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    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    I have seen a reply of this post talking about a zombie arena with hordes of zombies that could be like the far cry 4 arena where every five rounds its a special horde that could be with a demolisher or a volatile idk. It could be really easy to implement using the rais arena and also adding a new skill tree that you can level up in the arena and it would give you new guns or advantages in the arena that would help you to reach highest rounds. Sorry for my english ADD GUN ATACHMENTSSSSSSS
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    Col. Bliss

    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    Well seeing as there's a few big plot holes in the story they should resume. They also should add an antizen meter to the game seeing as you're bit yourself and require the stuff to motivate players to go after these things. There should also be military airdrops for the T.E.A.R soldiers loaded with weapons, ammo and grenades. It would be awesome to approach an airdrop and have a three way shootout with bandits, T.E.A.R soldiers and yourself on top of which would be hordes of infected
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    BTZ Tuning -07/26/2017 - Content drop #0 (PC)

    Not from my point of view, although this video was recorded today. Unless I'm mistaken this is proof that instant tackle still works... am I missing something?
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    BTZ Tuning -07/26/2017 - Content drop #0 (PC)

    I dont know why ppl complain about dfa so much, if you throw horde spit where do u think most ppl r gonna run for? First of all why do u think old town is the most favorite map of all? Quite ez to avoid bombers, no running for miles for some tower while hunter is runing circles around u, and if u dont want to get dfa or simply dunno how to avoid it, go play countryside, flat as football field. Nh's first need to learn how to move as hunter is already fast enough if u put his abilities to good use. U will get dk'd only if u are slow and playing against exp survivors. Some here want to have zilion spits, insta tackle every time so u cant even get close to NH, knockback on every hunters move and not have to do anything, well I say to those get some skill and learn how to play as a pro and then come back and talk. There r a lot of exp hunters who use diferent combos in diferent situations and in proper time in a right place.Thats all. Ur not gonna throw toxic on flat street but in a corner ,when survivor is against the wall or something like that. I saw same gameplay of you Cartier as NH and I must say the stuff u did was impresive, luck or no luck still looked pretty good to me and should be set as an example of what NH can do if used properly. Taking away gp spit from hunter was the best thing to do as u can see it required no skill and everyone who is playing hunter now is completely lost, they dont know what to do.. Flare cd is ok for me Boosters cd like cartier said, bit extreme but i can live with that Xbow in 3vs1 or 4vs1 is now completely useless and absolee, I can live w that Toxic is now thrown around like candys. One right tackle and toxic spit and ur done .OP Not to mention NH's flying thru cars, buildings,walls so u have to use ur uv pointing at a wall cuz u dont see the Nh as he can pounce you or tackle you. One more thing, imo uv spitsmash should be disabled in 1vs1 matches.
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    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    Also i would like to see new guns (I was thinking a sniper) and gun mods like silencers for the pistol (and sniper) or bigger mags.
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    1v1 is it dead? Discussion.

    As always you wrote in a lot of text. In this case your words taken as a whole don't make much sense. So let me explain how i see this topic. 1v1 is not for faint-hearted people. If you want chill you can play 2,3,4v1 modes whcih are super easy for humans. When someone plays 1v1 it means he wants a challenge, he is willing to learn new tactics, he treats game like an intellectual puzzle, considering both players are equal in dexterity and reaction time. 1v1 should show who is better player, not please casuals who just want to win without any effort. If you are designing a pvp experience you shouldn't take into consideration what an average players think because average player doesn't know how to play, if he wants to win against experienced players he should get better, not change the other side's abilities so he can have an easy win. Remember people complaining about gp+spit ? With some imagination players managed to figure out how to avoid them, but casual players with lack of imagination were complaining to the point that developer disabled this combo lol Casuals will destroy everything.
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    The worst patch to have ever hit Dying Light

