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    Crop suggestions

    Hi, One of the things I love most about the game is the variety of different crops and how they are tied to different locations. Some of the crops I'd like to see in the game in the future: Tea - As with coffee, possibly tied to a new region, maybe India. Cotton - Possibly in China. Banana / Pineapple - Here, it could be added to the Colombian map, since it's a tropical region. Peaches / Apricots - Maybe linked to Italy. Pumpkins / Carrots - For more greenhouse variety in the USA map. Strawberry / Or any other Berry fruits - Also, maybe tied to the greenhouses in the USA map Nut Tree Orchards - Walnut, Chestnut, Pine, Hazel, Almond... These would be awesome to have. Maybe in another Mediterranean map: Spain, Greece or Turkey... or Portugal, we do have them in here as well Since several maps are already made and finding new areas for more orchards would be difficult, you could have a similar option to change orchard trees as the one you have for the greenhouses. That way, you wouldn't have to compromise on the map layout. Hope you guys give these some thought and consideration. To me, personally, I prefer this type of add-ons than just more machines. It's what gets me invested in this type of games. Thank You, and Happy Farming! Gabriel
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    Crop suggestions

    Yeah, that's exactly the thing. FS 19 is just around the corner and by the time it comes out, nobody will care about this game. They missed a great opportunity to make this game a real contender in the farming genre. Now, they need go back to the drawing board and start anew. I've moved on. But hey, seeing things from a different perspective, I got over 350 hours of game time out of this. In practical terms, that's more than the time I put into about 90% of games I get. So, in the end, I got my money's worth, so I'm not that upset. Pretty good for a mediocre game in terms of technical achievement.
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    Crop suggestions

    So basically when that other farming simulator game is out they think they have fixed everything for console farmers... I wonder who will still playing this game in 6 months. I think they should stop with this game for console, and start a new build for console for Pure Farming 2020. I gladly help them test it and write some sort of farmer story and quest to do. I still think this game has potential, but the time it will take to fix this has a pernicious effect on Pure Farming 2018
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    Prison Heist Complete Details

    Prison Heist Loot Currently, there are five tiers of loot for the prison. Tier 0 is the best loot possible, these will be your golden tier weapons. Tier 1 is the next best possible loot, these will be your orange tier weapons. Tier 2 is the third best loot possible, these will be your violet tier weapons. Tier 3 is when you start getting not so good loot, these will be your blue tier weapons. Tier 4 are the green tier weapons. Tier 5 is the worst possible loot, these will be your white tier weapons. Prison Heist Difficulty Times In order to achieve a specific tier, your time of completion needs to be lower than the maximum stated below. There are different times required in different difficulties. Normal Mode Times Tier 0: 8 Minutes Tier 1: 15 Minutes Tier 2: 25 Minutes Tier 3: 40 Minutes Tier 4: 50 Minutes Tier 5: 60 Minutes Hard Mode Times Tier 0: 15 Minutes Tier 1: 25 Minutes Tier 2: 35 Minutes Tier 3: 50 Minutes Tier 4: 70 Minutes Tier 5: 90 Minutes Nightmare Mode Times Tier 0: 25 Minutes Tier 1: 35 Minutes Tier 2: 45 Minutes Tier 3: 70 Minutes Tier 4: 90 Minutes Tier 5: 110 Minutes Loot Room Times Just like the time for completion, there are different times for each mode you play on to loot. Looting time is also influenced by how many players are in the lobby. Normal Mode Loot Times 1 Player: 60 Seconds 2 Players: 50 Seconds 3 Players: 40 Seconds 4 Players: 30 Seconds Hard Mode Loot Times 1 Player: 2 Minutes 2 Players: 110 Seconds 3 Players: 100 Seconds 4 Players: 90 Seconds Nightmare Mode Loot Times 1 Player: 3 Minutes 2 Players: 170 Seconds 3 Players: 160 Seconds 4 Players: 150 Seconds
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    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    WHEN I PLAY AS SURVIVOR #1 thing I like: Bounties/Events/New Content #1 thing that bugs me: When you get out of the water or are near one of them zombies who explodes your vision gets blurry for a few seconds. I personally could do without that effect though would be happy already if the duration was brought back a little. I think its very annoying. WHEN I PLAY AS HUNTER #1 thing I like: Close to everything. #1 thing that bugs me: few things bother me: - Most games i joined people left like instantly which i kinda can relate to but nevertheless its a problem. - One game i was playing this girl and she totally whiped the floor with me. Not once, not twice but like dozens of times. Didnt feel like she was cheating but she was way overpowered compared to me. To build some confidence in new players like myself you might wanna seperate experienced players from the new ones for at least a few levels.. - If you add a way to report players right after a game we would solve the cheaterproblem in no time. From like 10 games i entered 3 of them were clearly cheating (flying around n stuff lol) and being killed by a cheater simply sucks. OVERALL #1 thing I want: - increased experience/levelcap, more skills and 2 hunters versus 8 humans. Furthermore a system that instead of reporting someone we can honor opponents after a game.
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