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    Prison Heist Complete Details

    Prison Heist Loot Currently, there are five tiers of loot for the prison. Tier 0 is the best loot possible, these will be your golden tier weapons. Tier 1 is the next best possible loot, these will be your orange tier weapons. Tier 2 is the third best loot possible, these will be your violet tier weapons. Tier 3 is when you start getting not so good loot, these will be your blue tier weapons. Tier 4 are the green tier weapons. Tier 5 is the worst possible loot, these will be your white tier weapons. Prison Heist Difficulty Times In order to achieve a specific tier, your time of completion needs to be lower than the maximum stated below. There are different times required in different difficulties. Normal Mode Times Tier 0: 8 Minutes Tier 1: 15 Minutes Tier 2: 25 Minutes Tier 3: 40 Minutes Tier 4: 50 Minutes Tier 5: 60 Minutes Hard Mode Times Tier 0: 15 Minutes Tier 1: 25 Minutes Tier 2: 35 Minutes Tier 3: 50 Minutes Tier 4: 70 Minutes Tier 5: 90 Minutes Nightmare Mode Times Tier 0: 25 Minutes Tier 1: 35 Minutes Tier 2: 45 Minutes Tier 3: 70 Minutes Tier 4: 90 Minutes Tier 5: 110 Minutes Loot Room Times Just like the time for completion, there are different times for each mode you play on to loot. Looting time is also influenced by how many players are in the lobby. Normal Mode Loot Times 1 Player: 60 Seconds 2 Players: 50 Seconds 3 Players: 40 Seconds 4 Players: 30 Seconds Hard Mode Loot Times 1 Player: 2 Minutes 2 Players: 110 Seconds 3 Players: 100 Seconds 4 Players: 90 Seconds Nightmare Mode Loot Times 1 Player: 3 Minutes 2 Players: 170 Seconds 3 Players: 160 Seconds 4 Players: 150 Seconds
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    Console update 1.1.4 out now

    Still no fix for game crashing when traveling to Italy and Colombia. Still no fix for not being able to buy sheep in Germany. The biggest issues still haven't been addressed. C'mon guys! These updates need to be more frequent. You can't release an update for consoles every month. I don't believe for a second this is Microsoft's or Sony's fault, when other games do it in a matter of days.
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    Milk and meat. Maybe sheep next? Mutton and wool. With some orange juice. Lol.
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    Cool. Now all we need are oranges.
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    I was just thinking the same thing. Being able to sell goat milk would be awesome. I grew up around dairy goats, so I'm looking forward to having goats in the game, especially if we can sell the milk too. But I wouldn't mind an orange orchard either, lol!
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    Empty Bailer Function

    True, obviously the current way is more "realistic". I did say I was spoiled by FS17 . Therefore, if we are talking realism vs QOL (I agree, simulators should lean more toward realism), then there still needs to be an "unload" feature for both the bailer and seeder to purge the remaining materials so you can swap out just as RL machinery does.
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    Crop suggestions