    One step forward, two steps back. Is this what you were aiming for? Let me just get straight to the point: the issue of this patch is not the removal of GP-Spit, it's not the removal of instant Tackle (which isn't actually removed), it isn't the lie that DFA in water is no longer possible. It's..: ''- Fixed the charge attack exploit of spinning on the spot while sprinting'' Excuse me? Tackling while running in circles an exploit now? Since when? Apparently the ''fix'' for this is to completely disable the option to Tackle when you turn to a side too sharply, and ''too sharply'' literally means a small, 30-degree curve, the ones we've been using for ages to fake out a Survivor. What the patch also omits to mention is that the Hunter's velocity is now completely removed and he comes to a near halt the sharper the turn he takes. A 180-degree turn nulls his movement entirely. That is... beyond dumb. I'm trying to find words to describe how bad this set of changes feels, so I'll try to sum it up. With this patch, you removed one of the Hunter's strongest points - his incredible agility, maneuverability and elusiveness. The Hunter now feels incredibly sluggish, and paired with the literal fuсking inability to Tackle a Survivor if you move your mouse more than 30 degrees to the side is the epitome of stupidity. Like the fact that a Survivor can smash the hell out of Space bar for maximum Tackle immunity wasn't enough, now if Hunters want to Tackle from the side (Tackles from the back are impossible) they'd need to wait so the game accepts you're sprinting forward and lets you Tackle, which gives Survivors all the time in the world to react and turn, making it a sure evade. Couple that nerf in speed and lessened difficulty for Survivors to keep their UV light on the Hunter and you've got a pathetic zombie that cannot remain in combat for longer than 2-3 seconds before running out of energy. Now here's the funny part. I asked around what the inspiration for this idiotic change was, and get this: apparently it's because ''PC Hunter players should not be faster than console ones''. Huh? Obviously this is something I've been told and don't hold it as a fact, but it's strangely believable. So, Digital Scapes, if you want to completely kill one of the two sides of your PvP design why take such a roundabout approach? How on earth has the fact that Survivors are easily the superior side escaped you throughout two years of patches and fixes? Nerfing Tackle and Tendril speed after all this time seems absurd to me. I realize this may just be some sort of temporary change for you to just see how it works in practice and get some feedback, so hopefully that's the case and this is not permanent.
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    Carryable Objects

    ,fill-area _ -req_count=1 -pause=1 -class=SensorAreaHelper -area=test ,sensor_area_helper SensorAreaHelper test ,spawner-ho HeavyObjectsSpawner test_01 This works. This is the same phase used in the bozak horde.
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    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    IDEA: Yellow Early Concept Bombers that appear at Night only when 4 stars are active(can climb) ●explosion emitts temporary toxic fume IDEA: Add five stars to night chases in which all zombies in players field of view become Night Walkers ●Add ESCAPE theme song from EXTRACTION mission to intensify and signal five stars HOPE YOU GUYS take something from this :)
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    Be the Zombie New Abilities/ BUFF Ideas

    That UV block idea would be good, and it comes at a cost. If it ended in the human death then people would complain but if it just prevented the lock in from working then it would be useful in 4v1 encounters. May even result in human fall deaths if they attempted the DFA from too high up. I also wonder why a hunter can't claw a propane tank or GP a barrel resulting in a self death but possibly taking humans with him as well. Not sure if that would be chaos or not but I thought about it.
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    Should Instant Tackle be brought back?

    So how about that match, Donnelly? In one of your posts you said you had more hours than most of us, so that should at least make you able to somewhat compete with good players, or players with similar playtime, correct? Come, let's see that correct usage of Tackle in action, by the person who is the only one that argues for it. Just for fun and feedback.
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    Should Instant Tackle be brought back?

    Instant tackle wasn't a huge a problem in team games IMO, however in 1v1, instant tackle can be extremely difficult to deal with. I'm talking about the i-tackles where the hunter lands against the wall and manages to launch another one really quickly while still in the air making it near unavoidable. I agree with you on the cool down part. Perhaps a larger cool down penalty in 1v1 and a smaller one in 3v1 and 4v1 would sound like a good idea.
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    Col. Bliss

