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  1. Another thing that is also on my mind and want to discuss with all of you. I've always felt that guns were always under-powered, and I am pretty sure most of you agree, but to being this under-powered feels.....wrong, if I had to pick a word. The damage it does to Hunter is just incredibly mediocre especially weapons such as the assault rifles, shotguns, and revolvers; and this could be for balancing sake as they are means to be finishers, but even so the guns are just so very weak. When you think of a Revolver you think of a really powerful gun that has devastating power and/or pierces enemies; yet the revolvers in this game act like pea-shooters towards the Hunter along side with the regular pistols. Shotguns, close-ranged weapons that destroy enemies, yet doesn't do a considerable amount of damage to the Hunter even at point-blank. Assault Rifles, reliable and good damage over all, and once more it acts like a pea-shooter. Even SMGs are just pathetic. Now I completely understand that Dying Light focuses mostly on Melee combat, and for its PVP as well, but the guns just do so little damage. When The Following revealed Revolvers I was excited that revolvers are coming, and that it can be used in PVP as well I thought of a weapon that could do a good amount of damage with at the cost of six rounds and slow reloading. Sounds fair. Except the damage is just pathetic. Again I'm not asking for this to become Call of Duty, but maybe some damage buffs with the guns to fit their nature would be nice. The Bow and Crossbow; while I feel the Bow damage wise is alright the Crossbow should deserve the same treatment, but first the bow. The bow is alright again damage wise, but why was the elemental properties removed against the Hunter. It makes no sense. The point of the Electric, and Fire arrows is to deal said Electric and/or Fire damage as well whether or not the initial hit lands and if he is near the Electricity or Fire. The Explosive Arrows are just goddamn mess. If it lands, yay, it deals added damage along with first hit, but the explosions are just messed up. If I were to hit a Hunter the explosion would follow him and not do additional damage along with the explosions, and there times where it doesn't hit him and the three explosions that happen somehow follow him. Second is the fact that when near enemies the thing just goes off right in your face, or when you are aiming down from a rooftop. The Crossbow, as discussed in another thread, I feel is under-powered. Yes Toxic Bolts are back, but what about Impact? Of course it was the mostly used Bolt out of all of them before the nerf, but it doesn't make sense to remove its elemental property (the additional damage) it had. Also the damage the Crossbow does just feels weak. It does 1/4 of damage, but it just feels like it doesn't matter even if a Two-Handed weapon is in play. Also, again the fact aiming at the Hunter's head to deal the original 1/3 of damage is a complete insult. Before the nerf, aiming at the Hunter's head dealt a massive amount of damage or instantly kills a Hunter which took skill considering that the Hunter moves too damn fast for a headshot to land nearly all the time. It was actually rewarding, and if the hunter decided to stand still it was his fault. Now it just doesn't matter with the damage that is set in place now. A problem that arises is the fact that one person can wield up to three crossbows in their Weapon Slots which leads to quick switching between the crossbows to deal stupid amounts of damage, but a solution to that would be to limit the amount of crossbows to be used in the Weapon Slots to just one. Also LucasK's solution to damage balancing in another thread is also not a bad idea. Lastly the Elemental Properties. Why was this removed? Again, I don't understand. There are many blueprints, and equipment such as the Molotovs and elemental grenades that we have at our disposal. Now they useless as all hell. I understand that the Molotovs were broken considering the tactic that was used with them, but there are other ways around fixing it rather than straight up nerfing it to the point of being unused forever. Only elements that can be used are the ones filled with toxic, and explosives. All those blueprints we found around the maps to make our weapons more powerful and dish out fire, electricity, bleeding, etc are now worthless. This was used against the nests, but still the fact elemental damage was removed against just makes the point of blueprints worthless besides against zombies. Also the fact the some of the elemental arrows and bolts have lost their properties doesn't make sense at all. So yeah more opinions of mine that wish to discuss as well. What do you all think as I would like to hear your opinions, and I do enjoy being proven wrong to my opinions. Opens up alot of things.
  2. I was thinking that maybe would could put regular items and/or craftable items (Medkits, electronics, Grenades, etc) in the reward system, but in much larger quantities. Another thing that could be changed is for every weapon to have a chance at being gold and having more variety of weapons as well. I am sick and tired of getting another Battle Axe, Skullmace, or any other goddamn fantasy weapon for the 10,000th time (Happens only PC, I don't know about Console). They were nice at the very beginning, but lose value incredibly fast and only serve to be sold or tossed at enemies. Having every single other weapon to have the possibility to be gold would be a nice incentive and maybe even have them for equipment weapons (UV Light, Hook) and for guns would be also nice as it adds an official value to it instead of getting a scripted one with stupid, infinite ammo or some other BS. I would also like to mention that some weapons are just impossible to obtain anymore since the Legend Rank has been introduced (Dark Machetes, Dark Sickles, etc) plus some other weird and cool looking weapons; it would be nice to see those in the reward pool as well.