    Hi, One of the things I love most about the game is the variety of different crops and how they are tied to different locations. Some of the crops I'd like to see in the game in the future: Tea - As with coffee, possibly tied to a new region, maybe India. Cotton - Possibly in China. Banana / Pineapple - Here, it could be added to the Colombian map, since it's a tropical region. Peaches / Apricots - Maybe linked to Italy. Pumpkins / Carrots - For more greenhouse variety in the USA map. Strawberry / Or any other Berry fruits - Also, maybe tied to the greenhouses in the USA map Nut Tree Orchards - Walnut, Chestnut, Pine, Hazel, Almond... These would be awesome to have. Maybe in another Mediterranean map: Spain, Greece or Turkey... or Portugal, we do have them in here as well Since several maps are already made and finding new areas for more orchards would be difficult, you could have a similar option to change orchard trees as the one you have for the greenhouses. That way, you wouldn't have to compromise on the map layout. Hope you guys give these some thought and consideration. To me, personally, I prefer this type of add-ons than just more machines. It's what gets me invested in this type of games. Thank You, and Happy Farming! Gabriel
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    Over the weekend we released two updates for consoles. Unfortunately, there are still some issues that we are working hard to fix. We’ll be releasing another update to address everything you’re reporting to us. In the meantime: - Please be sure to manually check for the latest update via your console’s home menu. The emergency update we released on Saturday may not have automatically downloaded. - While we are working on a solution to fix issues with existing save games, you may find that starting a new game works better for the time being. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We’re doing everything we can to make sure the game is to the standard it needs to be.
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    Xbox 1.1.4 Kolejna beznadziejna łatka. Tracę już cierpliwość. Drugi save poszedł się rypać... 1. Nadal nie działa misja poboczna ze sprzedażą świń 2. Spadki fpsów 3. Dźwięki ciągników (szczególnie Lindnera) wariują. Co chwilę się zacinają i zanikają 4. Nadal nie mogę wejść do żadnego ciągnika w moim save 5. Grafika to śmiech na sali. Wszystko poza maszynami wygląda jak gry z poprzedniej epoki. Rozumiem że to, że to konsola, ale o wiele lepsze gry z ogromnymi otwartymi światami działają lepiej i lepiej wyglądają. 6. Kamera po wejściu przez koło do pojazdu nadal jest dziwnie skierowana w górę. 7. Jak naprawiliście drzwi przesuwne skoro nadal otwierają się z prędkością światła? Czy wyjdzie w końcu na konsolę jakiś update który coś naprawi noe psując przy tym innych elementów?
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    Farming Fool

    Console update 1.1.4 out now

    No fix on water animations for sprinklers and greenhouse or water tanker. Tractor also getting stuck on minor things, like a flag pole?
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    PC update 1.1.5 out now

    With this patch, Greenhouse 3 is now working.. And the labels on everything, nice touch. Thanks James and everybody!!!
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    Can this even be fixed?

    I doubt that the console can't handle this game, when FS 17 works pretty good with 60fps and with much better graphics. The problem is that the game is not optimized for consoles. It is deeply flawed and very wrong at the core. These updates so far show that they're grasping at straws. I expect these problems won't be fixed not even in the next five updates. They basically have the game still in its beta stage. Simple as that. I love the game, and I'm rooting for it to succeed. But in its current stage, with 60% of the game playable (only 3 locations out of 5 load without problems), I can't continue playing it as well. I'm heartbroken, because there's only a couple of games that have had this effect on me, and I have to stop playing, at least until these problems have been fixed. God damn you Techland/Iceflames!!!
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    So, as of now, I can't load the game in Italy at all. The game crashes every time. Tried to travel to Italy from every map and the result is the same: crash! Tried to start a new game and travel from one place to another. Italy starts doing this even from the start. At first, the game takes longer than usual to load, but it does after a couple of minutes. But, as you start purchasing new fields and add new equipment to the map, the game seems to not like this and the loading times take longer each time you travel there. It seems to build up, right until the moment where it can't load anymore and just crashes. This has to be the most polarizing game I have ever played: on one hand, it has great gameplay and brilliant ideas with a variety of tasks; on the other hand, it's an absolute disaster in technical terms with bugs aplenty. Technically, it's The worse experience I've had in over 25 years of gaming. As a game, though, it's one of the most satisfying experiences I've had in over 25 years of gaming (only Elite Dangerous and FS 17 can get into the same club). All of this, with the same game. How is this possible? My question to the developers: have you guys even played your game? Like, seriously, really play the game like a proper gamer, and see the myriad of problems the game has from the point of view of a gamer. 90% of all these bugs and game-lacking features (real time, high fuel consumption, etc...) could've been avoided had you played the game properly. Such promise with a beautiful game, and yet such poor execution. What a waste of great ideas. There's an update coming, but my expectations right now are very low. It will probably fix some problems, and cause a few others in the process.
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    Artur Lis

    Dlaczego nie mam pomarańczy?

