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  2. it just sort stays stuck in the middle and when i try to move it, it slides that direction for a bit but snaps back to the middle and i have no idea whats causing it as it randomly just happened. this is stopping me from working on my map as i literally cant move my viewport :/ - Some people on the steam discussions already tried to help but everything suggested didnt solve the issue unfortunatly, was wondering if there is any devs overlooking the forums that could point me to a cause? Link to Steam Discussion with all things tried/suggested:
  3. I added this script found in Dying Light Data0.pak data/presets and aispawnbox.pre.def file in my project, inside the data/presets folder (i added all spawnbox scripts too) then , i modded the script to add a new aispawnbox preset like this > Preset("Custom_HumanFirearm") { SetField("m_AIPresets", "Custom_HumanFirearm"); SetField("m_DiffLevelTables", "Shooter"); } Preset("Biter") { SetField("m_AIPresets", "Biter_Man;Biter_Woman"); SetField("m_DiffLevelTables", "Biter_Man;Biter_Woman"); SetField("m_BeforeSpawnSoundStartRange", "40.0"); SetField("m_BeforeSpawnSoundStartRangeMin", "13.0"); SetField("m_MinAIsToMakeSound", "4"); SetField("m_SpawnerBeforeSpawnSounds", ""); } Now, you need also to mod your HumanAI.pre file inside your project/data/presets folder. Add a new Preset id like this >Preset("Custom_HumanFirearm") { SetField("SkinName", "Default"); SetField("m_Boss", "0"); SetField("m_ConflictSide", CONFLICT_SIDE_COUNTER_PLAYER); SetField("m_ConsiderGroup", "1"); SetField("m_CrippleBonesEnable", "1"); SetField("m_CustomDataPreset", "shooter"); SetField("m_CustomLootType", "DeadBody_Human_Firearm"); SetField("m_CutOffBonesEnable", "1"); SetField("m_DialogCharacterType", "4"); SetField("m_DialogSpeakerName", "none"); SetField("m_FaceMimicPreset", "Angry"); SetField("m_ForcedBodyScaleMax", "1.07"); SetField("m_ForcedBodyScaleMin", "1.07"); SetField("m_Gender", "0"); SetField("m_HeldReleaseTime", "5.0"); SetField("m_IsVip", "0"); SetField("m_KnowledgeBasePreset", "shooter"); SetField("m_MaxLevelDiff", "4"); SetField("m_MinLevelDiff", "4"); SetField("m_ModulesPreset", "shooter_flashlight"); SetField("m_MustHaveTags", ""); SetField("m_MustNotHaveTags", ""); SetField("m_NeverHolsterWeapon", "1"); SetField("m_PlaySpeechedWithoutRayTest", "1"); SetField("m_PrimaryWeaponName", "Extractor"); SetField("m_PrimaryWeaponProbability", "100.0"); SetField("m_Seed", "0"); SetField("m_SoundPreset", "MaskedBandit01"); SetField("m_StepPreset", "Soldier"); SetField("m_ThrowableWeaponName", ""); SetField("m_VisRepresentationsPool", "Raise_Gang"); } Now the HumanAI.pre file is creating a new preset and the aispawnbox.pre.def file will link the Preset to the AiSpawnBoxNumber with this code SetField("m_AIPresets", "Custom_HumanFirearm");
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  5. Aispawnboxes are spawning humanAi. Every single human or zombie that moves in the game are humanAis. It ´s just that the humanAi class is not a spawner, so spawners are generating humanAI . Just need to add a new preset to the aispawnboxnumber, i made this and it works, it is a little complicated to explain. Anyway, i guess you may not be able to use a preset phase on some aispawnboxnumber. But you can create custom aispawnbox types.
