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    to answer some of your questions Vac has and will not always block cheats as you stated already ...they get updated faster than vac does. Terrible to play on vac for several reasons the one you've already mentioned and most play non vac as lower ranked players falsely report high hour players for cheating when they have honestly been outplayed 95% of the time. There are far more skilled players than there is cheaters...and most cheaters are not skilled's why the are cheating to begin with. Vallon was correct in what he stated with the matchmaking...but i will add some tweaks.......your hunter is most likely in transition. You have become too good for your current tier and are being pushed into the next one with more skilled players. We don't get to see w/l ratio so to judge just look at their hours in game it will give you a rough idea of the skill level. Don't focus on ranks as much just because someone is prey doesn't always mean new player. I and many other high hour players have restarted the game many times just to see how we could do with a minimal skill human. The hunter is not limited in manually choosing a match, it has always been this way.......any hunter of any rank is free to challenge any's why the exp players popup was added way back. If you see the exp players pop up they have way more wins than you do across all matches not to invade them they are not a good match for you. An Apex can de-rank but it has to be very close to them just getting the rank and will bounce between the 2 ranks until win is (more than loss or even). once you have a certain number of wins as apex it will be very hard to rank down. Tackles ....sounds like you need to mix things up a little to land more. No hunter is gonna land every tackle but mixing it up should increase the number you land with success.
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  4. Can we use this app with mobile recorder on Android?
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  6. I disagree. 1. As far as I can see whatever you described about Triple A isn't happening. It's simply magically buying more fuel through your tablet, seemingly instant. 2. If everything can be roleplayed why buy the game, I'll just picture it all in my head. I think there's not alot of management going on if all you need to do is bring up your tablet and buy fuel at a higher cost. Trust me my imagination is good, but that's a bit too much. I've played plenty of simulators and I can distinguish what I need to roleplay and what would actually break immersion. I think the penalty for forgetting to fuel up should be a little more than that. If I was a real farmer and I forgot to tank up what would I do? Go to the gasstation with some jerry cans and fill them up, cursing myself on the way over and back for the lost time. I think saying "just roleplay it" is too easy. Add a little depth to the whole mechanic if you're gonna put it in. Make it feel like fueling on time matters and is a bigger part in the routine than "Oops I forgot to fuel up, better alert the magical Triple A to instantly fill my tank up".
  7. I disagree to a point and here is my thinking- Let's assume that the fuel you order on your tablet is the same as calling a Tow Truck or Triple AAA (Or whatever the local farmers use in the regions depicted)- this would have someone come out to refuel you and hence the "More cost" reason. It would be great to see a small fuel truck come by and fuel you up- but even if not you can still role play this is what is going on. A big part of most simulator games is role play- you are assuming the role of something or someone. You can easily carry this further and "Role play" said refueling. JMO
  8. What an informative thread. Great to hear that people are having fun with the changes in new ways. I say this without irony: people should post videos of these games where they enjoy playing as the challenged survivor against.... what? The kind of casual players folks make fun of? How is this not a surprise? It appears that when many folks say they want balance, they mean they want an overpowered night hunter, which is the opposite of any conception of "challenge" that I am familiar with. So why did we reign in GP spit combo (obviously overpowered) only to increase spit radius and blast to this extent? This seems to bias the game more towards spamming spits indiscriminately. I'm not sure why this is a better state of affairs than permitting the spit combo. At first glance, the play is even more transparent and predictable: hunter engages with spits and shield and will be rewarded disproportionately for less accuracy. And I say this as somebody who thinks the damage modifications to hunter seemed fair and measured. Increasingly the balance discussions in general -in many games- seem a fine a way to keep people hooked and engaged with sub optimally tuned games while skimping on testing to milk community feedback. That's why I won't get into details anymore and state only the obvious: the amount of work, precision, and effort a hunter has to invest to win isn't equal to what is expected of survivors. As to all the positive testimonials: I'm happy for everybody but would offer some perspective on all the love... for some of us do realize that we wouldn't be in a place where our hunters feel a new dawn emerging if the game were balanced. And if we're happy today the only thing this guarantees, is that come next patch...
  9. ergh..which updates should we uninstal?! or software? man, the amount of dont-give-a-shitness from techland is a real turn off!
  10. you mean the game crashes, as in when you test the map by hitting play? it could be an error in the script or a damaged asset - try an empty map, place a spawner and see if it crashes also.
  11. Hey everyone, quick update for you: today we’ve returned Survivor Sense to how it was before this update. We really appreciate all of the feedback you’ve given us since the update and we’re reading all of it very closely. Balancing an asymmetrical game mode like BtZ is a challenge, but your input helps us immensely, so thank you. Right now we’re reviewing everything you’re telling us, and we’ll of course keep you informed of any more changes as a result.
  12. Regarding the fuel management: Being able to buy fuel directly from your tablet seems a bit silly, even if it's more expensive. It really breaks immersion and once you're loaded you'll never have a reason to drive over to town. I'd rather have an option to drive off and fill some jerrycans instead. The loss of time is a far better lesson than spending a bit more money on fuel and doesn't break immersion. In all honesty the current mechanic seems a bit.. lazy.
