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  1. Well someone on the Steam Dying Light forum posted that the way to fix this is to start a new game, and then turn it into the Quartermaster in the new game, and it worked.
  2. Thanks for the response. I'm pretty sure, (although not 100% sure), that I didn't have the paintjob unlocked already, because when I redeemed it the first time, it said it unlocked it. It just didn't clear out of the inventory, (like the other dockets did). I think it's a glitch, because even if you already unlocked a specific paintjob, there should be some way for the docket system to recognize that, and clear the Quartermaster inventory anyway. Hopefully someone from Techland can look into this.
  3. I received all of my dockets after the Carmegddon community event, and I redeemed them all at the Quartermaster, but the final docket, the Rocket League Paintjob, won't clear the Quartermaster's inventory. I select it, and it "converts" it, and then tells me that I've already unlocked the Rocket League Paintjob, (which I know). And it still sits there in the Quartermaster's inventory. Is there any way to clear the docket? Thanks..
  4. After thinking about this a bit more, I seem to remember getting my Venom Gland from a Toad, about the same time as starting the Goon Liver Dahlia sidequest. So my total guess for why the Venom Gland exists in the game, is at one point in the game development, Dahlia had 5 potions that went in rank, Cave Mushrooms, Toad Venom Gland, Goon Liver, Bomber Kidney, and finally Bolter Brain, (Tissue). Then the game designers decided to remove one, and the Toad Venom Gland potion was removed. To be clear, this only my guess, and I have no real evidence to support it, besides the timing. To really test this someone would probably need to farm Toads from the beginning of the game, and find out exactly when the Venom Gland is harvestable. Anyway, I'd love to be able to ask someone from the Dying Light team this question..
  5. I've seen that lots of us have managed to pick up the Venom Gland in the game, and there's no quest or blueprint associated with it. Was this a sidequest that was removed? Thanks. (Not the Bolter Liver from the Following, the Hunter Gland from night invasions, and not a Goon's "Putrescent Liver", Bomber's Kidney, or a Bolter's Tissue, for Dahlia's sidequests).
  6. Thanks for your reply. I did try and restart the game from an earlier quest, but I didn't want to go through Saviors to reset Old Town, so I could do some of the side quests again. The good news is that the Troll side quest was waiting for me to complete. So once I figured out how to start the side quest, and I showed up in the right place, I got the side quest, and completed it.
  7. I've finished both the campaign and the following, and I completed all quests/sidequests except the Troll sidequest. It also appears that I've lost my chance to perform this quest, on my first time through the game. However, I've read elsewhere that anyone can reset the game to perform earlier quests by restarting the game at an earlier quest, (advanced start options). My questions are; When you restart the game from an earlier quest does the player's character stats and inventory change? Which quests are "restartable"? The main story quests? Or also the sidequests? Can you restart the game from a quest, and then return your character to the current completed game status? What would be the steps I should do in order to restart the game so I can complete specifically the Troll sidequest? Please feel free to point to any resources which fully describe the restart from quest process in Dying Light. Thanks