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  2. hey all does anyone know how to add those dark areas from which zombies spawn out of? my idea is so that players flashing their flashlight in the place the zombie spawns can't see anything.
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  4. Deliver it on Nightmare mode for highest possible experience.
  5. After the last update during the cooperative game, I started to disconnect from the game. "You are disconnected from the game" I was not kicked, the Internet is normal, what's the problem? I used to endure it somehow, but now I can not. What to do?
  6. Yes the UV is this crappy but yeah we can't complain all that much when the survivor is the stronger side. Though, sh*t hits the fan when you invade some scrubs with golden UVs then it's a fun match.
  7. 165 hard earned packages dropped...3 points smh...on top of that I think my game is glitched out because I'm not seeing my accumulated night points that I gathered at night when I go to sleep and my rank won't go up due to my night activities.
  8. I had 10 lives on last nest, then autobalance kicks in and I win with 2 lives left only. Very funny techland, 200m away nest, thanks.
  9. Dude, I agree with you 100% right here. Whenever I play against fake apexes or someone who I can easily win against I always get to the 4th nest with like 1 or 2 deaths. Then auto balance kicks in and now they get their spits crazy fast. I would constantly be getting spit smashed or gp spit. Sometimes I would be aggressive and attack the Hunter but surprise surprise, he has UV shield already after just using one. I will admit, the auto balance has helped me sometimes against actually good Apexes but now it made it way unfair for the Hunter and that's not how I like to win, I like to win from a fair game. So personally, auto balance needs to be a bit more subtle like you said because the way it is right now, it can dramatically change the odds of winning or losing from both sides.
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  11. I wonder if that's what royally f's up my games. I lag so I have unbelievable circumstances in many games. I wonder if lag is making that stuff go off for no reason. I literally can't play alone because of it. I get super short UV distances, narrow beams, losing charge insanely fast while the hunter can just dance around me and barely lose half his stamina at best. Not only that, but he regens it instantly. Shine light on him for a second, then switch to fla--pounced. Wtf how did you just regen THAT fast? I get hit for a moment from behind the corner of a tall building while the humans are on the ground and I'm f-ing harmless for like 3 full seconds just from a slight flash. Really messes up any attempt I make on survivors. Oh they got me around the corner, that's ok, UV block, spit, tendril run, spit, they're busy dodging, he's open. Can't pounce yet. :/ Wait for it... wait for the human to kick that zombie and turn around to see me. Ok now I can pounce, except I can't because I'm bathed in UV. Better tendril out of here ASAP because I will burst into flames before I can even get over the fence probably. :/ I had one good one where the guy clearly sucked. I died 7 times through sheer BS at the third nest. Oh I was pissed. Decided to play extra cautious and get to the final nest. 1 run over, the other in a bus. I ran the one over, killed him, then set my UV safezone on the bus so I had a safe path. I went inside the bus and tossed a flare down on top of that, then pulled out a gold tribal knife with bolter poison. This game is over. I go to town, then Mr noob hunter comes in and wastes a UV spit on my safezone. No problem, I got a flare too. He then tosses one inside the bus. I pull out a shield to block it but it doesn't even hit the shield. The spawn stopped it. He's done. I lost. Yeah, turns out he just pounced me right through the UV flare regardless. :/ The reason I say lag can mess it up is because as far as I can tell it messes with game parameters on any game. It has been known to turn off weapon durability parameters so they wear out and break during a match, or my buggy uses fuel and gets demolished because of it when it should be infinite. In other games like COD back in the day it would really mess up the spawn system among other things. If it makes autobalance go nuts then who knows what it can cause. I thought it was strange when a hunter basically slaughters us but then has super fast spit recharge and other things, and we get unbelievable amounts of goons and virals. Like what the hell shouldn't we be given a break here? It's working backwards lol It also affects hunter's tendril and grab actions. I have to tell you super strong UV and other OP stuff is almost ok if you just let me MOVE properly. Nothing like getting stuck on f-ing everything so they can burn me faster with those super lights.