  3. So on your list of three things the third one caught my eye mostly. So what exactly tells you, regarding the third choice, everything about all the matches that have been played? The maps/team sizes/skill ratings/ etc. Is every single match that everyone plays across all platforms recorded without our knowing or.....what is it exactly that determines everything that happens in a match from your end? I am genuinely curious about this. Do you guys exactly know what weapons and equipment are used at any given time; how everyone was moving, and know if someone cheats? How exactly do you and your team know all this?
  4. I'm going to start off by saying that this footage is old. Yes it shows how Visceral attacks and such, but there so many things that I'll just point out right now. -Gp-Spit is still a thing in this video. -There were many questionable actions and mistakes that the Survivor has done in this video that I'm pretty damn sure are corrected ever since then. -This is just one scenario compared to the other situations such as fighting a team of four in the Countryside or a team of two in Slums against good players. -Lastly, and I'll say it again, this footage is old. It does not compare to how things are as of today. If you want any of us to record footage by all means I'll do it, and do it in many fighting situations. I would also like to point out that the Survivor also missed alot of shots with the crossbow. He got one kill out of many missed shots. Again the footage is old, but even today, me and a good few of my friends have good aim and miss alot, and when we do land shots we are rewarded with low damage.
  5. See I do not agree with this. You are telling us to aim for this very tiny hit-box that ever so rarely happens unless a Hunter player stands still like a moron, or by sheer luck in order to do the old damage of 1/3. I'm sorry, but that is very unrewarding and absolutely stupid. Aiming with a projectile weapon is hard enough because you have to have to calculate the projectiles speed along with the fact that Hunter moves very, very fast, and unpredictably. Trying to even land a headshot is just near impossible because of this insane speed and how Hunter moves around especially the good ones. Please tell me that I am wrong I would really love to be, but when does anyone actually aim for the Hunter's head anymore? The old damage allowed for so much more because you can either damage the Hunter severely or instantly killed him with a good shot in the noggin. There are times where a Hunter would get close, but even then I landed that shot and it should deal a good amount of damage. Again it is to difficult to to hit because the hit-box is just tiny, and unless a Hunter is standing still its just near impossible. The new damage for a headshot is just insulting even if someone were to land a hit. The current damage with just landing regular shots makes feel like it doesn't matter if I land a hit on him because then a Hunter can just ignore it and go in for whatever he likes. Of course the initial damage to do 1/4 leaves him for a Two-Hander kill, but good Hunters know how to avoid Two Handed weapons, and know when to attack. There is also the fact that some players run two Crossbows at once to to deal even greater damage, and a solution for that would be to limit the number of Crossbows in Weapon Slot to just one. The loss of the bonus elemental damage also sucks since it is what made the different bolts unique. Toxic is back, but having Impact bolts along with Fire, and Electric Arrows would be nice again otherwise what is the point of giving them elemental properties in the first place besides single-player use.
  6. So yeah as the question states should this tactic/glitch, whatever you want to call it return? I've asked some friends of mine since its removable, and playing without it for a while now; and some say it should stayed removed while others say it should be brought back. Now personally I hated this tactic. The fact its a free tackle for just missing pretty much says "I can be an idiot, and just tackle as I please since I know I'll be fine and/or get a free hit." Survivors dodged a tackle and the reward of that is getting hit by another tackle, and its even worse if spikes or high places are involved. Yes there was a way to counter this, especially with another glitch, but people should not be able to counter glitches with more glitches. Also this ability when done near walls is borderline broken as there is literally no way to avoid it at all and thus leads to unfair gameplay, and the fact that it can be done with no energy left. Now an argument that can be made about this is the fact that it stops potential two-handed attacks and DFAs. Before this was discovered it was 90% of time in where a Survivor dodges a tackle they immediately switch totheir Two-Handed weapons for an easy finish due to the insane damage it does. Even if a Hunter were to recover quickly it still had a good chance of ending him early. DFAs are also rather to execute especially in teams where people can just wait on high places and wait for the perfect opportunity. That being said, Pete did mention that if you see people up high you focus those first instead playing to their bait strategy. Of course it is easy for players to switch roles and situations to be changed on the fly that can still lead to DFAs. Of course it all depends. However, I think we can all agree that DFAs can be done pretty much anywhere and the height in order to execute a DFA is rather short. A solution I would bring to the table is allow for Hunters to recover much more quickly from failed Tackles, or nerf Two-Handed weapon damage. Of course an important question that we should ask is "Is this fair?" So what do you all think: Should Instant Tackle be brought back? Should it stay removed forever? Should a different solution or idea be brought to the table?
