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    Hey everyone, I’ll get to the point: We hear that many of the top Be the Zombie players think it could be better balanced. We want to make things better, but first we need to properly understand what changes you want to see. So we want your input on the overall balancing of BtZ. Below I’ve listed some of the variables that determine the balance of BtZ. These are things that we can either decrease or increase without necessarily needing to release a new patch. We’d like you to reply on this thread with: The top three things you think we should increase. The top three things you think we should decrease. I appreciate that you will have other suggestions for bigger changes or additions but please, for the time being, stick to what we’ve laid out here. It will really help us get a clearer picture of how you feel about BtZ. Thank you for your input and your support. Here are the variables: HUMAN UV Flashlight Damage to Night Hunter Duration Cool down time Flares Cool down time Drop attack Height required Grab radius (how close to the NH you need to be to land a Drop Attack) Grappling Hook Stamina cost Cool down time NIGHT HUNTER Damage Tackle Ground Pound Claw Spits Effect duration Cool down time UV Block Effect duration Cool down time WEAPONS (Note: damage to Night Hunter and damage to Nests are separate variables). Short knife One-handed Small two-handed Large two-handed Dropkick Pistols Rifles Arrows Crossbows
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    Be the Zombie Balancing - We Want Your Feedback

    - 2 Tackles - 2 Claws - 4 Ground Pounds Meanwhile, you get hit once with a 2-hander and you either run away or die. That balance, though.
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    Hey everyone, thanks so much for your feedback so far. I haven't been replying to each of you because right now we just want to gather the feedback and listen to what you have to say. But everything will, of course, be taken into account and we'll keep you updated on what happens next. Thanks again for all the support of our game.
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    Music is still playing problem

    Hi, try to set the level ambient music to none in the level attributes : http://dldt.byethost16.com/wiki/index.php/LevelDI
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    Be the Zombie Balancing - We Want Your Feedback

    Damage and values is far from what's imbalanced about your PvP. I realize you asked us to stick to what you wrote, but those variables are something that would be suited for a fine-tune when the PvP is almost balanced and needs just a few tweaks to make it perfect. You need a few fundamental changes before changing values. Here are some of the facts pretty much every seasoned player that knows both Survivor and Hunter inside-out agrees with:
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    Be the Zombie Balancing - We Want Your Feedback

    Thanks for this thread. - Toxic effect during DFA/increase DFA animation time so human stays longer in toxic. What grinds hunters gears? Animation camping, specially after iTackle was removed. Those unavoidable deaths - just because one survivor had enough patient to sit top of lamp post for 10 seconds. And brave enough to jump down on locked hunter. Yes theres ways not to get under DFA bombardment-bait - but hunters energy limitation (I like to think it as ticking clock) sets certain limitations to drive off the campers all over again. When hunter feels like dfa is coming and he cant counter-tackle, he should have chance to take survivor with him with quick toxic-spit. Main idea is not to actually get the kill, usually toxic deaths lead to human revive anyway if hunter isn't around, but it would give NH one way to delay humans trip to nest. Nowadays hunters shoot horde-spit and pray for telebombers when they feel like they are getting rained from above. Sometimes toxic too but it wont kill human unless hes low on HP. This one is problematic because toxic is very strong currently and imo shouldn't be any stronger on normal gameplay. Thats why dfa animation time increase-suggestion. - DFA height required. Got quite few wtf-moments with this one. Sometimes dfa just triggers out of nowhere on very low drops. I'd like to see the day when DFA is hard maneuver and indication of high skill or something, now it just feels so ez trick. - Manual firearms damage. Im lazy and just quote myself: "I'd really like to get slow manually loaded firearms buffed. E.g. I love double barrel shotgun (dat reloading sound) but against Night hunter its like bb-gun. If successfully clearing both barrels to NH would correnspond somewhere near bows single hit damage, it would be good alternative to crossbow." - Amount of autobalance. It just feels so wrong. As I've said before; I rather lose like winner than win like loser. - Claw damage is at good state. I like the knockback too. However occasionally I feel like Im forced to use the NH-booster to survive from insane damage done by double-claw glitch (I really like pyza-suit). So decrease amount... of claw-glitching? On the other side I try to understand why hunters do it and why they find it justified: NH is just powerless af against good team. And most players seems to use booster by default. - Damage on 1v2(?). I have very little NH-experience, but as survivors eyes something feels really wrong in this setup. It feels unfair compared to 1v1/3/4. E.g. if both survivors know what they are doing, its not hard job to instakill hunter after single missed tackle. Nothing else, maybe? Guess I'll get back to this later. +rep ok
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    Ranking bug?