  12. best patches 2018, where no one is happy
  13. 3 nests 10 lives and the uv flashlight is dogsh*t *clap* *clap*
  14. I would love to see the beginning of the outbreak, either through a prequel or as part of these content drops. Imagine the start of the outbreak with hordes of freshly infected virals, that would be a 28-Days-Later-esque horror scenario. It would be a major change to the day-night mechanics, because daytime would be very dangerous, but night would supplement stealth. As a content drop, I could see this being realized as a short questline that really mixes up the gameplay. Even better would be seeing this in a full-on Dying Light prequel. Imagine progressing through the outbreak with the day/night cycle evolving over time. At the start, daytime is dangerous and night acts as a way to stealth more easily. But over time, as volatiles start to appear and the number of virals drop, the day would become safer and the night even more dangerous. This could be set in the downtown city area that we never got to see in the first game. Imagine mirrors-edge style parkour through highrise buildings. It would be my dream game.
  15. I doubt there's really anything that Techland can/will do about it, besides giving game bans which I even doubt that will happen, as there's really been nobody banned from game so far, at least from what I know. If it was a VAC Secure Game enabled game, then VAC should have done its job. However, VAC doesn't seem to work in Dying Light, as I've already seen many cheaters who were definitely using some sort of trainer/script while it was clearly VAC Secured game, are still unpunished even after several months, my best guess is that VAC doesn't work properly in Dying Light, and also that these people will most likely go unpunished, but hopefully I'm wrong.
  16. 美国大学挂科怎么办academic warning(Q1596978662 提供成绩修改服务)在美国读大学挂科多 先改后付 提高GPA修改挂科,作弊记录,改成绩,改学术缓刑,GPA不足2.0,签证需求成绩 众所周知,美国加拿大等国家目前80%的本科已经不再使用hard copy的形式来长期保存学生的原始成绩,因为这样的纸质保存形式对于教授,学校来说都是一种负担,也不利于自然环境和纸张节约,纸质文件本身的可靠性也不如电子备份。一般来说,学生的成绩册教授在学期结束之后只会最多保留一个学期,只有当学生对教授期末的成绩提出异议的时候才拿出来进行校对,同时学生得先向系里面申诉(appeal)并填写相关的application阐述理由,由系里面的director向教授提出查看成绩手册时,教授才会翻看,绝大多数教授在学期结束之后就再也没有翻开过成绩手册,等半年结束之后就直接扔掉了。 目前美国top 100的大学已经基本使用electronic copy 来保存学生的成绩,教授在blackboard 输入学生的各科online homework或者纸质的考试作业的分数后由系统自动生成ABCDF各种grade显示在banner,两个系统是分开独立的也是联动的, 学生和其他的学校行政管理人员都是通过banner(或者其他名称的系统)来查看成绩,并且决定学生的academic continuity是否能够继续。 一般来说某一学期的gpa低于2.0的时候学生会自动进入academic probation(学术缓刑), 如果下一个学期还低于2.0,就自动被academic suspension(学术暂停)了,对于国际学生来说,academic suspension也就意味着F1签证也随之中止,这无疑是跟academic dismissal差不多的死刑,你爸是李刚可能还有点办法,所以最好不要让自己落到这个地步。如果您有需要我们为您服务的意向,欢迎咨询QQ1596978662,为您提供详尽的疑问解答和技术支持。 越早开始,成功率越高,所以请尽量早些联系我们。 我们使用服务器级的数据库修改服务, 可以很高几率(2013年在75%以上,2012在80%以上)修改主服务器和备份服务器里面的数据, 并且绝对的保证安全,不留任何后患。我们非常了解academic probation、suspension记录以及GPA对学生找工作的重要性,更注重学生的privacy和security,您的所有电子和纸质资料我们都会进行保密和国防部标准的文件粉碎shredder处理。 由于非盈利性原因,我们的收费比较低廉,目前我们对部分大的公立大学,比如UIUC,UC系列学校等甚至提供改后付款服务(which means我们来承担失败造成的资金损失风险)。 我们已经有不少客户成功的申请了他们理想的研究所和工作,同时,跟找人写论文(很可能引发plagirism)等途径来提高GPA相比,我们的风险可以忽略不计。如果您有意向,欢迎咨询QQ1596978662,为您提供详尽的疑问解答和技术支持。 另外如果你因为违纪已经进入hearing听证会的调查程序,sanction 包括warning,probation,suspension(indefinite or for a period of time) 或者 dismissal,请联系我们。我们有专门的团队,成员拥有大量和dean of students还有honor council沟通交流的经验,会尽全力帮你进行appeal以及针对hearing进行全面有力的答辩来petition以及规划回到学校的计划,发生这种紧急情况,请紧急联系qq1596978662,3小时内一定专业答复你,跟批量的流水线作业的留学中介不同,我们每场meeting,hearing,appeal都是针对每个学生的情况进行私人订制,我们的资深顾问会专门的和你进行详细沟通。如果加我们QQ后没有人及时回复你,麻烦稍等,我们是全天候24小时提供服务和咨询,全年无休。 适用人群:想转学更好学校的学生, 收到学术警告信的学生,违反honor code被转入荣誉法庭honor council不想被开除的学生,想获得更好gpa的学生,想申请顶尖研究所的学生,想找好的intern工作的留学生
  17. I was streaming on youtube, when I invaded 3 people as the zombie, I knew they were cheaters, so I waited for the right moment. At 4th nest, Crasp (a cheater) killed all 4 nests. Steam Profiles: I also got it on stream. Skip to 2:18:30 Nubling joined late. Dont false ban him
  18. Need to ask Microsoft about that one
  19. There was, it didn't do anything earlier, problem (now fixed) was that it didn't like the skin name being anything but all lower case letters.