  13. James, can we expect an answer on the possibility of multiplayer as well with that information?
  14. Great to hear it, thank you. We'll be sharing more info on the game modes very soon, and then details about mods will come at some stage after that. Stay tuned!
  15. fabulous I am very impatient to see more content, for example see the function of mod as it will be, see the form of the missions, different details more machinery that will be added not very impressive until the moment open and wait to see how it is optimized in console
  16. Hi Kareem, sorry you've been having problems with this. Please send an email to our support team at so that they can help you out.
  17. Apologies for my fellow PlayStation buddy @EpikZounDz he sometimes types before he thinks, he certainly has a point and I'll do my best to clear up most of the things he said and give my own take on this update. Not all of us on ps4 find this update as annoying as others its pretty challenging and definitely demands a lot more from players. I do believe this update is just far too late though and that might be the reason why so many people hate it atm, being that most people have adapted to all the other minor changes and this is the biggest one 3 years into the game its a big change at a late stage...Although this update has definitely inspired a lot of hunters, and maybe even 'revived' the game invasions are much more frequent these days in comparison to any other update I can recall. Hunter is slightly overpowered with how quick spits explode especially on ps4 as we have auto-aim so its really easy to get a spit relatively close to a human, and if its relatively close and the speed of the spit exploding is decreased then simple math determines most auto-aim spits are going to hit this makes it increasingly difficult for humans. I do think auto-aim needs to be addressed on the console, why a setting as powerful as auto-aim is an option still bewilders me.
  18. So I was playing as a zombie this guy tells me hes a hacker so I turn on a video he clearly has god mode and as soon as he finds out I am recording he leaves Steam: Proof:
  19. Last week
  20. Hi had a couple of questions regarding the game: 1. Will there be online coop/multiplayer? 2. Will there be AI besides hired help? In other words will there be an AI community, like farmers (farmers usually rely alot on each other) and producers of goods etc around to interact with? (Would be fun to be able to drive product over to a producer directly or head into town for stuff). 3. How in-depth and engaging will the farming life cycle be? Will there be a dynamic seed market etc which influences your crop selection? Maybe you want to invest in a wider range of lesser quality crops and go for quantity or focus on a single high quality crop. It would also be fun if you could take on challenges and contracts. For example: say with a supermarket to produce x amount of product x with a quality rating higher than x. And maybe the ability to generate your own seed lines say if you have a particulary good yield or good quality of crops some time and want to save that for later. It would be interesting if you could crossbreed crops to get them to share characteristics and create the perfect crop. Organic vs non-organic Mechanics like that would really add some depth to the game.
  21. Hey everybody, first of all, i'm new here and to DL modding. I've been modding CoD zombies for about 4 years now (mapping, scripting and animating), and i'm looking for something new as i'm not really charmed of BO3. I installed the DL tools today, and watched a few tutorials. Started a new project with the tutorial map, and just to see if everything works i tried to play it. It doesn't work, the game crashes immediately. I'm not getting any errors. What could i try? Is there anything i need to compile/convert/build before i'm able to play my map? And how would i go about debugging this, and finding out what the issue is? If anybody has any good tutorials to get me started that's welcome as well, i noticed the ones from techland are a bit minimal and dont rlly go into a lot of details. Blunt
  22. I can still beat hunters without it xD Bypassing the patch is one thing but theres alot more i can do buddy
  23. So you're basically going to cheat over a patch that you deem unfair because you're incapable of adapting and finding new ways to play? Well you do you I guess; just shows how much of a "player" you are.
  24. Well you can thank Greywolf for the bypass glitch
  25. Hunter is the underpowered side my guy, it has been always been this way since early 2015. +Your way/method to "bypass" current BtZ tuning is a way to get penalized. This patch was not ment to promote human players nor hunters, it was ment to balance things out between both sides of the barricade, infact it did a pretty good job at it. Most of the stuff that got changed allowed hunters to stand against the odds of 4v1s/3v1s with experienced players. "Consels"... I heard not many veterans complain on any of these changes yet.
  26. Hey everyone, Here's the first in a new series of videos we are working on, taking you a little deeper on some of the mechanics in Pure Farming 2018. Time management is very important in our game. Many tasks can be completed instantly via your tablet, but it usually costs more than firing up a machine and doing the job yourself. This applies to fuel management -- keeping your machines topped up with regular visits to the gas station will save you money vs. refueling using your tablet. Let us know what you think and look out for more videos coming soon.
  27. Great news. Thank you. A very important feature and great that it will be included in Release. I'm looking forward to more details.
  28. Hey there, we will be supporting mods - and we'll be sharing news soon on exactly how that will work. This is a partial list and we are always talking to new manufacturers to get them on board. We're also planning to add new machines after launch. So while we can't mention brands that we are still in discussions with, we can tell you that's we're adding more to the game all the time. The game will be available on disc for all platforms on the same day - March 13, 2018. You'll be able to buy it at all the usual good retailers.
  29. The only thing about this update is survivor sense while every balancing is welcomed the survivor sense update is kinda buggy because humans can now just spam sense and have constantly nh on the radar idk if that was intentional from the dev's or not but personally its like the update was never realeased that's related to survivor sense.
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