    That would probably explain it then. I did do the main story on my friends save with her. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Ranking bug?

    Human rank can reset when you do NG+ or finish the final story mission (I think), I've lost my rank few times due to those. Anyways, all you need is Underdog which shouldn't take very long if you're experienced human, besides that the rank doesn't really matter. I'm almost sure it doesn't reset regardless of how long you take break, I've taken break for weeks in past and I'm still Ultimate Survivor. I'm sure there's no such thing as seasons either, I think I've been this rank for nearly half year now.
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    Have you linked your docket account to your platform?
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    Wishes and suggestions

    A survival like difficulty would be good too. A limited HUD like you suggested and realistic damage, For example blunt attacks to the head would actually stun and bladed weapons would be instant kills to the head same as guns to virals and normal zombies. Weapons should degrade easier to encourage scavenging. Virals should be greatly tougher to keep the fear of night. These features combined with yours could be very immersive and interesting.
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    Here is some of my ideas and I'm wishing to make the game balanced as well if possible. Next Content Drop 3: "Silent but Deadly", Silencers included. How silencers work and to get them, ok so silencers in different game types like Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid etc. have a bar that will tell us when it will be depleted and not be reused but a buyable item to get. 2nd Idea: General outfits have passive permanent skills, I don't want outfits to be use for style and not be really usable. Athlete: +15 movement speed, Bully: +20-25 unarmed melee damage (Legend Rank Damage Varied), Dirty and Fresh Clothes: Default No Skill, Headhunter: Headshot critical chance increased by 50% (Legend Rank Damage on firearms varied), Juggernaut: Defense Resistance Increased by +30, Punk: Melee Weapon Damage Increased by +25-30 (Legend Rank Damage on melee weapons for one-hand and two-handed varied), Runner: Parkour Speed Multiplier Doubled, Scout: Firearm Accuracy increased by +10-15 (If sniper dlc was included), Survivor: Health Increased by +50, Master Scavenger: Luck of looting items, money and increases lockpicking opening chances, Ninja: Silent Footsteps on Human enemies (Don't know if zombies can hear but be very easy to kill on takedown skills in night and day time, camouflage increase on night time), Special Agent: Firearm Damage Increased by +15-20 (Legend Rank Damage on firearms varied) Urban Explorer: Increases Survivor Sense Range for lootable items, Skins from "The Following" are cosmetic use same for the character outfits, Dragon Ninja: All Melee Damage Increased by +50, Quarantine Demon: Melee critical chance on varied zombie types increased by 30%, Perfect Gentleman: All Firearms have doubled firepower, Golden Boy: Looting money from corpses increases price, Tree Hugger: Increases camouflage in grassy areas during day and night.
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    what should i do with my old dying light

    You could buy the season pass, and you ´ll have all dlc content also The Following Dlc. http://store.steampowered.com/app/335810/Dying_Light_Season_Pass/ It is like if you own the enhanced edition. I mean i have the base game plus the season pass and i have all dlc, patches, features of the enhanced edition. So if you own Dying Light (base game), you can just buy the season pass to make it like the enhanced edition, it will be the same thing at the end , it’s just the price that will change . Assuming that the season pass still can be bought.
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    Another idea for a new game is we start when the outbreak began as brecken/jade and follow theyre steps until they found the tower. And we could see the development of RAIS maybe ? GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK
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    So I have a few ideas for dying light, firstly it would be amazing to have a place specificly made to be 'your' home base. One that starts from almost nothing and can be upgraded using supplies for other things. Possibly add more supplies specifically for building up your base. Things like defenses could be available, although quite expensive. Possibly you also have the ability to be raided by a enemies, like a gang of raises guys (soldiers or desperate survivors maybe too) or a horde of zombies. Second It would be more dynamic if there would be hordes that move across the map, and I mean like dozens of biters and some of them can turn like the ones in nests. There may even be other special types like goons, or spiters. You would be able to spot them by a mini map icon that would be a big red circle sorta like from ghost recon. Now of course there would be a reward in it for anyone brave or dumb enough to get near the center. Which would be possible or hard to do by stealth. Third of all I'd like to see in the following dlc a garage that can be taken over, which could have the ability to be upgraded like said base from number one. It wouldn't be too much of an issue if not, it could just be a safe house. Either way in it you would see bilal, who would be the one that gave the quest. You would be able to build different cars, maybe using your buggy as a frame or just from scratch. It would be expensive, there would be new materials that could be collected, and there would be car parts that you could build or find. I hope you like my idea, and I pray that techland sees this!