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    The problem with launching all players

    Hello. At the last update, "drop # 1 content" The players lost the client launch button for user games. We have to run the client from the folder with the original game. Please correct this problem, ordinary players will not be able to play custom games due to this problem. Yours faithfully your Frost.
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    Dying Light PC tournament

    Tournament is starting. Spinoza is streaming his portion here.
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    Dying Light PC tournament

    Pete Donnelly ? More Like Pete Downly.
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    Wishes and suggestions

    A survival like difficulty would be good too. A limited HUD like you suggested and realistic damage, For example blunt attacks to the head would actually stun and bladed weapons would be instant kills to the head same as guns to virals and normal zombies. Weapons should degrade easier to encourage scavenging. Virals should be greatly tougher to keep the fear of night. These features combined with yours could be very immersive and interesting.
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    Here is some of my ideas and I'm wishing to make the game balanced as well if possible. Next Content Drop 3: "Silent but Deadly", Silencers included. How silencers work and to get them, ok so silencers in different game types like Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid etc. have a bar that will tell us when it will be depleted and not be reused but a buyable item to get. 2nd Idea: General outfits have passive permanent skills, I don't want outfits to be use for style and not be really usable. Athlete: +15 movement speed, Bully: +20-25 unarmed melee damage (Legend Rank Damage Varied), Dirty and Fresh Clothes: Default No Skill, Headhunter: Headshot critical chance increased by 50% (Legend Rank Damage on firearms varied), Juggernaut: Defense Resistance Increased by +30, Punk: Melee Weapon Damage Increased by +25-30 (Legend Rank Damage on melee weapons for one-hand and two-handed varied), Runner: Parkour Speed Multiplier Doubled, Scout: Firearm Accuracy increased by +10-15 (If sniper dlc was included), Survivor: Health Increased by +50, Master Scavenger: Luck of looting items, money and increases lockpicking opening chances, Ninja: Silent Footsteps on Human enemies (Don't know if zombies can hear but be very easy to kill on takedown skills in night and day time, camouflage increase on night time), Special Agent: Firearm Damage Increased by +15-20 (Legend Rank Damage on firearms varied) Urban Explorer: Increases Survivor Sense Range for lootable items, Skins from "The Following" are cosmetic use same for the character outfits, Dragon Ninja: All Melee Damage Increased by +50, Quarantine Demon: Melee critical chance on varied zombie types increased by 30%, Perfect Gentleman: All Firearms have doubled firepower, Golden Boy: Looting money from corpses increases price, Tree Hugger: Increases camouflage in grassy areas during day and night.
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    Rise of the Phoenix

    So basically every time I fail the run it doesn't restart me from the beginning I have to literally run back to the start point and that means climbing the tower to start over again...wow ok...
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    Custom Hints

    I found an interesting thing about hints. The common_text_all.bin file is containing all menu, objectives, descriptions... of the game. Also the loading prompt who says that custom maps does not represent the core game quality... So, you can mod it with the Dying light bin unpack and repack exe. You need excel to edit text then repack.
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    Is there any way we can see a proper anti cheat engine in dying light? This program has come out called "Infinity" which allows players to mod and cheat in their game and it is being abused in dying light pvp and for some reason VAC security wont detect it. 90% of the time for some reason i cant report them on steam, and it will say an error has occurred. (Not like they will do anything about it). This is possibly also the reason matchmaking in BTZ with VAC secure game on is near impossible. Can something please be done about this?
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    Dying Light PC tournament

    Wasn't sure if I'm allowed to post this here but decided to anyway. I'm hosting a DL tournament for humans and hunters this weekend starting Friday and ending Sunday evening. At first I thought it would just be a small tournament of 8 people but from all the people wanting to join, I had to push those rookie numbers up, now we have two categories Top tier and God tier with a total of 22 candidates. Veterans like Visceral, Spinoza, Vallon and Emtrix are all here. And others are still messaging me about joining. There is a prize for the winners. I'm posting this mainly for Pete and other PC members, if you're interested in seeing how this goes. A lot of players will be broadcasting. We also have a Black Out Event coming up in late November TBA. I look forward to seeing Digital Scapes 1 in our group to maybe participate and I don't know.. support his community. Steamcommunity.com/groups/mutation4
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    Unable To Trade Disaster Releief Packages