  7. So a friend is unable to make an account here at all. He's tried many things, but the same result keeps happening with an error. Error code 2S129/1. This is his first time ever creating an account here to. Does any one know what the issue is or if there is a way for him to make an account here?
  8. I've been playing in the Countryside a lot of the time and I've noticed a few bugs that I thought someone else would find or would be discovered by the Devs. One bug involves the respawning when a Human or Hunter dies. This appears to be random as I do not know much on how, or when it is done; but I believe it is mostly involved the quest/side-quest the Human player has chosen as it would teleport me near the spot for the quest. Another bug is with the Buggy. There some times when the Nitro function would not properly recharge. An example would be when I respawn with my Buggy the Nitro would be completely gone when it should have at least recharged some or most of it. I do not how this happens or when. Lastly, when I run over Nests with the Buggy in order to deal damage sometimes it would outright kill them instantly. I have no why this happens and it is very broken should this happen as it gives a complete unfair advantage. Just wondering if these could be fixed.
  9. What do you exactly mean by this? I mean in a team scenario with four humans having different elements on their modified gear, wouldn't it make sense for it to all stack when attacking nests or zombies, even if one human was combining elements? Or was there something that completely broke things?
  10. I don't know what to think after this update. No seriously. Was the point of these recent updates to make PVP as barebones and slow as possible? If so then congrats you accomplished just that. The Ground Pound Spit combo and Insant Tackle still work by the way. So literally no success or changes there, but instead we had a big nerf to hunter I cannont understand. (Fixed the charge attack exploit of spinning on the spot while sprinting) By doing this you literally removed Night Hunter's speed and unpredictability which was essential. Vallon literally said everything I would have said and I agree completely, but also that these updates are just nerfing everything hard. Survivors have a utility of equipment items that are now basically useless. You can barely use a majority of Survivors equipment at all. Grenades and throwing stars of all types, Molotovs, and even the shields are completely useless. Survivors have so many items at their disposable and it is very disappointing that many of them are considered downright useless, and the ones that aren't the solution is to nullify them fully. Elemental damage doesn't even exist anymore as Hunters and Nests can take all damage of it and doesn't anything. Even Potions were heavily nerfed. Yes it had a longer duration, but the cooldown is just horrible and that fact that all potions share the cooldown as well. On the Hunter's side, exploits that were the main focus are still here, but much worse is that his speed, manuverability, and unpredictability are heavily nerfed. Just please put everything back before these two updates were made, and just focus on only the exploits.
  11. Also I should mention on the regard of the Instant Tackle and Ground Pound+Spit combo. Despite that it wasn't able to be fixed this update I really do not how it can be fixed. As it stands Night Hunter needs these two moves. Many Hunter players know how infuriating it can be to miss a Ground Pound which almost all the time leads to death for just missing and having to wait for the long, recover animation. Spits are also an issue because if players were to use spits normally, 90% of the time they will miss. It is literally that easy to dodge spits which led to Hunter players forcing to use near unavoidable techniques on Survivors; such as using animations to make Survivors unable to move and, of course, the Ground Pound+Spit combo. Instant Tackle is important because of how easy it is to dodge Tackle in general even with the incredible speed of Tendril Sprint. Missing with Tackle can also lead to death or taking massive damage forcing Hunters to retreat, and even though the reduced damage during animations are a thing, players have managed to time attacks accordingly whether it would be 1v1 or fighting against teams. So as much as I hate to say this, Hunter needs these moves until a truly better solution can be made in account for how these moves operate. Many players wanted more moves/skills so that can be a solution right there seeing as Toxic and Sense Suppressor Spit, and UV Heal were added a long time ago. If you can somehow fix this it would be really surprising.
