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  1. Has the Hero of Harran statue been put in the game yet? We all did the voting and such a year ago and I can't find anything through Google about it. I don't have a Twitter but the feed for the original announcement of the voting winner but no information if it has been put it.
  2. Recently I was having a problem getting my save file to become a New Game+. I reached out to the support team and we went around and around. I finally was able to fix it myself but it took finding the Chemical Storage quest. When I had ANY of the DLC quests active it would not allow me to do the New Game+. Because of this glitch and what I had to do in order to fix it I believe that somewhere in the programming there is an issue with ANY DLC and starting the game over as New Game+.
  3. I noticed an older post from last year where Dawud took the wrong gun from another player. Today while I was streaming online through my PS4 he took my SMG! I went and put my Ranger and any other higher level pistol I had into my stash so that the wrong pistol wouldn't be taken! An SMG is a very different gun and this shouldn't have happened! I didn't notice the change until I was doing something in my inventory after talking to his wife and promising to get her son back. I know I can buy a newer better one when/if I replay The Following but come on! It's bad enough that the traders will sell SMGs in the base game but not the ammo but to have a quest that shouldn't even see the damn thing steal it from me? Really? Edit - Changed misspelled topic tag. Mentioned platform.