    Wersja Pure Farming 20187 exclusive w sklepie Gemly miała jasno i wyraźnie opisane dodatki które wchodzą w jej skład: https://gemly.com/shop/Pure-Farming-2018-4340000/4340000102 Tak samo jak i wersja Steam w opisie posiada informację odnośnie zawartości. Samo pojęcie exclusive odnosi się do tego że tylko i wyłącznie kupując z danego źródła otrzymamy określoną zawartość.
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    Bozak Horde Difficulty

    Just in case anyone else is struggling, I've found the best way to kill the Demolisher at the end is by using the "Throw Melee Weapon" perk and throwing a weapon right into its head. The same goes for the earlier goons, in fact. But on second playthroughs, it's easier to collect arrow bundles from virals and use those on the goon and Demolisher.
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    Prison Heist Complete Details

    Thanks for the info. I got Guru (solo) on my third try on Hard difficulty. My first try ended in the room of Volatiles, my second run I got lost and lost time. I can confirm that the time limit has been increased from the initial release. It's actually really fun to try racing through.
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    Tractors are underpowered

    Agreed, the JCB, which sports that fastest speeds I know of to date, will run 42mph. If I hook an empty trailer to it, it slows to 14mph and when I load the trailer, it gets even slower. Relogging has not made a difference. This is the JCB 4220 with the Akpril Masse C-1500 counterweight and the Wielton PRC-2B/W 10 Ton trailer. With this configuration empty it still should achieve 42mph, it just make take it a bit longer to wind up, Even full it should achieve the same speed, but take longer to wind up and longer to stop.
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    Tractors are underpowered

    So far, all the tractors in game seem extremely underpowered. I took my Zetor Forterra 150 HD to Columbia while playing the My First Farm scenario and by itself, unloaded, not pulling anything, it can barely go up the hill to the first shed where I'm supposed to pick up the cistern! I would think a tractor rated as a heavy tractor with 147 HP would be able to climb a small hill when it's not pulling anything. I could understand it having trouble if it were pulling a heavy trailer, but by itself? The Landini Rex couldn't even make it at all. It stalled out half way up, I had to drive switchbacks to get it up there. I know it's a tiny tractor, but again, I wasn't pulling anything. I should at least be able to drive ANY unladen tractor up a small incline to get to the blasted shed! I have the same issue in the Montana map too. Even the slightest incline and your tractor barely makes it. I keep wanting an option to pop it into low gear to get up the dang hill!
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    Special Silo?!?

    I had it filled 100% but nothing. But filling one up and wait doesn't take long so I can try again and see what happens or doesn't happen.
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    BTZ Update 04/05/2018

    what on earth happened to night hunter invasions on ps4? I know several regular players who only play btz and we're getting less invasions since this patch. We've been patiently waiting to see if it's temporary, but there's hardly any invasions going on anymore. I tried invading friends and they don't show up on the list to invade. Now that there's all these updates, we can hardly play it now. There's also fewer games on matchmatching when it used to be about 40+ games showed up and now only around 10 games. I missed giving feedback to you all when requested, but my least favorite part of the game is getting hit with uv spit for an instant pounce. And on another matter, I'm a carnivore and I can never and I mean never do that after I get em with a UV spit. Where's my insta pounce? Is that some glitch exploit? We've also gotten taken to other maps outta nowhere and even when we get invaded sometimes. Got pushed to slums and all the safehouses disappeared and the doors at the tower were closed. Please help with the invasions.
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    Special Silo?!?

    I found no option to cover the grass on PS4 to start the ferment process. I don't think it's possible...
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    Empty Bailer Function

    I solved this by not using the baler on the last bit of a field or a grass stretch, which I know won't fill enough for another bale. Simple
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    Auto Save Option

    Since I do not see a way to create an autosave mod, can you please put an autosave option in the game. I have lost several hours due to lockups where I had forgotten to manually save. I would think everyone would like to have the option other than lose hours of playtime. Basically when playing My Farm, everytime I tried to enter a vehicle when I got to Japan, the game would lockup and I'd have to kill it and restart. I'm running 1.1.4. I'm not prepared to report it as a bug yet, but I would really like to see an autosave option with a variable timer user configurable. I myself would like to autosave every 10-15 mins.
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    A Few More Game Suggestions

    Some really good ideas,i Wouldn't say no to any of them. Lets hope techland can/do implement some/all of them.
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    My rice farm

    So the cost of the equipment and time needed to plant rice doesn't bring much profit. Especially with the 2300kg rice you can harvest and unload.. To do something while my cherries grow I have my three rice fields in Japan. To speed things up, I did this: Works well, but time consuming and workers can't do this, sadly... Nevertheless I thought I share it with my fellow farmers! Happy farming!
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