  12. I'll talk about the positives first: Buffs to Potions are nice, but have problems. The Flares. I don't how I feel about this yet, but its a start for those whoe play 1v1. Ducking to recharge energy faster....Cool. Really cool. The upgrade to toxic spit is really nice. A longer duration and more damage feels right considering it is used in specific situations. The Sense spit still feels useless as Xenon said. People have ears and can just look around. The only thing the spit provides is limiting your FOV considering the spit is still on your screen. (Increased NightHunters knockback impulse from melee attack) - ???? What does this mean? The negatives: WHY WAS THE CROSSBOW EVEN TOUCHED?! Seriously the crossbow and normal bow deal piss poor damage now. It doesn't make a huge difference at all if you even hit them. It took skill to aim a crossbow. You had to aim your shots most the time, and sometimes even predict ahead of your opponents to see where they will go since its a projectile weapon. The extra burst of damage that the Impact gave is what made them really special that made the difference between life or death. With this elemental nerf and the Bow and Crossbows damage nerf its make them feel like nothing over all. The Poison Bolt were special because they could finish off a hunter who had 15 health left or lower. Now it deals only nothing. The poison cloud from the bolt, YOU HAD TO AIM FROM, and now it does nothing. Also the headshot damage. That is a joke. A really, really bad joke. When the headshot thing was first discoverd it required skill and luck in order to aim at their heads. The reward was an instant kill with Impact Bolts or heavy damage. Either way it felt rewarding and required alot to aim at their head. Now you expect us to aim at this very tiny hitbox for damage that shouldn't have been messed with in the first place. Who was this catering to? Seriously, who was thing catering to? To the Hunters that decided to stand still and take arrow shots like idiots? The bows should have never been touched they were fine as it was. It's already bad enough that guns themselves deal very poor damage. Also the Elemental nerf. It makes both Modified Weapons and the Elemental damage from Bows worthless. When you modifiy a weapon it was to deal extra damage with set bonuses that give Damage Over Time. Now blueprints, the thing which people ran around the maps to find for those effects, are now obsolete. Bleed, Fire, Electricity, Poison, even Ice now deal next to nothing damage. If this was because cheaters using "modded" weapons with effects that don't exist that still shouldn't have been an excuse to remove elemental damage all together. Instead you guys should have focused on the source of the problems, and if this wasn't because of cheaters than this was an utterly a dumb idea. Molotovs. I understand that they were a problem, but to outright make them useless and unusable. WHY? They deal no damage now and the cooldown for them is too ridiculous. Cloak Potions also suffer from this as while the buff is nice, the cooldown is too harsh. For the Night Hunter Booster I can somewhat understand, but this is still too harsh. Lastly if charged melee attacks were that much of a problem all you had to do was remove repairing during invasions rather than reduced the damage. It makes sense as someone from another post even mention that weapons don't lose durability.
  13. From a 1v1 perspective, I don't know how bad it is with more players. Ok seriously this is broken and unfair. I literally lose matches because all a hunter has to do is either 1: UV shield and spitsmash the daylights out of me or 2: Tendril sprint at 200mph and tackle/fail-safe tackle with unpredictable speed. The extra charges for flares and grapple don't even help much. Plus the extra Ground Pound range is utterly broken. What a tie-breaker just make hunter op for another landslide win. I can understand if this is for fun, but it isnt fun knowing that i die because I can't do do anything about it.
  14. 1: Yes you are correct as all you need to do is just get all the packages in the Quarantine and leave. Quarantines can be repeated over and over indefinitely so you can literally farm for Legend points for quite a while. No you have to quit the game, just leave the building after you got all the packages and re-enter, and you don't have to turn them into the Quartermaster until you feel like it. 2: Like I said above Quarantines can repeated indefinitely just leave when you finish and go back in. 3:There some challenges, such as the parkour ones that can be repeated over and over, while some are just completed a few times from NPCs. Though this is not a good way to farm points in my opinion. 4:Its not cheating its just tedious farming for EXP. 5:Once more Quarantines are indefinite so leave when finished and go back in on any Quarantine. I don't know if you are on console or PC as Quarantines don't just disappear so I don't know if there some differences in other versions of the game. Hoped this answered your questions.
  15. So apparently the hunter using Tendril Sprint to make himself more faster than a human using speed/NH Booster is retarded? Please tell how to counter this ridiculous speed I would really like to know. Again duping its just a lazy way to get items. Unless someone is cheating to make these items broken and OP then its a problem. I don't see players bypassing the Cooldown system for flares and boosters as humans are bound by those rules The animations while you are right they are easy to avoid and can lead to death at times experienced hunters spam the jump button to avoid getting hit completely whether it be from a failed pounce or tackle. Experienced hunters also know how to avoid DFAs and don't get killed by them alot. Just focus the human that is really high up and some hunters even use tackle to completely counter DFAs. I played this game alot dude because I love it and I have seen so much from many PvP fights. If you still think I'm an idiot then watch this guy and his streams or you anybody can add me on steam and fight the hunters I face. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197963028613/ <---- Visceral He doesn't stream as much before, but he still plays whenever and when I watch him play hunter he can beat Four-man teams that are good kinda easily and before you say "He's one person" many people started to learn the things he does by themselves or by watching him.