  6. Dzień dobry, mam problem z Dying Light Companion. Nie dostaje paczek które wysyłam. Kwatermistrz posiada tylko przedmioty które można odebrać co rano. Potrzebuje pomocy co mam zrobić. Z góry dziękuję. Paczka wysyłana na PC
  7. there is a few phases that say "preset" but the ones i found are for HumanAI - was hoping to change the AISpawer waves there is ,spawn-ai that apparently can take the AISpawnBoxWaves as a setting but i don't know how to make it work or if it even works - it's in the original game files but commented it out.
  8. matchmaking

    So i'm a dying light player with roughly 200 hours on the game with little knowledge about the BTZ game mode or other known as the PvP side of the game. When i play as the NH, i'm either getting matched with people with over 1000 hours in the game, or someone that just bought the game and has maybe 10 hours max. And when i'm a survivor taking invasions, its the same concept. I'm never getting matched with people at my skill level. I'm getting sick and tired of the matchmaking with people over 1000 hours, and i just feel bad playing against people who have absolutely no idea whats going on. I mean, whats the point in having ranks if they aren't gonna be used in how you match with other players? Another problem i have while playing as the survivor is having a hunter join in multiple times after beating me to farm as much exp as possible, or just to be a total chupacabra and troll me. This mainly happens when i'm playing with multiple people, and it really gets on my nerves because sometimes i want to play with other people and learn how to deal with other types of play styles, rather than playing against someone with the same one over and over again. Techlands, if you see this post, please do something about it.
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  10. I heard they were banning hackers. Is it still happening now?
  11. I know you want to change the spawnbox zombie type live or afterward but the only thing i know you can change live is the conflict side with a quest phase. Maybe there ´s a phase to change the spawn box zombie type but?
  12. I never did zombie waves but i thought you could do multiple waves with one spawn box? So if it is the case, just place as many spawn boxes as the needed zombie types then, activate waves when you need any kind of zombie type wave. But i guess you ´ll have to trigger the waves somehow and this is the tricky part. As i see here you can use one wave spawner for multiple waves until they are disabled by a trigger or quest.
  13. You could buy the season pass, and you ´ll have all dlc content also The Following Dlc. It is like if you own the enhanced edition. I mean i have the base game plus the season pass and i have all dlc, patches, features of the enhanced edition. So if you own Dying Light (base game), you can just buy the season pass to make it like the enhanced edition, it will be the same thing at the end , it’s just the price that will change . Assuming that the season pass still can be bought.
  14. I sended a support ticket request to Techland support. Their answer: » Thank you for your feedback - it has been forwarded to the dev team for further investigation. As soon as we have more information about the issue and potential solutions, we will let you know. It is also possible that upcoming patches will address the issue you have been experiencing. Lastly, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused. Best Regards Techland Support » So people could send support ticket request to Techland for this problem too. Go here and click on the « + » icon to ask a support ticket:
  15. anyone know if this is possible to do in the developer tools? rather than placing 20 or 30 wave spawn boxes, i was trying to place just 4 or 5 and enable and disable it, and in between change the ai preset to another type of zombie. anyone know how to go about doing this?
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  17. i bought dying light when it first came out but after a year DL:the following enhanced edition came and it comes with the original dying light. if i want to buy the enhanced edition what will i do with my old dying light since the enhanced edition already comes with the original dying light?
  18. Found the answer on the steam community How to Play Dying Light Custom Maps Now Go to Program files(x86) Then: Steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light\DevTools\DyingLightPlayer.exe" Double Click: DyingLightPlayer.exe and the game will start in the custom maps mode. It still doesn"t work through the steam page so I just put a shortcut on My Desktop Steam has to be running when you do this
