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    1v1 is it dead? Discussion.

    As always you wrote in a lot of text. In this case your words taken as a whole don't make much sense. So let me explain how i see this topic. 1v1 is not for faint-hearted people. If you want chill you can play 2,3,4v1 modes whcih are super easy for humans. When someone plays 1v1 it means he wants a challenge, he is willing to learn new tactics, he treats game like an intellectual puzzle, considering both players are equal in dexterity and reaction time. 1v1 should show who is better player, not please casuals who just want to win without any effort. If you are designing a pvp experience you shouldn't take into consideration what an average players think because average player doesn't know how to play, if he wants to win against experienced players he should get better, not change the other side's abilities so he can have an easy win. Remember people complaining about gp+spit ? With some imagination players managed to figure out how to avoid them, but casual players with lack of imagination were complaining to the point that developer disabled this combo lol Casuals will destroy everything.
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    Complaint / suggestion regarding Content #0

    When i noticed the update i was really happy there was some new content for Dying Light, I downloaded it right away through Steam. Started the game and went looking for the new enemies, in particular the new "heavy-armed" soldiers. When I finally found some (a small group of 3) after about 30 minutes of running around, I charged in head first, dissapointed to find 2 out of 3 had melee weapons. After this I spent almost 2 hours running around like a chicken without a head without finding any more. Seriously guys, when I watched the trailer for the update i expected a fight, a REAL decent fight with some actual resistance. To add something positive to this post, I noticed you guys fixed some bugs, good job! My suggestion would be: - increase the spawn rate of the new NPC's if the player has cleared the story. If this is not possible, increase it for everyone. - to balance the increased spawn rate, increase the amount of items needed to craft / unlock the new outfit. - PLEASE give them guns. Thanks for reading and i hope you consider some of this input. - Hachiigen
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    Tower customization

    It would be nice to see the crew members from the dying light companion app roaming around when not on missions.
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    Tower customization

    I would love to suggest to Techland to add a customization feature to the Tower. That is basically the main safehouse of Harran, it would be great to see features like rescuing survivors and bringing them to the Tower, cleaning up more floors to make room for more, managing the food and water resources, changing the aesthetic, setting up roles for the survivors, Tower-related quests and so on. I think this would add a new level of depth to the game and would give that apocalyptic sensation. Hope you will take into account these ideas!
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    DLC Weapon idea

    oh men thats awesome i love this idea. the sniper rifle would be at the rais tallest building in the final part of the game
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    Tower customization

    Nice idea bro
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    help with phases in between maps

    Yeah, i understand now why you needed two maps. Can you test a underground spawn fix? Just open any spawnpoint and quest hub respawners (black flag) then in their attributes, check use navmesh. Now the spawners will use navmesh to spawn the player and this should fix underground falling player. If it works, you can use the site map for both terrain and site locations. Cause even if you make two maps to fix the underground falling glitch, this will not fix player respawn when the player dies. But if you want to keep two maps, look how i set portal objectives and add new ones to tell the player to go trough portals from terrain to site then terrain. I set the first map as site map so you need to change map order in the campaign script (campaign_custom_workshop.scr) located in your project /data folder. http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/18446744073709551615/517141807565468063/?appid=239140 Put the terrain map on top of the map list.
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    2017 DLC IDEAS

    Hello to everyone who is reading this post i want to give some dlc ideas to improve the game. First of all i would really like to see weapons attachments like supressors or sights that would be found in police vans or you have to craft them (new guns like sniper rifles rpg or any gun you can imagine would fit really god into the game too). It would be also really great to add weapon paints that you can change because its boring always looking at the same grey pistol while you kill the zombies. And the last idea is that you can customize the safe houses like adding guns on it or electric walls idk you will have quests to find the components you need to craft it. Thanks for reading hope you like this ideas and it would be great to add them on the game.
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    1v1 is it dead? Discussion.

