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  2. I've been trying to find some help getting the Korek V2 blueprint. If this is the wrong place I apologize I've just been trying in a few different places with no returns. Trying to get all blue print and really like the Korek. I've tried soloing it but I'm too slow I guess and the jugs keep despawning. Anyone know anyone or any place I can look for help?
  3. will you add wallrun it would be cool
  4. Not in all places. And as I said in the generation stops at the same place.(seen in the picture in the .bat window)
  5. ARG and better crafting/weapons upgrades.
  6. do you see the navmesh on the ground? did you turn it on? zombies only walk on the navmesh (that blue colored area of the floor)
  7. Turn off firewall for IPv6 through modem and it will let you connect. Did it just now.
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  9. Hello! I had a problem with the navmesh! He comes to one point and stops Left for 7 hours and has not reached the end Maybe someone had the same problem?
  10. Or a hang glider....
  11. The armour thing may be a bit too OP. The tank thing can be bad if it was set off with a GP, because then you'd die possibly performing any attacks nearby propane or barrels. Maybe if the claw only set off propane as if a human slashed it, not the GP, and the same with red barrels. If the claw does it then you can potentially come in to GP people in the slums, turn and claw a tank and escape, then get a kill if they happen not to notice it going off. They have the same chance to try and set one off and hope it hits you. As for barrels, they'd have the advantage in being able to set it off from afar, but in a no win situation (cornered, out of stamina), you can potentially take them out with it, but it would be 100% suicide. In some cases if you knew a barrel was below and you fell off a roof, you know you're gonna be DFA'd, you can claw a barrel and deny them the kill, possibly take them with you.
  12. no idea. i haven't messed about much with weather. hopefully someone else can help you. in the meanwhile, do a search on the forum about weather, if you haven't already. good luck!
  13. So, in the Arena tutorials, in the first one they changed the weather through the Varlist. But when I do it, it doesn't work ingame! Why? Could it be a setting in the developer menu ingame that I turned off or something?
  14. I'm not quite understanding what your saying?
  15. Good ideas that mesh well with the narrative and character design: both the armor and the propane/gas ones. Every experienced crow survivor waiting for DFAs multiplies routes/attacks that hunters can't make. With 2v1 there is still some room, but above that it becomes harder to complicate things. And more gas tank stuff sounds fun if calibrated in such a way that the game mode doesn't change excessively into explosives assuming a dominant role in the play, what with remembering, placing, timing hundreds of traps etc. Doesn't the hunter have a lot of gas naturally, with all his organs decaying and eating too many survivors?
  16. i don't know much about changing weather nor scripting weather but there's a phases to control time: ,set_day_time as for weather, maybe go through a few maps and see if anybody's changed the weather on their map, and try and see how it's done. (you can open other people's maps, after subscribing to them and downloading them from the workshop. open the dev tools after, and look at the list of maps in the dev tools start window. both your maps and subscribed maps are on there. press install when a map is selected, to install, and there you're able to open the map) have you seen the devtools offical tutorials? in this vid they use different weather, maybe find out how they changed it in a previous vid
  17. Could it be a setting in the playtest mode or something I am doing wrong?
  18. So, I've been looking everywhere in the Developer Tools to find a way to change the weather and time of my map, and nothing! I change the settings under the "Varlist" tab and I noticed that it's only for when you are editing and building the map, not what it actually is ingame. I went to the "Objects" tab, clicked the map, and found that weather settings are in there, but they don't do anything in game. I even went and created my own script for the weather and it still didn't work! Please help me out here.
  19. I just found out about the new DLC drop today. I started my game and saw the new video advertising it. I've already completed the game and The Following as well some months ago. So when I went to play in Old Town, a screen popped up, saying it was going to change my settings and all. I panicked at it, and clicked no. BUT, now I'm thinking that's how to get the new DLC that's just been released. I've been playing for about an hour in Old Town, and haven't seen any new enemies, or the new goon yet. Is there anyway I can go back and get the DLC now? Please let me know!! I love this game, but I am truly craving to play some new content in it!!!
  20. Last week
  21. That UV block idea would be good, and it comes at a cost. If it ended in the human death then people would complain but if it just prevented the lock in from working then it would be useful in 4v1 encounters. May even result in human fall deaths if they attempted the DFA from too high up. I also wonder why a hunter can't claw a propane tank or GP a barrel resulting in a self death but possibly taking humans with him as well. Not sure if that would be chaos or not but I thought about it.
  22. Yeah they should even it out and make healing slow like 'Hard' mode for Invasions no matter what mode you're on. The rest is about the same regardless due to other balances. I have noticed my hunter being even slower than usual. I can't even really tendril run lately. I do it and if I try to turn I stop running. Even going straight I'll run a short distance and then slow right down making it difficult to do around survivors/flares/UV. I can't even chase a buggy now because instead of doing it for a few seconds at speed and then jumping into another tendril run, I just tendril run for a second and slow right down suddenly while they zoom off. If it's just more lag than usual then whatever. If techland changed something then I'd say they need to fix that. I rarely get killed by a cross bow. Even exploding arrows are a bit dodgy since most of the explosions have to hit you. If you keep moving erratically then it's very difficult to line up. The only way to snipe you at full speed would be to have auto aim and one hell of a good connection to make it work.
  23. game is slow in ps4 and if you want to gain speed need to do some timing tendril runs or hunter just stop lol. I was playing human few times and I realise something. In 3v1 I drain energy of hunter alone with a little more of half uv. This happen thanks to auto aim. That's why hunter get drain that fast because 2 or 3 or 4 humans auto aim with uv haha. Some of good humans use auto aim to shoot me with crossbow. I don't have other explanation how they shoot that good with this controller with this lag. Every game I join have lag, but game is so slow that is not look like lag. Look llike is normal AND pls pls pls patch this normal diff. Healing need to be gaining healt in time like HARD or NIGHTMARE, not instant. PLS patch this. This is online pvp not single player to gain 200 healt for 2 sec. In that laggy console versions with slow hunter its hard to finish some human who have 10 healt and gain 200 healt for no time !!!!!
  24. Try to uninstall and installing again dying light and the following, is the only thing that might help you, because that has happened to me in other games and it fixes them. P.D: ┬┐Are you on psn or Xbox live? (You know so we could play, maybe) EDIT: oh, I just saw you're on psn, lol
  25. Hi I'm on Xbox one too my gamer tag is DavidMVelazquez (I don't have mic and for some word reason I can't send messages). Add me if you want to get the mask. Ah and to get it you have to be host; it doesn't matter if you do it with only two people or three, as long as you are the host and win the final trial.
  26. Thought this might get some laughs.
  27. like i said, remove the quests to see if they are crashing the game. (copy them onto a empty text file, so you can copy it back) 2. remove the FX's that are giving the errors. 3. remove the spawns. 4. add a spawnpoint with it's default setting (dont mess with the settigns of the spawn when placing it on the map). 5. click play. see if it crashes. sorry i can't test you map, i'm testing and fixing mine at the moment.
  28. I got two spawns with the required names in the quest script. Here's a link to my map. Can you try it?
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