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  4. Grafik çok düşük mü? 2017 DEMO ve 01-16-2018 grafik farkı .. Techland reply pls..
  5. Yes. Emotions get a bit heated around here as the mode has undergone both negative and positive changes in the past and it is pretty common for proposals to be posted that are less thoughtful than what both of you seem to be getting at. Right, nobody has to prove they won the Olympics to share notes and opinions; and that all of it can be accomplished with minimum toxicity. In the end, everybody is interested that the game mode be as fun as possible. And while I've used fists at times, I can't say that I meet many players who'll work on integrating that into their play. But indeed, the option exists and for an open world game that restricts all the fancy survivor weapons in PvP for alleged balancing purposes, your play and the questions it raises are an issue. Tackles through objects is something the community found to be a cool part of the game mode's unpolished and gritty style when it was added. But it's not just aesthetic because the ability, with adequate constraints, forces survivors to pay more attention to the approaching hunter, even if they may be separated by solid objects/buildings, while granting the hunter more interesting lines for tackles. This is the kind of "broke" that most folks agreed they wanted. You may want to elaborate on the flash radius idea and show us an example of the perpendicular thing to clarify things. Indeed. My preference would be for more wiggle room in this department for everybody to be able to do their own thing without that fact breaking the game.
  6. Will we be able to plant our own orchards and vineyards. That would be a great feature. And what about corn?
  7. please add in a sniper rifle in the next content drop. I would like to snipe a zombie from a distance and blow off it's head. Also add in a new mini game like the Plant Vs Zombie easter egg, but this time a mini game of Survival. you know where we can bunker ourselves in a house, build walls and barricades and fight off countless waves of zombies getting harder each level, with demolishers, goons etc....
  8. The way I played was finishing all side missions first until none left, then progressed story until side missions appeared, repeat. Never had any issues playing like this.
  9. I agree with most of your post and to clarify: I don't advocate going back to defect stuck spits. But assume somebody wants double hunter play where a single survivor is outgunned. Then the natural thing to do is to auto balance ourselves by limiting pounce and/or spit use. A more vulnerable hunter, as in earlier updates, becomes desirable. My point is that earlier settings could be revived with appropriate tweaking and agreements by players and their play styles. And while I also see that cheating is becoming more sophisticated, a community that stays tightly knit, informative on the latest tricks, how to spot them, and remains non toxic with each other (by reporting the exploits in forums such as this one) will have more of a chance of not being played. I don't judge people themselves that use magical hunter swords or flying survivors. They could be misguided kids mucking around lacking guidance in life, and to somehow genuinely penalize them for attempting cheats while playing a no stakes online game seems a bit harsh/paranoid. They don't know what they're doing in most cases, so I just straight up tell them and in 99% cases, they stop joining games I'm in. It's worse of course, when experts are doing the same because it gets harder to spot. That folks learn how to rely on themselves and their community, relying on self-policing, sticking together instead of ratting others out for duping medkits etc. or just passively waiting for things to be done for them so that "cheating disappears". I'm not really the informer or tattletale type, which is why I think the actual exploit is more useful to the community than the toxic "who did what when". Some folks change when they're informed that they're using an exploit and some exploits, in view of the spit modifications, like look back insta flare may become necessary (not a good sign for game quality this...). Thus, not all exploits constitute abuse of online PvP. It depends on the overall game mode state, abilities, survivor numbers etc. And to folks beginning the game, if you have trouble and see folks abusing an exploit and denying it, look for the exploit in the bugs/exploit thread and refer those players to it (if not making a new entry yourself). That thread is proof of this community's stance towards abuse of exploits and some folks need to see proof of that outside their games.
  10. What about a mobile phone tracker on Android?
  11. I’ve played this game since the beginning and in my humble opinion, this was a horrible move! I get what ur trying but it’s so lopsided for the Hunter that it’s almost unplayable! My friends who play hunters laugh because they know it’s so one-sided now. Insult to injury, many many ppl quit playing this game because of this change. As a loyal everyday player, I hope you reconsider changing back to the original! Nerfing the Human does nothing but piss players off!!! I have many additional comments but don’t want to sound like a whiner...just looking out for the best interest of this great game, so more ppl don’t leave & hopefully, word will get out and the players that left for other games will come back. Thank you
  12. Last week
  13. We can't stress enough that allowing modders to be able to make mods for PF18 will either make or break this sim. There are great modders that will be able to take PF18 to a whole new level. Giants FS would have never made it this far without the modders. This needs to be on the top of you're list. If your looking for a one time big sale you will get that because people are looking for something different. But if your looking at long term sales you need the modders to keep it alive just like Giants FS did. As danplayer01 said ( I'm also concerned that time will go by too quickly.) You need to do something to show that this is something your going to do.