    Dying Light MMO

    I was thinking about it this evening, what if Dying light were turned into an MMO. No I'm not talking about your average WoW MMO. I'm talking Dying Light mixed with Day Z, The dying light world of scavenging and missions combined with a massive open world such as a country, with harsh survival elements that Day Z possesses. Start off with several different factions all with their own objectives and goals (GRE, Ministry Of Defense, Rais Bandits, Tower Civilians as examples), then you can make your own choices deciding if you should choose to help further their interests or go rogue and go out for yourself. Player encounters would also be a big role, scavenging for supplies and encountering hostile bandit players, rival factions or running into allies in a scavenging party. All of this to contend with along with hoards of undead and mutants and trying to locate precious antizan airdrops. Groups players teaming up or competing to capture airdrops of antizan or weapons/supplies. In depth player customization, finding different articles of clothing and gear in the world to customize your character. Players should only get a one shot life, as well as take great care not to get bit by infected otherwise suffering a serious penalty, realistic injuries, sickness, hunger and thirst as well as sleep. Thoughts and or opinions? I just think this would be an awesome idea.
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    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    If we could also play as Dr Zere, maybe Dr Lena, Bahir, Gazi, Shakur, Zaid, Josef also would be great. *Spoiler Alert* - Perhaps if we could play as the zombie version of Jade & Rahim, maybe a zombie Brecken too.
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    Problems with developer tools!

    maybe you don't have the original game? you need to game to have the tools.
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    Dying Light Map - Risen

    Risen Hey there, I have been working on a map for quite some time now and I just wanted to show some of it. It isn't much yet, but at least I could ask for some help, like ideas or types of houses, and maybe even little details that have to be added to the map. The map will be released when it's a 100% finished! Also, the map won't be done soon. Progress is slow but steady. My English sucks, I know. - For now there are two pictures of my map of two different houses, but trust me, there will be at least fifteen more. Just don't know when :D. - Every single house in the neighborhood will be enterable, but not every room due to bushes, you'll see soon. Also in every house there's something for the player to pick up and put in their inventories. It goes from snacks to heavy firearms. Don't know if they're really Heavy heavy but they'll be strong. Buggies will be spawned in as soon as you play the map and you can use it (Like you didn't know it yet..) to drive all the way to the other side of the map. Believe me, it's worth it taking the buggy. Although walking there is way more fun and challenging. But that's for you to decide. That's it for now, hope you guys will enjoy it and hopefully play it! (And yes, there's way more than just these two houses, I just had taken two pictures for now so I could at least show some progress)
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    Dying Light Map - Risen

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    Zombie slayar 17

    Dying light companion ideas

    The dying light companion is a very usefull addition to the core game giving you resourses easy but there are many things it could have to get better such as amission where your scouts can return with D.R.O.P.S. And gold weapons should be added in the companion. As well as many more weapons and items. Also item from the following such as SMGs and bolter liver should be added. GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK
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    Sadly its a manual process. Please Flag any Spam that You see and I will Purge the Spam and Post Block the User. The Majority of the Spammers from what I can tell are Bots. But the way that they post makes it very easy for anyone to spot. If you could Flag any spam that You see it will be appreciated. Thank You.
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    Dying Light Map - Risen

    planning is the easy part. in fact, its the worst part, because after over-planning (because planning is easy and can get way out of hand) comes the actual building of the map. just a word of advice, be aware of the amount of work your planning gets you into! i know i have spend many hours building what i planned and had hoped i started a much simpler map!
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    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    1:Awesome 2:Please 3:Oh god please 4:Sure... 5:WWE I like those Dedboi The idea of melee with guns is awesome because it could lead to a new skill tree: GUNS where you could get skills such as melee attacks, executions, more clips and mags.
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    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    you can shoot from this position just pop out of the top and blast away. Im pretty sure you just move foreward while sitting in the back to pop out.
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    Zombie slayar 17

    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    I got another idea last night for a dlc. Ithink adding a status bar inbetween quest and the inventory slots from which you can improve armour and see your level of hydration ang hunger. You should also be able to store food and water in the inventory. There should be poisonous food which gives hunger and decreases speed for a medium space of time. Dirty water should do the same but decrease vision. You should also be able to drink alcohol and 2 drinks of alcohol should make vision blurry. The armour should be upgradable by using metal parts on armour the trader and quartermaster can sell/give to you and different types of armour like standard to be weak and bandit to be strongest. And for fun a onscreen kill count since game loaded like when you exit and come back in it should back to 0. And as ive said before new guns, attachments and camos, weapon combining, outfit perks. GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK
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    DLC suggest: Gunplay

