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    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

    This "may" is very random it seems... I just invaded and let the human kill all "nests" without touching him, supposedly he should be doing "well"... Nothing new, just the 2 "broods" there... I see what you say but i don't see that in game. The punishing factor still stands, why do you think lower tier have a slight edge (if what you say is truth), because noob humans can get away with mistakes where hunters can't. You have to play very good against a decent human to not make the game a frustrating waste of a time. Also, I constantly search for humans to invade so i refresh a lot the serching screen, the amount of solo players is astounding and then there are some duos, most of the experienced players play solo or duo, all groups of 4 players were noobs or not that good (this is a personal experience here), but the amount of solos and duos indicate that: Could be that the game is not as played as before therefore making 3-4 players rarer The balancing starts to really kick in with 3-4 players, the hunter starts to be more useful (CDs are shorter, health is properly balanced, etc), thus making players stop going in 3-4 There was this player who could evade all my tackles atempts and one shot me or leave me with 30 health... So tackle was out of the options too. Being a hunter is frustrating as it is, the way mechanics work makes you feel like a pile of trash sometimes, you are a hunter, humans should be running from you, it is humiliating to see a human hunting you because he can, he has the means not to fend you off, but to hunt you... Survivors shouldn't have the means to one shot you, they should have the means to keep you at bay...
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    Idea for one of the 10 DLCs

    There has been talk about the community being able to give some ideas for the next dlcs so heres mine A full customisable character screen with sliders in everything like in skyrim or follout 4. This would bring more variaty in the game and i wont have to stare at cranes face in co-op and question how many clones does he have? Also the outfits dont have to be removed just give us tje option to change cranes face and his build as well (just make the clothes adapt to the build). With thjs idea i think this would make dying light also give us more laughs because who wouldnt want to see a fat guys do parkour and climb I think this would be awesome and maby have it for the hunter aswell? My last idea is human vs human pvp. I know thjs is on master race but us console olayer want to slap eacother once in a while and it would be fun addition.
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    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

    First of all, I'd like to thank you so much for finally adding changes to the BtZ situation. It took you guys a year to figure it out but I'm glad you're working on it. Your changes so far have been great, however I do not agree with three of them: -The sense suppressor spit needs a complete rework, and we most likely need to go as far as fully removing it, as it is still a hit or miss, completely situational depending on who you're facing. A newbie would obviously face tons of problems and die instantly, but a semi-experienced human just listens closely to his earphones, searching for hunter footsteps which happen to be very loud. The human proceeds to drop a flare and camps out a nest. I believe we need an applicable camouflage, rendering survivor sense completely useless for a very short duration (around the 3 seconds), giving the hunter a chance to actually make them feel like prey, instead of the sense spit. It would also fit his character better. -The survivor sense needs to be a panic button instead of part of the survivors' main toolkit. Primarily they should rely on their senses such as listening to the loud footsteps of the hunter, and when he believes he is close, he could press Q to reveal his general location for a short period (2 seconds) before having a massive 10-20 second cooldown. I think this would be fair. -Now defending the humans, I believe the crossbow/bow has been nerfed way too hard for 1v1's. Now it's completely understandable how every nighthunter including myself got arrow spammed to death in a 1v4, in a 1v1 however, a lucky shot should feel rewarding. Headshotting a speeding monster is no easy task. In a 1v1 it should guarantee an insta-kill for punishing the hunter for standing still or it should drop him down to 5 HP. Body shots would require 3 at most. The damage should be scaled accordingly to the amount of humans in a game. That is all I have to say for now, again thanks for willing to balance a 2 year old game.
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    Game Still A Thing?

    Hellraid still alive?
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    When are we going to hear about his side of the story? Considering how close and passionate we all have been to the hunter. It needs certain character added to it! Can u guys at Techland come out with something good about the hunter's previous background and how he develops into the monster that we all care about? It can be told in many ways. One example is we the survivors need to collect scattered notes or voice recordings or both (of someone describing the event or the hunter's monologue prior to his transformation). Maybe u guys have better ideas but really, we need one good story for all the btz fans! Dang! who would thought that the NH was once so philosophical! (Just something from my imagination)
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    Be The Zombie Storyline

    Oh I so think their should be a storyline for the Night Hunter. I also think that if your game is set to Public there shouldn't be beds at the safe houses so you can't sleep to avoid the night. This way the Night Hunter can always find a game to join.