  19. Could we get some time frame idea? Why is PC taking priority?
  20. Hello Techland. You guys did very good job with content #0. Performance is much better now (on ps4) and i think visual a bit too. But that respawning time for that soldiers is really bad. If you want from people to play your game you must give them more action. When i was looking for them i spend few hours to find 13 yellow boxes which i dont know what are they for (just for outfit? and what about then? i think it will be something more in next content drop... i hope so) When player running around the map and he met this soldiers he is forced to fight with them becouse they are strong and they are able to kill him easy but when they will spawn one time per hour its sad... five groups around the map per hour will be great. And what about that Kuai Dagger (time trial)? I am huge gamer guys but this trial force me to think that i am just a little child...Did you guys tryed it on console with controller? (NOT PC WITH CONTROLLER !!!! PC HAVE 60+FPS CONSOLE NOT !!!!!)My character have all abilities and i did everything perfect until that tower on the end and it's impossible to get up there in time... PC is different than console... Looking around in game is easy and fast for PC not for console players so YOU SHOULD TRY THIS ON PS4/XBOX1 with controller in time 2:50 and ANSWER me how good you was. I am your fan guys and just want to help you... do not be mad on me ok... And last thing... 2 months ago i sent you an idea for CRANE STORY on this website and really wanna to know if you considering my idea... just a little ANSWER (privately if its necesery). Thank you and keep up in good work on this great game. Good Night & Good Luck P.S: I think i am good in english language but if you are was considering Czech localization then my opinion is YES.
  21. well, i know which game developer (and publisher) to start avoiding from purchasing any more games now. still i like the tools and am gonna keep building maps until they flat out remove it from steam, for no other reason that they suck. i really hope they come to grips with what they have in their (still active) community, and not throw everything away.
  22. It seems that Techland forget the custom maps Community, even if it is small, so much effort was put into creating hundreds of maps in more than 50'000 hours of work or even more. So please, update the game to let people play custom maps again. Also fix the map list window (just two lines of code) and make this window available from game menu too so that thousand of people will know they can download and play hundred of custom maps instead of 4 of the best maps. And thanks Gedsher to explain how to start custom maps. Edited because i was upset about the situation...
  23. Hi Frost I was having this problem so I posted on the community page in steam and got this: How to Play Dying Light Custom Maps Now Go to Program files(x86) Then: Steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light\DevTools\DyingLightPlayer.exe" Double Click: DyingLightPlayer.exe and the game will start in the custom maps mode. It still doesn"t work through the steam page so I just put a shortcut on My Desktop Steam has to be running when you do this
  24. Hello. At the last update, "drop # 1 content" The players lost the client launch button for user games. We have to run the client from the folder with the original game. Please correct this problem, ordinary players will not be able to play custom games due to this problem. Yours faithfully your Frost.
  25. My friend and I have been trying to join each other on xbox Dying Light non stop since 16th of June 2017, it's now October 19th. Every time we try joining each other, it pops up saying the session is no longer available, we have hard reset our consoles many times, both ways, and we've made sure our NAT settings are both open. We can join others (other friends and strangers) but it never lets us play. If anyone has any suggestions that isn't to hard reset, uninstall or deal with NAT settings, please share.
  26. Sorry but the closed beta tools are not available anymore cause it was a steam key and now it ´s not downable anymore i should have made a backup but the tools are way better than before just some features were removed like fbx exporter and minimap but for other things it is better now. Now for rpack archives they seems to be zlib type but the only partial unpacker was made for dead island and you could not extract msh models with it, just textures and scripts and maybe some sounds. There ´s many free models to pickup on the net so maybe this will be easier than ripping Dying Light meshes. But one day will come when you learned ue4 when you will need to make or buy meshes if you want to sell a game cause many free meshes are stolen from games and all your efforts could be ruined if one day your team would sell a game that contain such models. So as i heard, once you become skilled in ue4 you probably will need to work with a team if you plan to create a game then make other better games that could be sold. So it is a good idea to pickup meshes and learn ue4 for now
  27. Same thing for me when linking to xbox today, got the old trusty, but not the rifle, snd ofc...cant try a second time
  28. Hey there. Hate to bump something old but this very same issue applies to me. I linked my account to ps4. I registered the docket codes. Old trusty went through to the quartermaster. The harran rifle didn't, but i can't run the code again. So I have no way to get it now. The strange thing is that the rifle registered twice for me. Once for steam (which I don't have) and once for console. Any help is appreciated.
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