    Anyone else think there should be increased deapth to the gunplay (not at he same deapth, but close to the same deapth as the swordplay)? Eg: Different gun mods (damage, fire, toxic, bleed, etc) and maybe something more intricate like a bayonet or silencer? I dunno, just feels like the gunplays not on the same level as the swordplay, which is a shame : )
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    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    First thing i wanna to thank you for amazing job on this game and brilliant experience... I own this game and i cant wait to see how Crane story will continue. I have an idea of it and i wanna hear your opinion. I could start next dlc with same video like was on end of The Following dlc but little diferent: In last video in The Following dlc when Crane finally get out and he turned... then should quick twist back and there should be Brecken whose running to him with a cure from Dr. Camden. Next should be a short video how Dr. Camden doing some tests on Crane in his lab and give him some samples what Crane should use when his watch warn about night. After this you should hunt Night hunters for tissue samples for Dr. Camden so he will craft for you more samples of it. And something new for a game: if you did not use samples when night is coming you will turn to that monster at night. And there is place for story as long as Dr. Camden will find the cure for you. And one last thing... I would appreciate 60FPS on console if it´s possible. Sorry for my English... Its not my native language. Best regards from your fan DiP43ck. GOOD NIGHT & GOOD LUCK
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    Night hunter need a potential buff

    That sounds like you haven't played against an actual good hunters. There are a lot of "Apex Predators" who aren't actually apex predators. They just downloaded save files so you see their rank as Apex Predator when they join, so of course you'll beat them without any effort as they play like biters. Again, I honestly don't want to sound really rude, but I'd like to see you win against good hunters like Lucas, Night Hunter, spinoza and etc, "without any equipment" and flawlessly as you described, 1vs1.
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    Zombie slayar 17

    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    I was thinking in the next upcoming dlcs one of them should add; new guns (Rocket launcher, sniper), gun attachments (silencer, fmg, sights), gun camos, weapon combining so 2 of the same kind of weapon, can be combined to improve damage, duability and handling and my last idea is perk kind of system where your outfit gives you special abilities like the ninja could have increased stamina, running speed and faster movements, but story characters like rais or brecken should be able to comand troops so they follow you and will kill Zombies and hostile survivours and T.E.A.R troops. Thank you techland for making an amazing game it is my favorite game and keep up the good work!
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    DLC Weapon idea

    oh men thats awesome i love this idea. the sniper rifle would be at the rais tallest building in the final part of the game
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    Tower customization

    Nice idea bro
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    2017 DLC IDEAS

    Hello to everyone who is reading this post i want to give some dlc ideas to improve the game. First of all i would really like to see weapons attachments like supressors or sights that would be found in police vans or you have to craft them (new guns like sniper rifles rpg or any gun you can imagine would fit really god into the game too). It would be also really great to add weapon paints that you can change because its boring always looking at the same grey pistol while you kill the zombies. And the last idea is that you can customize the safe houses like adding guns on it or electric walls idk you will have quests to find the components you need to craft it. Thanks for reading hope you like this ideas and it would be great to add them on the game.
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    1v1 is it dead? Discussion.

    This assumes that alleged non-pro players cannot discuss their opinions and share their points of view concerning a game mode for lack of experience. And that is the topic of this thread: is 1v1 dead bearing in mind the vastly different experience and playing styles that folks have. This state-of-affairs is user unfriendly to most. Following that reasoning is another version of "let's have a serious competition to see who has the longest... uhm mouse cable." That's another topic and if somebody wants to organize competitions and really, really, really determine who is the best in some format where players prove consistently, over hundreds of matches, who has the... "longest, biggest, fatest mouse cable" under controlled, arbitrated, standardized non-lag, no bug circumstances... Then those people should organize those competitions, play among themselves and folks wish them happiness, if they even care. This narrative leads to same lame elitism as everywhere else: what happens when folks believe in the best? Little exclusive groups of princesses form that exclude others from play and fun. People can have higher standards than that, understanding that whoever is "best", if we must use this crude description, has a larger community interest than extending some dominance: If they play with positive attitude, treat others as good folks no matter their skills, then it's enough as they use their luck/ability to enlarge and detoxify the community from being in some idiotic competition with itself, confusing the game with reality; instead they enlarge the player base with positive attitude, good vibes, and motivate beginners to get better and not let a simple difference in experience/luck isolate them into groups of princesses. In short: if some elite shares the knowledge and advantage, people will respect them for being real people and not playing princess groups and hogging advantages and "best stickers and toys" like children in school. That respect will be based on real sportsmanship AND grow the player base along with the recognition that those players seek for the hours and effort they put in. Naturally. User friendliness was brought up by CartierC and Sanlucifer, which exposes a question for any playing community. A community calling itself a community while sidelining less skilled/experienced players and their concerns is perhaps less a community and more a band of merry princesses that want to play alone forever against other lonely princesses. And this feels unhealthy because it is... and there are better ways and players out there: to me honest, simple types, that greet and play respectfully, regardless of what I feel to be their skills, are a better use of my time than lost princesses trying to prove their cable to be so long they forget themselves, forget to laugh/have fun, forget the community, and forget that they once were beginners that benefited off other people being cool enough to show them the game, tricks, strategy etc. You can't relate nuances of play through on screen hints and indeed a lot of that stuff is on youtube. Share the links if you feel so inclined. But user friendliness at some point, and the death or life of 1v1 and this game mode in general, is also tied to the attitudes of those that play. End rant mode.
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    1v1 is it dead? Discussion.

