can I use it to control the respawn of the player? Or do I have to disable all the Spawnpoints that I don't want as a respawn in this part of the quest? Best regards Joluk
  18. Problem solved: the phase ,player-block_night_reminder_sounds _ -block_night_reminder_sounds=true works but not if you add the "-interpolate_time=xyz"
  19. Hello Dying Light Tools community, when the night starts you can hear the zombies scream and when the day comes back, you will also hear sounds and the text "night survived". Is there a possibility to block these sounds? I already tried to put ,player-block_night_reminder_sounds _ -block_night_reminder_sounds=true at the start of the whole quest but that doesn't work... Any ideas?
  20. After trying for hours, I finally found out how respawnpoints are working and what my problem was.I used Spawnpoints for this with the flag “Respawn”It looks like that respawnpoints only enable when you come close to them. I don't know how close you have to get to enable them. But when they are enabled you will respawn always there. So there is no problem in having more than one spawnpoint in one big area. If you have one enabled and get close to another one the new respawn will automatically be enabled. (IMPORTAND: This works completely without quest phases!) The easiest way to do this is to make the respawn point the same spawnpoint as you used in the goto phase, so the player gets automatically close to a new respawn.The phase, checkpoint could be used to set a respawnpoint as your new respawnpoint without having to go to this point. But I didn't test this, its only a presumption.My Problem was, that I disabled my last respawn and enabled a new one, but the new one was a bit far away so when the player died without going close to this new spawnpoint first, the games didn't find a respawnpoint and I respawned at 0/0/0.If you have any questions, comment down below.Best regardsJoluk
  21. ,fill-area _ -req_count=1 -pause=1 -class=SensorAreaHelper -area=test ,sensor_area_helper SensorAreaHelper test ,spawner-ho HeavyObjectsSpawner test_01 This works. This is the same phase used in the bozak horde.
  22. Hello Dying Light community, if you played 'The Bozak Horde' you know that you have to carry some canisters and throw them into a hole. Does anyone know how the game recognizes that the canisters are inside of the hole? Best Regards Joluk
  23. Hello Community, is it possible to give an object a healthbar? So you can attack an object, see how the health goes down (Boss health bar on top of the screen) and when it dies you can controll what happens next via quest. Best regards Joluk
  24. Yes this light ball around the player is wierd and it kills the atmosphere. I will try to delete it somehow and if you find a way please tell me. This is what I wanted for my map but I will tweak the settings for my purposes. I was also able to apply the battery draining effect to the flashlight and I would really love to always have that weak flickering flashlight. Maybe this is something for you too. When the player is looking to the left and right it would be cool if the flashlight is not as fast moving as the player. Like in Resident Evil 7. I really love this effect. If I find something I will post it here so everybody can use it.
  25. Ah ok I understand what the main problem is. So modifying the flashlight works fine, but your mod is in the beta because you don't want, that there are so many files in your mod that the mod doesn't need? Ok but this only will affect the download size by a little? Why not keeping the unnecessary files? They don't harm the mod right?