    So to comment on the thread title and give my observations as a player who beat campaign recently but new to BTZ as a survivor. I could care less about rank nor could care about others spamming tactics personally. I casually enjoy playing and Dying Light is my favorite. What I have learned with BTZ (1v1 survivor) is this. You will die. You will die a lot. At least initially. So what. Use that to learn, not rage quit and/or give up on this mode. Each hunter has a unique play style (as well as survivor) and each hunter has different abilities - so do you as the survivor. You are forced to learn more than just what the campaign mode offers the first time through - you have to be able to split second switch your inventory depending on the situation, master all the tactical movements, interleaving flares/uv, shield, dodge, grenades, etc. Everything is counterable in some way. If someone is spamming a movement, you grind it out to find how to counter it. But yes, its really hard which is why it is exhilarating, and you become an even better player over time. I thought that the NH was way OP for 1v1, and it is only if you qualify it with the fact that most are untrained for this style of game play initially. Bottom-line for me is that I am newer to this mode and understand the difficulty for others. I spent many hours reading online and researching if it was worth my time to try and compete because things were "unbalanced" or I was always paired with some mid-to-upper ranking NH. But its actually quite simple, you have to master what you have, and master the "chess board" by not giving up the initiative. If you lose, its because you still have work to do. But yes, 1v1 is my primary way of playing BTZ as a survivor and the challenge for me is like crack (I guess) I appreciate it, but If I was a rank chaser and not out to just have fun and appreciate a good solid battle, I probably would have given up or gone to another way of playing (non 1v1).
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    1v1 is it dead? Discussion.

    You're doing something very wrong if ''you've killed the Hunter several times while still on the first nest''. 1v1 is easier than ever now that you don't have to worry about GP-spit, and killing the Hunter on the nest always equates to a dead nest. As for killing the spawns, I personally got back to the good old Toxic Bolt + Tackle + 2 Slices strat, only I added quick grapples in between, canceled into a Tackle to shorten the recoil time after a slice. Does a decent job.
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    New type of spit: Make a hard shell on one of selected nests (need to be hit directly, no spraying on nests). Shell block few hits (scale on weapon type (1-2 hand, knife etc)). Shell can be destroyed only by 1-2 hand weapons, explosives (and goon's attack :P). Shell protect nest from all over-time-damage (fire, toxins etc, resistant to all elemental damage), arrows/bolts (explosive arrow deal 1/3 HP of normal explosion per "boom", direct hit by impact bolt deal damage like 1 explosive, explosive stars 1/3, ofc I mean shell durability) . Extras: Decision between: limit of 2 active shell spits at this same time with normal cooldown or slower cooldown without limit on spit (ofc there is max stack: 2). Duration of active hard shell: No time limit (stay till destroyed) or 1/2min (maybe faster when hunter is dead) Spit not used on nest have smaller explosion radius than other spits and deal no damage to human, but direct/close hit can block all humans movement (including camera), making him unable to make a move for fixed time (let's say he is freezed). (Everything scale with number of human players)
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    1v1 is it dead? Discussion.

    Of course it depends who you're playing and how many hours each side has sunk into the game mode. So indeed, a hunter can seem incredibly dominant in 1v1, particularly if they're using their spits well, and here the game can be less than gentle with folks just starting out. There were patches where casual survivors who didn't play thousands of hours could pose an advanced hunter at least some problems, virtue of being a group. But ever since the game mode moved from being a fun distraction to become an increasingly competitive multiplayer affair, with all of us obsessing on balance, user friendliness was increasingly swept under the rug and those survivors are now seen as having been "OP". I've mentioned user friendliness towards beginners several times to no avail, even if some suggestions from these pages are escalated to a level where they at times do influence the next patch. Apparently the cult following will last forever with infinite beginners flocking to the game. And holistic approaches where both hunters and survivors are incentivized to play and act as a community are absent. With the potential we see the game mode to have on special weekends, I don't see why folks aren't interested to go "Dying Light Total Nightmare": full deal, minimal cool downs on grapple hook and spits, sickest, fastest movement, huge drop kick range etc. I think you get the picture. Make it insane and fun, while leaving folks the option of playing the "balanced version", then we'd see what people decide to play. As far as survivor tips: survivors are their own worst enemies. Move less predictably, try to exert initiative when the hunter engages, always have some escape available + have a two handed weapon ready when you see they're throwing the kitchen sink at you while leaving you no other choice. Take the hit but force them to take one too. Do not give away the initiative, avoid taking routes to other nests that overly expose or trap you and play some hunter. Get the other side of the story as it will help model what the other side is doing/thinking giving you better odds at beating them to the punch time wise. But with the kinds of patch changes of late, it'll become increasingly difficult to say much about general principles of the thing. With less tactics for the hunter to break up humans and the repeated nerfing of both hunter and human abilities for competitive reasons, as I mentioned concerning GP spit combo in other threads, the game increasingly resembles an awkward sort of tag game. Still had fun today, although the folks I tend to play with regularly as well as yours truly, play less.
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    1v1 is it dead? Discussion.