    Those are things I can't do with a controller. I'm temporarily on a laptop until November but after seeing recent videos on youtube, hunters should not be winning by such a huge margin against some of the best survivors 2 or 3 nests left. I've had similar experiences with hunters I've beaten before, sometimes it'd be evenly matched and now it feels like a huge accomplishment just getting passed the 3rd nest. how can the rest of us (average players) even enjoy a 1v1 at this point? Not to mention hunter spamming tackle and insta tackle in a closed area which almost every nest location is a closed area, there is nothing you can do, even dodging the first tackle becomes pointless because the 2nd is sure to get you, these are all things that need to be patched or nerfed. If you can't win a straight up 1v1 without the use of some cheap tactics that only some players can do, than you're making 1v1 entirely for a select few players. My rant is entirely for 1v1 matches, insta tackle, virals, goons and such used against groups feels necessary but in 1v1 it's cheap, it's certain death in several nest locations. I have some footage coming when I get the time to upload it with my terrible wifi but it's a match of me getting repeatedly insta tackled at a nest until I lost whether I dodged the first one or not, the 2nd tackle can't be dodged, the hunter did not even need spit at this point, it was literally cat and mouse. Any time I came close to this nest, it was tackle, insta tackle and then I was in toxic spit and dead or uv spit is out and pounced because getting up isn't fast enough to throw a flare. That's all I have to say about this. 1v1 was my favorite but now I can't even deal with the average hunter.
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    1v1 is it dead? Discussion.

    You're doing something very wrong if ''you've killed the Hunter several times while still on the first nest''. 1v1 is easier than ever now that you don't have to worry about GP-spit, and killing the Hunter on the nest always equates to a dead nest. As for killing the spawns, I personally got back to the good old Toxic Bolt + Tackle + 2 Slices strat, only I added quick grapples in between, canceled into a Tackle to shorten the recoil time after a slice. Does a decent job.
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    1v1 is it dead? Discussion.

    Too true, i just started the game like a week ago and even if you get good weapons, in Be the zombie as a hunter in 1v1 is really difficult.. it surely becomes really decent in 2v1. Also for some reason in my experience... it feels like 3v1 or 4v1 its again difficult against the zombie. Hard to balance it out since with a lot of practice it becomes better... however it is definitely not noob/user friendly and is the main reason why they also decide to go Zombie it seems? maybe we can check this and try to PERHAPS not balance it out but give more rewards to hunters? so at least is a reason for them/us to keep playing it. Just my 2 cents.
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    1v1 is it dead? Discussion.

    Hello Survivors, !! 1v1 is my favorite way to play BTZ. I am on PS4 -auntmarie33 is my PSN. My advice is to gear up for a match. Have a Knife with Bolter poison for the nests and I can kill a nest in 7-8 seconds with a head level attack, any lower and you get extra animation ( I recently upgraded an Orange Fabulous Dagger with bolter poison about 1600 ish damage (but I am boosted 6x with 1 handed weapons in Legend level, so I get a little extra). MY average match time is 20- 30 minutes. As for stragety in attacking Nests I like to thin out the Goons & Virals first, Remember they DO Not go Nuts Until you hit a Nest!! So attack the Virals first. As they are the toughest, I will get pounched when I am fighting the Virals, but not as much if I go for the nests 1st. So back to Virals they can take 2 or 3 Shotgun hits from afar , just as much as a Goon up close (usually 4 headshots). I have not had much luck with the Exploding arrows (I think they recently lessened the damage). But never forget your strategy. Know the location of the Hunter and his pounce meter ( if full hitem with the Light and then attack 1 viral and then hit your survivor sense (Where is he), I know you have trouble with the toxic spit, but if your health is above 200 you should be able to stand like 2-3 seconds in the spit find a safe out then grapple out. I have more trouble with Horde spits , but have recently got better at running away via watching the HUD display for the late red arrow of a bomber who is more likely to get you. Nests: again I think the consensus for killing nests is the Knife Or Better for me the Dagger with your most powerful upgrades, Bolter poison and your best upgrades- King-King- Brute+ Bolter Poison and a base HP of 1200 or so. Its not as challenging for me now , but I love the head -to head battle with the NH. Spidergamez on utoob and some other good ones have more strategy for killing nests. If you are taking more than 7-8 seconds I would like to know and any other strategy that does it in less time. Ps how many kills in Carmageddon anyone. Me get Over 500 and got a bunch of skins oooohhhh
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    Map editor on console

