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  2. Yes, you could be right! So odd, a good community service and forum managment is these days a must! And you could say they earned enough money with DL to hire some girl who at least handles the forum, but ok, no prolem. Did read by the way in another topic, were someone did reply from Techland, that they didn't had much time to react here and work on apps because they were working on 2 major new games, beside that DL new multiplayer bad, bad blood or something. This comment was from last month, so good news! 2 new games. Hope a new DL and a new Call of Guarez?!?! Tried to find that topic back but can't find it so quick, sorry. Leon
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  4. Drakorus

    Be the Zombie tournament!

    We are Runners is bringing you a new Dying Light BTZ tournament: This tournament will run on a point buy system for items, auto included items like flares and UV will be free. Explosives WILL BE ALLOWED, this is a game about skill and everything that Dying Light has to offer as long as it's not modded/hacked or cheating. NHers will be using their endgame setup to bring the entire toolset to the board. It will be a best of 3 rounds with the finals being best of 5, loadouts can be changed during match but only if you have remaining points/items that you have already assigned points to but not equipped. There will be a prize pool of 100$ + anything earned via stream for the matches(gonna try to see if I can setup a good way to spectate)
  5. SnowFarmer

    Installing mods

    Here is one of the many I am interested in. I take it all use the same procedure? Sounds like it's one of the many things someone needs to fix, But being this is their first game of this sort they haven't done to bad of a job. Not to mention it is quite a learning curve from the others. Thanks for your help.
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  7. i dont think its on purpose its just typical techland mess-ups and time to fix them unfortunately this is what techland chooses to be: comunity management is practically null, and technical support for their most famous game is also null!
  8. SPYmaps

    Dying light companion

    WOW great news!!!! 2 projects BESIDE Bad Blood!!!!! Am so interested to know which those could be, i hope a huge DLC for Dying Light?!?!?! or maybe even a Dying Light 2 ??????? Would be understandeble, Dying Light has been a VERY successfull game, did sell super, so from that perspective a part 2 would make much, much sence. We can only hope for now!!! Leon (when you want to change your color from white/grey to black or any other color then do so when you type!)
  9. Doomguy told me in another forum that it can be fixed for when you type by changing the color from automaticly to a color you want. I choose red for now clearly. But, can't help myself and think that Techland did this on purpose, why otherwise does this happen suddenly. As soon as you do something else, even one click with the mouse, and the color changes back to white / grey again?!?! So silly this, the forums are already half dead, this will make them even worse?!?!?! Leon
  10. lets try indeed, well, when we then have to choose for a color, then i choose red, hahaha. Good idea of you to change colors here, although this only makes the one you just are tying, And it did go back to automaticly right away when i did something just now, had to choose red again. Can't releave myself from the impression that Techland is doing this on purpose, why otherwise would this happen. Then ofcourse is the question;WHY. The forums are already half dead, this will for sure make them even more unused, (is that the purpose?) Leon
  11. Chickeninja

    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    Why are the fonts automatically greyed out on my end btw? The community is diverse as can be seen by the difference in feedback from experienced players all the way to the feedback of people who have just played a few hours. Experienced players tend to forget that management of a game for the broad variety of users and their different levels of experience forces compromise between their voices and concerns with those of other players; however inexperienced or uninformed they may be. If the community were more cohesive and homogeneous the need for ugly compromises would diminish. It either is or is not an exploit, by which I mean the community and devs have to come to some understanding (or disagreement) of whether the exploit is a valid form of emergent game play or not. If people find such a mechanism to be consistent with the gaming experience, they have come to appreciate from the game, and there is broad consensus that its use is managed responsibly without abuse, then the mechanism should be accepted as a valid, standard, and thus legal move within the game mode. If not, then advocates find themselves supporting a feature that is often overpowered and abused, especially in the hands of folks that don't care what community and/or devs think concerning the issue. And I remember feeling "wow what a bummer for hunter movement" and being part of the critical voices. As for quickening response when something is off: if the community spoke and interacted among itself with more consensus, then it'd be able to escalate things quicker. If the clueless types you mentioned above are not clued in, then their complaints become justifiable: how would they know? And how would the developer not be forced into a difficult and hopeless compromise? TL:DR With bit more calm, will towards cooperation, and understanding whoever we deem to be clueless, we can remove at least some toxicity, need for secrecy, useless compromise or other measures that make the game mode less enjoyable. Give folks access to the mechanisms and histories that affect their gaming experience and ultimately let them be the judge. Clueless people can learn. Experts can become so busy defending their expertise that they forget the big picture or to have fun etc. Both sides need each other and with a bit more vigilance on staying cool with folks, things like sub-optimal patches can be addressed more effectively and with better response times. That is, if we approach things with a cooler head + without always having to call folks names or accuse them etc.
  12. Gheazu

    Installing mods

    Pick a mod and I will make u a photo guide how to. I've install them all on P.C. (they have graphical bugs)
  13. same thing happens here, it's some css rules techland messed up in the coding of the forum when making some changes or something. it'll probably be fixed edit: change the text color from automatic to black when posting will solve the problem
  14. Before all text in topics and the one that i write myself here were black, but now they are VERY light grey, which makes them impossible to read. I have to select text so the surrounding gets blue and text white to be able to read anything. What is the matter here??? I looked if there is a setting to change colors from text on these forums, but can't find it. Does anyone else have this problem, and how to set it back. VERY ANOYING THIS!!!! Leon
  15. Before all text in topics and the one that i write myself here were black, but now they are VERY light grey, which makes them impossible to read. I have to select text so the surrounding gets blue and text white to be able to read anything. What is the matter here??? I looked if there is a setting to change colors from text on these forums, but can't find it. Does anyone else have this problem, and how to set it back. VERY ANOYING THIS!!!! Leon
  16. Thanks Doomguy, yourt right. Really odd, the text from topics and this that i write is almost white, very light grey. Can now sewe what i am doing here and had to select text to be able to read it.?!?!?!?!
  17. SnowFarmer

    Installing mods

    I to have tried to install miods and have had no success, Even using the above mentioned site. I guess I'll just stick with the ones I can buy and what comes with the game itself, The instructions are easy enough but I have to be missing something?
  18. Renfur

    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    I understand that companies have budgets as well as other projects to work on. The issue is they don't really reach out to the community and inform us. They don't actively check forums at all, you would have to flood their media for 2 weeks just to get a single message through and then you are lucky if you get a decent response. That's how we came to the 4/5 updated. Flooded their twitter media until it was pushed up the ladder. It takes less than 30 minutes to change values and test it a little bit. Sometimes they gotta add new code but that is rare as of lately and the most extensive task would be modifying the animations, which is not going to happen often. Most of the DROPs were less than satisfactory as well. Sure it is free content and that's nice, but why ask the community what we want when they don't plan to deliver what we want since they already had the next 5 drops made already? It doesn't't clarify the standing still tackle because it is an exploit. It works similar to the old instant tackle. The mechanic is not intended to be there but it is a very useful mechanic for punishing those who want to wait until you are locked in an animation which you cannot escape, just to dfa you or use some other combo that will take you down to 60 health or lower and force you to flee and repeat the process. If a mechanic is not intended, why would a game teach you to exploit it's mechanics? That makes no sense. Hence why you have to find experienced players who know the exploit and are willing to explain it since there aren't tutorials (because we don't want it to get patched since it is a necessary mechanic). We would talk about it more if we knew it wouldn't get removed asap. We saw what happened with instant tackle, it was an exploit devs didn't intend to be a thing and it was removed once it gained publicity. Instead of listening to the veteran players of the PvP of this game, they justified their update with what the new, clueless players were crying about. "Changes are made based on a combination of 3 things. Feedback from our players (like all of you in this forum) Feedback from our own team Stats (we gather a multitude of stats we can break down in many ways... maps/team sizes/skill ratings/versions of the game/ etc.) Changes are not made based on just one of the three..." Guess they used 1 & 2 to justify the patch. But wait, lets not forget that one patch where Night Hunter would lose almost all of it's velocity when turning 90 degrees quickly. When Pete introduced that patch, he only used his own feedback (They do patches based on more than 1 of the 3 topics listed, right?) on that because he believed PC Hunters should not be faster than console hunters, in return the community came back and gave them a LOT of negativity which led to the patch being reverted. My point is, we don't talk openly due to devs making decisions like the tendril patch. And even if they do patch something in a poor way, it would be like that for months before we get more responses from the dev team.
  19. doomguy

    MapPortal Issue

    open my map, harran archeological site, it has working portals. if they stop working, delete them and replace them dont quit
  20. doomguy

    Mas tractores?

    tractores? es dying light, no es farming simulator
  21. doomguy

    Dying Light 2 Story & Gameplay

    TL;DR wrong forums. this is for developers making custom maps
  22. it's normal behavior for me and other people. i think it's the way they published the tools for us non-techland office based newbs. it seems each time you add something the tools have to re-read stuff. idk. it happens to us all, i think. just know in advance that will happen and think about what you're doing before, and have some patience
  23. Chris_Of_Big

    Crop suggestions

    This game was a great introduction to the genre for me, I’ve not played a farm sim before and spent a decent number of very enjoyable hours on it. I have switched to playing FS17 now as I got that on a great deal on psn, and wanted a bit more variety than PF is currently offering. That and the bugs. I’m keeping it installed and waiting for the next PS4 update though as I’m looking forward to see how it develops.
  24. Chris_Of_Big

    Game Suggestions

    I agree with everything here. Everything about the potato harvest seems to take longer than necessary.
  25. Gabrielmpf

    Crop suggestions

    Yeah, that's exactly the thing. FS 19 is just around the corner and by the time it comes out, nobody will care about this game. They missed a great opportunity to make this game a real contender in the farming genre. Now, they need go back to the drawing board and start anew. I've moved on. But hey, seeing things from a different perspective, I got over 350 hours of game time out of this. In practical terms, that's more than the time I put into about 90% of games I get. So, in the end, I got my money's worth, so I'm not that upset. Pretty good for a mediocre game in terms of technical achievement.
  26. cd_BE

    Crop suggestions

    So basically when that other farming simulator game is out they think they have fixed everything for console farmers... I wonder who will still playing this game in 6 months. I think they should stop with this game for console, and start a new build for console for Pure Farming 2020. I gladly help them test it and write some sort of farmer story and quest to do. I still think this game has potential, but the time it will take to fix this has a pernicious effect on Pure Farming 2018
  27. Gabrielmpf

    Crop suggestions

    Don't count on it. Based on recent updates and how "frequent" they are, this kind of content won't see the light of day for at least another 6 months. I already stopped playing, and only a major content update will make me return, provided they get rid of all the major bugs.
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