    Too true, i just started the game like a week ago and even if you get good weapons, in Be the zombie as a hunter in 1v1 is really difficult.. it surely becomes really decent in 2v1. Also for some reason in my experience... it feels like 3v1 or 4v1 its again difficult against the zombie. Hard to balance it out since with a lot of practice it becomes better... however it is definitely not noob/user friendly and is the main reason why they also decide to go Zombie it seems? maybe we can check this and try to PERHAPS not balance it out but give more rewards to hunters? so at least is a reason for them/us to keep playing it. Just my 2 cents.
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    1v1 is it dead? Discussion.

    Hello Survivors, !! 1v1 is my favorite way to play BTZ. I am on PS4 -auntmarie33 is my PSN. My advice is to gear up for a match. Have a Knife with Bolter poison for the nests and I can kill a nest in 7-8 seconds with a head level attack, any lower and you get extra animation ( I recently upgraded an Orange Fabulous Dagger with bolter poison about 1600 ish damage (but I am boosted 6x with 1 handed weapons in Legend level, so I get a little extra). MY average match time is 20- 30 minutes. As for stragety in attacking Nests I like to thin out the Goons & Virals first, Remember they DO Not go Nuts Until you hit a Nest!! So attack the Virals first. As they are the toughest, I will get pounched when I am fighting the Virals, but not as much if I go for the nests 1st. So back to Virals they can take 2 or 3 Shotgun hits from afar , just as much as a Goon up close (usually 4 headshots). I have not had much luck with the Exploding arrows (I think they recently lessened the damage). But never forget your strategy. Know the location of the Hunter and his pounce meter ( if full hitem with the Light and then attack 1 viral and then hit your survivor sense (Where is he), I know you have trouble with the toxic spit, but if your health is above 200 you should be able to stand like 2-3 seconds in the spit find a safe out then grapple out. I have more trouble with Horde spits , but have recently got better at running away via watching the HUD display for the late red arrow of a bomber who is more likely to get you. Nests: again I think the consensus for killing nests is the Knife Or Better for me the Dagger with your most powerful upgrades, Bolter poison and your best upgrades- King-King- Brute+ Bolter Poison and a base HP of 1200 or so. Its not as challenging for me now , but I love the head -to head battle with the NH. Spidergamez on utoob and some other good ones have more strategy for killing nests. If you are taking more than 7-8 seconds I would like to know and any other strategy that does it in less time. Ps how many kills in Carmageddon anyone. Me get Over 500 and got a bunch of skins oooohhhh
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    Be the Zombie Competition

    Hi Techland! Wouldn't it be awesome to have a competition to finally found out who's the best hunter/survivor out there? I'm thinking like a football style competition setup, qualifiers, quarterfinals, semifinals and final (sent live perhaps?). Thanks for an awesome game!
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    Map editor on console

    Pawel Zawodny, the development director of Dying Light said they would love to add the tools on console: http://www.develop-online.net/interview/a-killer-year-for-techland/0215342 Who knows, maybe this could be true for Dying Light 2 DevTools ?
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    Enhanced edition different than standard game?

    Enhanced Edition isn't a version of game, it's a free patch, you do have it as there's no doubt. As long as game doesn't ask you to download any updates then you have Enhanced Edition. More info - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=805806338
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    The Latest Patch Issues

    Has anyone else noticed key strokes not being recognized? I thought this was supposed to be fixed, but I'm seeing a lot of missed spits during the heat of a skirmish. I verify the key stroke visually both finger on the key and the spit being available. Happens a lot. I had the same or similar issue before the update. Spits not going off and GPs not pounding. Also, after getting drop kicked I can't always tendril right away. I can get up and start running before the tendril is available. Normal?
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    Night Hunter Spamming

    You are tired of NH ground pound spam ? Well this is what us NH are tired of... this list includes but is not limited to - *Spam of the UV spotlight *Spam of the endless amounts of duped UV flares *Spam of Dodging *Spam of unavoidable dropkicks *Spam of Survivor Sense *Spam of duped cloak potions *Grappling hooks that make survivors travel faster than NH *Shields that negate all spit effects *No penalty to survivors for dodging too much or missing attacks like dropkick or DFA, while if a NH misses it is penalized with instant death again and again. *NH are almost always outnumbered 3v1 *Survivors can render every ability but ground pound and spits useless with the the simple click of a flahlight. Play as a NH and actually see the hell we endure and you will change your tone.