    Pawel Zawodny, the development director of Dying Light said they would love to add the tools on console: http://www.develop-online.net/interview/a-killer-year-for-techland/0215342 Who knows, maybe this could be true for Dying Light 2 DevTools ?
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    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

    This "may" is very random it seems... I just invaded and let the human kill all "nests" without touching him, supposedly he should be doing "well"... Nothing new, just the 2 "broods" there... I see what you say but i don't see that in game. The punishing factor still stands, why do you think lower tier have a slight edge (if what you say is truth), because noob humans can get away with mistakes where hunters can't. You have to play very good against a decent human to not make the game a frustrating waste of a time. Also, I constantly search for humans to invade so i refresh a lot the serching screen, the amount of solo players is astounding and then there are some duos, most of the experienced players play solo or duo, all groups of 4 players were noobs or not that good (this is a personal experience here), but the amount of solos and duos indicate that: Could be that the game is not as played as before therefore making 3-4 players rarer The balancing starts to really kick in with 3-4 players, the hunter starts to be more useful (CDs are shorter, health is properly balanced, etc), thus making players stop going in 3-4 There was this player who could evade all my tackles atempts and one shot me or leave me with 30 health... So tackle was out of the options too. Being a hunter is frustrating as it is, the way mechanics work makes you feel like a pile of trash sometimes, you are a hunter, humans should be running from you, it is humiliating to see a human hunting you because he can, he has the means not to fend you off, but to hunt you... Survivors shouldn't have the means to one shot you, they should have the means to keep you at bay...
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    Idea for one of the 10 DLCs

    There has been talk about the community being able to give some ideas for the next dlcs so heres mine A full customisable character screen with sliders in everything like in skyrim or follout 4. This would bring more variaty in the game and i wont have to stare at cranes face in co-op and question how many clones does he have? Also the outfits dont have to be removed just give us tje option to change cranes face and his build as well (just make the clothes adapt to the build). With thjs idea i think this would make dying light also give us more laughs because who wouldnt want to see a fat guys do parkour and climb I think this would be awesome and maby have it for the hunter aswell? My last idea is human vs human pvp. I know thjs is on master race but us console olayer want to slap eacother once in a while and it would be fun addition.
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    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

    First of all, I'd like to thank you so much for finally adding changes to the BtZ situation. It took you guys a year to figure it out but I'm glad you're working on it. Your changes so far have been great, however I do not agree with three of them: -The sense suppressor spit needs a complete rework, and we most likely need to go as far as fully removing it, as it is still a hit or miss, completely situational depending on who you're facing. A newbie would obviously face tons of problems and die instantly, but a semi-experienced human just listens closely to his earphones, searching for hunter footsteps which happen to be very loud. The human proceeds to drop a flare and camps out a nest. I believe we need an applicable camouflage, rendering survivor sense completely useless for a very short duration (around the 3 seconds), giving the hunter a chance to actually make them feel like prey, instead of the sense spit. It would also fit his character better. -The survivor sense needs to be a panic button instead of part of the survivors' main toolkit. Primarily they should rely on their senses such as listening to the loud footsteps of the hunter, and when he believes he is close, he could press Q to reveal his general location for a short period (2 seconds) before having a massive 10-20 second cooldown. I think this would be fair. -Now defending the humans, I believe the crossbow/bow has been nerfed way too hard for 1v1's. Now it's completely understandable how every nighthunter including myself got arrow spammed to death in a 1v4, in a 1v1 however, a lucky shot should feel rewarding. Headshotting a speeding monster is no easy task. In a 1v1 it should guarantee an insta-kill for punishing the hunter for standing still or it should drop him down to 5 HP. Body shots would require 3 at most. The damage should be scaled accordingly to the amount of humans in a game. That is all I have to say for now, again thanks for willing to balance a 2 year old game.
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    Pete Donnelly