    I have played through most of DL with 2 friends. I am generally the better player and tend to out level them both over time. We used the disaster relief packages to equalize our survival levels originally (all going up to the next survival level at the same time) with them using more packages than I did. Then we did the same with Legend Levels. As of this patch, I can no longer give them my disaster relief packages. They had been using theirs until they ran out and then were going to use mine (I haven't used many). I have 43 packages saved up and suddenly today I can't give them to my friends. If I use them I will get 6 or 7 levels more ahead of them than I already am. We can still trade weapons, but when I drop a relief package on the ground They can not pick it up. Is this intentional? If so it's really lame. there really isn't a reason to stop the swap of relief packages among friends.
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    Dying Light PC tournament

    Speaking of, Spinoza created some tournament hype of his own. Hopefully we'll be able to get this thing started Friday November 3rd.
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    Wishes and suggestions

    Homemade suppressors that degrade with use.
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    Pete Donnelly

    Dying Light PC tournament

    Good idea! I'm sure everyone here would love to see highlights from the matches! I know I do!
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    Dying Light PC tournament

    If everyone can put their differences aside.....the teams that can happen would epic. GR8 Idea cantrell...I wish you the best of luck with this comp. Hopefully somebody can record some of this event
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    Okay checked their website and not sure about content drop #0, but the military rifle is now available for consoles!! I just snagged my docket code.
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    The problem with launching all players

    Hi Frost I was having this problem so I posted on the community page in steam and got this: How to Play Dying Light Custom Maps Now Go to Program files(x86) Then: Steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light\DevTools\DyingLightPlayer.exe" Double Click: DyingLightPlayer.exe and the game will start in the custom maps mode. It still doesn"t work through the steam page so I just put a shortcut on My Desktop Steam has to be running when you do this
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    Another idea for a new game is we start when the outbreak began as brecken/jade and follow theyre steps until they found the tower. And we could see the development of RAIS maybe ? GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK
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    I have a idea for a new DL game/DLC. A new map. But more like a extension to slums or old town. Which is the wall gets knocked down by bitters.And infects a new area. It could have military monotoring stations and a it should be available by a story quest after killing rias.And it should have alot of zombies. It could be a new game set after the following either endings. (Ending nuke. It could just be the countryside that was blown up? )(Ending nighthunter. Nothing major happened really.) we could follow the story of a new character. GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK
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    Imagine the Beginning of the Outbreak

    The whole not knowing what is happening would be the cool part. Or caring for those injured then watching them turn viral etc.
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    So I have a few ideas for dying light, firstly it would be amazing to have a place specificly made to be 'your' home base. One that starts from almost nothing and can be upgraded using supplies for other things. Possibly add more supplies specifically for building up your base. Things like defenses could be available, although quite expensive. Possibly you also have the ability to be raided by a enemies, like a gang of raises guys (soldiers or desperate survivors maybe too) or a horde of zombies. Second It would be more dynamic if there would be hordes that move across the map, and I mean like dozens of biters and some of them can turn like the ones in nests. There may even be other special types like goons, or spiters. You would be able to spot them by a mini map icon that would be a big red circle sorta like from ghost recon. Now of course there would be a reward in it for anyone brave or dumb enough to get near the center. Which would be possible or hard to do by stealth. Third of all I'd like to see in the following dlc a garage that can be taken over, which could have the ability to be upgraded like said base from number one. It wouldn't be too much of an issue if not, it could just be a safe house. Either way in it you would see bilal, who would be the one that gave the quest. You would be able to build different cars, maybe using your buggy as a frame or just from scratch. It would be expensive, there would be new materials that could be collected, and there would be car parts that you could build or find. I hope you like my idea, and I pray that techland sees this!