  20. is there a field in the fields tab you can place the name of the skin, in the HumanAi object?
  21. So I've been trying to add some of the new soldier AI to a map, specially the balaclava ones. Since there appears to be no separate entry for them, (only the metal masked ones.) So as a workaround I've taken to assigning the soldier balaclava skin to a different NPC. However this resets to the NPC's default skin upon completion of map compilation. Before: After:
  22. It's weak, and it's an easter egg. I believe OP is asking for something that'll be more useful.
  23. There's already a suit in the game called pyza suit that let's you float.
  24. It's alright for free content imo.
  25. It's still uncomfortable.
  26. hold right mouse button (when you have a throwable weapon) and you will see the watch on crane's arm
  27. Hi guys. I have a small request. Please add to the game the opportunity to look at the clock in Dying Light. I have to constantly keep track of time to not get stuck in the middle of the night far from refuge. The game clock is displayed on the tab with the map, but it's wildly uncomfortable. It would be much cooler if it was possible to check the hours without going to menu. Thanks.
  28. Do devs even care about this topic? Of course they don't. The only reason we got all those stupid PvP changes is the free DLC program to atract more people to the game. Fixing speed on PC( because PC hunters are too fast), dev playing his own with a controller because everybody does that on PC, gp spits and instant tackle. Things that were game changers for the night hunters and allowed them to counter survivor in some ways. After the recent patches survivor counters hunter on everything, complete dodge spam that negates all spits, tackles; DFA abuse to insta-kill hunter on every step - devs says you have to plan ahead and expect such things, well with such a fast tempo of gameplay, DFA crows and hook monkeys always appear when the least expected but wait I got DFA'd because I've put myself in a position such like this... (too bad DFA's also clip through walls/objects. Talking such stuff to a veteran with ~2000hrs on the game - Hunter is more powerful than ever before. This is a fact. Such sentence proves the complete ignorance from the sides of developers and truly says that they balance the game not us. +Stupid stastics in %/win for survivors and the hunters. Will developers ever stop looking at % values? It's not the accurate representation of an actual match. I've completely gave up on the game lost whole passion and the thrills everytime I pull something amazing out. Every chupacabra can now do better than ever before hunter just has to accept his faith and die dozens of times over and over again. +The autobalance is a complete bullshit. You either win because you earn'd it same goes for the lost and not win like a loser. I had 1 match 4 days ago. I was playing against experienced hunter with 1200hrs on record. It was a 1v1. I've had 8 lifes on the last nest and I still lost. Not like I lost because I've been over-confident I just lost to fact that he spitsmashed me 4 times with uv spit in less than 3 minutes. Not to mention few hilarious telebombers that are actually GAME BREAKING AND DEVS WON'T TAKE A STEP TO FIX THEM. Did I lose to skill? No I didn't I lost to fact that he took the victory by simply getting help from the game because he can't pull chupacabra out without it. Wasting 90% of the uv light to drain hunter to 50% of his stamina in 1v1 is just hilarious. Both teams have pulled out an amazing jobs (Techland + Scapes) on making such a masterpiece (for me) that I've spent the most time on out of any game in my life, but making such changes that are taking the game wrong direction breaks me down. I hope my comment will not get blocked/deleted and devs will actually take those words to the heart and reconsider any further changes twice. This game will always remain a huge part of my life. I'm really looking forward to see what this game can still achieve
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