    I've been tweaking more than initially planned More tweaking requires more testing though.... I'll let you all know when something is ready and post a list of changes.
  42. 1 point

    Dying Light Map - Risen

    I see you're not dead keep going. And i wonder what's in the misterious shop. Maybe some beers?
  43. 1 point

    Dying Light 2

    Pray for e3 coverage.
  44. 1 point

    Respawn Problems

    After trying for hours, I finally found out how respawnpoints are working and what my problem was.I used Spawnpoints for this with the flag “Respawn”It looks like that respawnpoints only enable when you come close to them. I don't know how close you have to get to enable them. But when they are enabled you will respawn always there. So there is no problem in having more than one spawnpoint in one big area. If you have one enabled and get close to another one the new respawn will automatically be enabled. (IMPORTAND: This works completely without quest phases!) The easiest way to do this is to make the respawn point the same spawnpoint as you used in the goto phase, so the player gets automatically close to a new respawn.The phase, checkpoint could be used to set a respawnpoint as your new respawnpoint without having to go to this point. But I didn't test this, its only a presumption.My Problem was, that I disabled my last respawn and enabled a new one, but the new one was a bit far away so when the player died without going close to this new spawnpoint first, the games didn't find a respawnpoint and I respawned at 0/0/0.If you have any questions, comment down below.Best regardsJoluk
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    Dying Light Map - Risen

    Thanks cr1m3! I'm doing my best, I hope you'll like it when it's all done.
  46. 1 point

    Dying Light Map - Risen

    It is really well done!
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    Custom NPC

    Also i saw your comment on youtube, i don ´t know if you saw my answer so. There should be a presets folder in your project/data/presets and the "HumanAI.pre" (the script that control npc presets). But if you don ´t have it in your map, maybe the map was created before the devs added this script or maybe the latest update removed it, anyway, you can copy the presets folder under : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light Developer Tools\Template\data\presets then, paste it in your project/data folder. Make sure it is not under read only in file properties. Also that windows folder options settings are showing file extentions. Cause the HumanAI.pre have a "pre" extention but it is a readable scripting language. Also you can edit it manually by browsing all strings and figure out all Variables and methods with changeable values. Also (easier) , you can use the devtool's preset tool window to edit this script via buttons. But just reading the script while using the presets tool gives you all stuff.
  48. 1 point

    Decisions And Reactions In Movies

    I know you can use à movieActionExecutor class box object to trigger live actions during the movie. Add this box to movie actors and add some new filter Keys called javaMethodKeys. Now add some actions in the movieActionExecutor actions list. Then type Execute in the javaMethodKeys settings. Execute = first action in the movieActionExecutor actions list and Execute1 = second action Execute2... Now to create actions, double click on action field and choose what you want.(there ´s a limited choice of actions). Now for quick time events, i saw this somewhere, Maybe inside physicalswitches trigger types or in some Sensor or object class but can't remember where. Let me know if you find it.
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    Night Hunter Spamming

    You are tired of NH ground pound spam ? Well this is what us NH are tired of... this list includes but is not limited to - *Spam of the UV spotlight *Spam of the endless amounts of duped UV flares *Spam of Dodging *Spam of unavoidable dropkicks *Spam of Survivor Sense *Spam of duped cloak potions *Grappling hooks that make survivors travel faster than NH *Shields that negate all spit effects *No penalty to survivors for dodging too much or missing attacks like dropkick or DFA, while if a NH misses it is penalized with instant death again and again. *NH are almost always outnumbered 3v1 *Survivors can render every ability but ground pound and spits useless with the the simple click of a flahlight. Play as a NH and actually see the hell we endure and you will change your tone.
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    Be The Zombie Storyline

    Oh I so think their should be a storyline for the Night Hunter. I also think that if your game is set to Public there shouldn't be beds at the safe houses so you can't sleep to avoid the night. This way the Night Hunter can always find a game to join.