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  1. Hi neo6891, the App is still supported, though our teams use the majority of their time and resources on two major AAA projects along with Bad Blood, so we may not update the app as often as we would like to. Having said that, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  2. Hi! Try deleting any underscores "_" in the name of a given mod, please. For instance, instead of John_Deere_3030, the name of the folder should be John Deere 3030.
  3. Hi, if you have an issue that might be related to hardware/software setup (stuttering, below-expectations performance), our tech support could use more data - go to our support page [] and submit a ticket with the data requested (DXDiag, game logs). Those do help us a lot!
  4. In that case, visit the Quartermaster in-game and he should give you a dialogue option to redeem your dockets.
  5. Hi! The console patch is in the works and should be released very soon, indeed. It's going to include the changes from both PC patches.
  6. Hi! Take a look at the following infograph on how to obtain and activate Gemly exclusive items, please: