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  2. Ok so one of the perks I liked with this game was being able to farm in multiple locations right. Then you realize that workers stop when you leave and there’s no way to check on crops. I feel like if I’m farming in multiple locations I should be able to check on all locations in the tablet. What I hope is that with a future update, still waiting on the first, we be given the option to monitor workers and crops all over the lands we own. I should be able to start my workers sowing in Columbia and go to Italy to harvest my grapes/olives and the worker not stop
  3. Im anxious to see where this game is 6 and 12 months from. Im very thankful that it wasn't released last year. Plus once the mods and DLC roll in....should be very good. Sorry the console players have to wait but thats on Sony and Microcrap, i mean soft.
  4. I got so frustrated because the more equipment and property you own the more it crashes. I can’t even save now without it crashing. I switched over to the PC version it is a lot better but there are definitely still some issues. Workers have no intelligence, example receiving the potato crops the worker can’t dump the potatoes in a trailer when I pull up beside him. I have to get out, relieve the worker and get in his tractor, move the tractor because the dump feature won’t show up until I move away from the trailer and go back to the trailer to dump the potatoes. Then I have to move the trailer and get back into the tractor in order for the hire option to show up again. It won’t show up while the trailer is beside the tractor. What a mess. Needless to say I won’t be doing potatoes again. All that is on the PC version which is suppose to be better but I can say the PC version is head and shoulders above the Xbox version right now. Also why can’t you click a mouse button and then be able to use the mouse the steer the vehicle instead of it only being able to move the camera? I understand it being used to look around but should be a way to use it to steer vehicles also. Keyboard keys don’t have near the procission of the mouse. Hopefully they are working on these. I don’t want to sound like a complainer because usually I’m not just thought I would share so maybe they can work on it.
  5. yes we are.....
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  7. The patches are only quickly for PC. Console framers are still waiting for the first patch...
  8. I hear ya. But im impressed how quickly they respond to our posts and have come out with 2 patches. I too want to see this game succeed.
  9. Yes the ability to endlessly patch games on console is truly a double-edged sword. I do give Techland/Ice Flames quite a lot of leeway with the bugs in Pure Farming though since they've bitten off a hell of a lot with their first iteration of the game and for the most part they've done a great job. If they can back it up now with decent after-sale support for the product it will be a fantastic game and it will get better and better.
  10. Id love to be able "mod" the ingame equipment, i hate to say this, as easily as you can in FS17.
  11. its hard to find games that are released that DON'T have issues on start... its the new norm sadly. Its what the developers do AFTER that, that matters. It seems that issues are being addressed and we are being encouraged to find and report bugs so that they can get on them... not a lot more we can ask of them.. I too REALLY want this game to be successful
  12. I see ALOT of promise with this game, I really do. I dont regret buying it at all but its to the point that every time i play it, i find something new that needs to be fixed/adjusted within the game. I feel they're things that should have been discovered and then fixed during development. Did the development team actually "play" the game? It appears not. Seeing its the 1st farming game they've made, its really good and i want to see it get even better. I write this with the hopes to encourage the makers to keep pushing with this game and get it upwhere it belongs.
  13. Absolutely, I didn't mean to suggest otherwise. I just haven't seen the issue due to my new found love for plowing! I will get bored of it at some point though and want workers to do it for me. The patch apparently has some worker fixes so fingers crossed this will quickly be resolved.
  14. I agree, but these issues need to be fixed ASAP regardless of how you like to play. But leave the Ferti and Seeder setting(Worker doesn't use seed/ferti) Love it!
  15. D'oh
  16. OMG IKR !!! The header trailer for Large Harvestor is a royal pain in the ***! lol You have to use that slow putt putt harvestor to pull it, no tractors.....WTF is that all about?? lol Farming X Games!!! You got some serious hang time on that one lol I give it a 10!!
  17. Don't get me wrong, I think the Pro is worthwhile, but only for games that are programmed to really take advantage of it. For instance, Uncharted in 4K is amazing. I was in a position I needed a new controller and a bigger hard drive for my PS4 so with that in mind, the trade-in value of the old console, and the 2 games I got with it in a bundle, the upgrade effectively only cost me £20-30. No brainer.
  18. For other bugs: Can't seem to buy Plum orchard no. 2... And I have the money! And I have a floating glitch with the Gomsekmash PALESSE CS 2000 header: And on PS4 the game keeps crashing at random times...
  19. 2-3 Weeks was only an estimate and was set towards the end of last week, so it may still be 2 weeks. I wouldn't get your hopes up until a date is confirmed.
  20. I agree 100%. I passed on the PS4 Pro simply because i know PS5 is a lock on releasing Dec. 2020. I play on LG OLED 4K TV so i don't see any real differences that would make me buy the Pro.The game looks realy good on OLED TV by itself. The Pro was just a go between anyways until the 5 gets here, according to Sony. And the 5 will be able to play PS4 games and have 4k blue ray player.
  21. But if I'm not mistaken we enter week 2 now. So only one more week...
  22. I have the PS4 standard and haven't played it on PSPro. But I didn't notice any real difference too
  23. I have PS4 Pro and while it can handle more I really wasn't blown away by the difference it made to FS17, to be honest I didn't notice any real difference. Apparently Pure Farming offers more on the Pro than standard PS4 but I haven't played it on standard so can't comment on that.
  24. Hello, I think 1 or 2 weeks ..
  25. Hello, You can't compare PS4 Pro with PC, but trust me, PS4 Pro can handle more.
  26. Best option - buy the pigsty on the farm and start to raise pigs there before accepting the mission. I don't think the mission cares where you get the pigs from when you go to sell them. Possible option - fill the pigsty by the mission point with fodder before accepting the mission then buy the pigs after the mission starts. Hopefully they will grow to adult pigs before the mission expires (untested). If you have potatoes,dropping them in after the mission starts may be possible (prepared fodder just bugged maybe?), I'd sold all mine so couldn't test this.
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