  14. What about Mods?
  15. It's ok, I know both machines will run the game just fine, what I am wondering is if this game will use all the extra resources these consoles provide Just for reference fs17 does
  16. Even when playing noticed and to see in the new video for livestock. I would like to have some smoother transitions when, e.g. mow grass, fertilize the field or harvest wheat and lay straw. In the livestock video you can see it well when the meadow is mowed or the field fertilized. These are so jerky movements. I would wish that something softer, fluently without stuttering. Even when harvesting wheat always fall out at straw storage heaps. Here I would like, as in reality, a continuous straw storage track. And another thing: sheep do not need water? In the sheepfold statistics only food is listed. But there are drinking vessels in the sheepfold.
  17. Ok, my bad. Didn't see the x or the pro behind it. it seems the Xbox One X is backwards compatible. It doesn't seem like this game is made specifically for that system. the PS4 Pro does not seem to support backwards compat. Same story otherwise.
  18. Ok maybe I'm blind or something but all I see is Xbox one and ps4 no mention of ps4 pro or Xbox one x maybe you can point it out for me?
  19. Come on brutal. Do some research atleast. It's literally on the front page of their official website.
  20. I recently got the answer they've always given: they currently aren't focused on multiplayer, but they are aware alot of people want it and are taking it in consideration. I doubt it will have multiplayer on release.
  21. I agree we all have our on style. We play what is fun. That's what we play for. Ya I like a challenge but I also had fun being able to rain death on a hunter but now it is almost impossible. I just want some of the grab distance back. As far as tje other buffs i can handle them. They do tend to overwhelm you with spits sometimes.
  22. improvments

    Although it can be boosted by playing with friends, I'd still like to have something like this.
  23. Here are the crops listed for each location: Montana - barley, rye, wheat, cabbages, tomatoes, plums, peppers, apples, pears, potatoes Italy - olives, eggplants, grapes, oranges Colombia - coffee, chillies, industrial hemp Japan - rice, wasabi, cherries Germany - rapeseed, cabbages, peppers, tomatoes
  24. Will there be support for xbox one x and ps4 pro
  25. I can't seem to find an answer anywhere so gonna ask here ..will there be multiplayer? And how about x1x/pro support? I find it strange we are so close to release and there so little info out
  26. I like pretty much everything I have seen so far, but I do have some suggestions: - I would like to be able to temporarily disable HUD and on-screen messages so I can take screenshots of the game to use as a background on my PS4. - This wasn't in any of the preview videos I have seen, but I read somewhere that rabbits only live for one in-game day. I wish it could be a little bit longer than that. Maybe 3 days. - Lastly, if there is ever another crop added to the game (maybe as a paid DLC), I would really like to be able to grow bananas. According to a google search I did, they can be grown in Colombia. Actually, it would be cool just to have banana plants in the game even if you can't harvest them or anything. Thank you for your consideration.
  27. I just want to say that regardless of who you are/how long you've played, you have no more right to an opinion about the game as someone who has played it for 10 minutes. About you saying I'm a "random player", neither of us have to prove anything, but I've beaten most, if not all the top tier PS4 hunter players... with just my fists. I've been playing the game since launch and shortly after its release is when I started to use just my fists. So before you de-mind me because of my loadout - or lack thereof - remind yourself that this is a video game which has had thousands of players, all at different skills and all with their own styles. If there was only one way to play any game, nobody would play video games because they would be stale and boring. I sincerely hope you can have an open mind about that and trust me when I say that I am a great player - using only fists. I appreciate your advice about playing, however I'm aware of all this and it needn't be said. We're all just here to have some fun but I feel as if there is no fun in being blatantly overpowered. As I've said a couple times now, my suggestions are not all meant to be implemented at once. Yes, I feel a couple are necessary, but for even one of the others to be added, that would just be a bonus. as for the exploits I've spoken of, there's many. To name a few; tackling and pounces through objects, making them impossible to evade. Landing behind a survivor with tendrils to tackle them instantly from the back without the ability to be evaded. The ability to charge up a ground pound while using tendrils. Being able to tackle a survivor from a higher surface, glitching out the screen of the survivor and confusing them. Pouncing a survivor from close range to have the "flash radius" of the hunter be moved to a random location somewhere around the survivor, making it impossible to evade. Being able to tackle while running perpendicular to a survivor, making the hunters animation glitch out, having him not even be facing you, hitting you with the side of his body These are most, but certainly not all the exploits/glitches alike that I see every time I'm playing a higher ranked hunter. Excuse me if some of them are intended, but if that's the case, they should be worked on to smooth them out, so it's not so rigid and broken looking.
  28. Thanks for the reply. I do agree some of the things I said may have been far fetched, but I was just giving many suggestions and ideas that maybe one of them be implicated. What I meant about the tackle, was that the hunter, even after using tendrils on the ground, would have to run on the ground for maybe a second, or half, before being able to tackle. This would be instead of using tendril on the floor while simultaneously holding the tackle button to perform a tackle instantly upon reaching the end of the tendril. One thing I definitely think should be implemented, as you said, is the damage reduction from animations as a hunter. The reason being, after a hunter performs a successful attack, it's impossible to lower his health to empty unless he was previously damaged to low health before his successful pounce. But if you do happen to have that chance, of getting his health to 0 while he's atop your teammate, he's still unable to die. Which is completely ridiculous considering the survivor has no such handicap when it comes to zombie hordes or virals
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