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  2. So, I want to have zombies that sit around my map that loop a selected animation to create atmosphere. How would I do this with a zombie mesh? (not npc)
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  4. It's all about balance in PvP. The zombie is pretty weak overall, so in a 1v1 or 2v1, 3 melee strikes will kill quickly. If you could achieve more damage or even kill with guns, then everyone would spam shotguns or assault rifles when the hunter got near making it pretty much unplayable from the zombie side. They're fine as is for low damage finishers considering the speed and distance they can be fired. Semi auto shotgun can be spammed close range, assault rifles spammed and reaching far off. Arrows also had to be balanced for the same reasons. I'm not sure about the elemental stuff exactly since I never had too much of an issue with those. Mostly I've had stun bolts shot at me, but if they made it do too much damage people would dupe them and spam them like crazy. Some already do since they deal a decent amount. I think 3 bolts will even kill just like melee, or close to it. They need to give the zombie a bit of a chance, and in a team game against good survivors, the hunter doesn't have a lot of health to go around as is. Someone with a 2 handed weapon can knock 50% of the health down in one hit in a 4v1, so increasing damage of ranged weapons would just make it even more in the survivors favour. If you're one of those people who run around with their police rifle and semi auto and complain that it's weak, well then you just need to learn how to actually play. It's definitely not focussed on guns. They really should have a video or something to explain these for people. So many noobs running around with their guns...
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  6. Is there anyone in the name of god who have completed this Daily Bounty? I'm sooo far off being able to have qny chance on completing this one.. I'm well 200-250 meter away always... I'm using grappling hook alot aswell... This seem to be insanely extreme hard to pull off.. Almost 1000 meter in 2:45..... Any hints or anything?
  7. Anyone have an idea on how to increase activation distances between objects? Here's the problem: i have a BoxObjectEnabler which enables a floating object onEntering. the floating object then gets enabled over a collision receiver, and falls on the collision receiver, which then starts a movie. the issue is then when the BoxObjectEnabler is too far from the floating object (or collision receiver, i'm not sure), the floating object doesn't get enabled, i think, seeing that the movie never plays. i wonder if it's the game's drawing limit or something. anyone has an idea how to increase the drawing distance, or activation distance or whatever it is that's causing this problem?
  8. I generally agree with what you are saying about the guns. However, do you have any idea for possible damage increases for the weapons? One of my major concerns is that the majority of people nowadays have infinite ammo in their guns with no reloading whatsoever. Increasing the damage sounds for guns sounds like a good idea in general but i'm afraid of people abusing the modded guns to easily kill the hunter. Again, this may or may not be an issue but it is just a concern of mine. My idea is: Perhaps for guns with slower rates of fire (revolvers/shotguns) and slower reload times should output more damage due to these factors. Furthermore, proximity should play a factor for both guns in terms damage output as well. (I believe shotgun does more damage closer already) However increasing the damage input for automatic rifles is questionable to me. I feel as if the automatic rifles and smgs should have more recoil or something to prevent the human from just absolutely spraying the hunter to death with bullets... Something that would actually make them aim and take skill to fire with rather than just unloading a clip half haphazardly while the hunter is engaged with another human. As for the bow and crossbow, I agree with what you're saying. For example, impact bolts aren't truly special any longer because of the missing added damage that they once use to do. However, I'm skeptical about increasing damage ratios for the crossbow personally. I seem to be getting a decent number of kills with the crossbow as is in most games and i'm only using one due to the reload glitch. However, that doesn't mean I completely agree with the damage output from the crossbow as is. I more so agree with LucasK's judgement on crossbow damage and how it should be asymmetric depending on how many people are playing. - 1v1 = 50dmg - 2v1 = 40dmg - 3v1 = 30dmg - 4v1 = 25dmg This way, in 1v1, you'll be getting your 3 hit kill like before in 1v1 matches pre-patch. 40 damage makes sense in 2v1 because the hunter is still facing two humans with 1v1 melee damage against him. Obviously i'm not for returning crossbow damage to how it originally was but these damage scales seem to be a happy medium to me. Finally, elemental damage. Elemental damage should be brought back to the way it was. The only thing that needed a nerf was the tov+explosive arrow glitch. Other than that there weren't any complaints as it was before, at least I didn't see any and I've been playing for years. The elemental nerf limits the humans capabilities to what equipment he should or should not use. For example, items that are not commonly used such as freeze grenades and elemental throwing stars are completely useless now. Tovs are also useless now. I'm glad tovs got nerfed, but I didn't expect THAT big of a nerf to where they are completely useless. This means, people who want to use tovs in PVP can't be effective due to being nerfed. This goes for any other equipment that's elemental really besides toxic bolts.
  9. should be purple. have you set the barrier properties to disallow the player to go through?
  10. What colored arrow side does it disable on? I tried flipping them over and over and I still phase through them.
  11. To change the time always work with the script. As doomguy already said ,set_day_time _ is the way to go. If you want to change time slowly and not within a milisecond you can add for example -interpolate=10 at the end and it will take 10 sec to change the current time to your wanted time. To change the weather there is no good way to do that with the script. It looks like the phase does not work. And I never saw anyone changing the weather in his map. I'm working on this problem too. If I find anything out I will post it here.
  12. Hm this is bad. You could check if there is anything wrong with your tools by validating you game files in steam. You could also look if a log file is created. Do you have any errors in your map?
  13. So this "Developer Tools" Forum is for the Dying Light MAP makers. Not for the developers. But if you are interested: Techland planned to make the wallrun but took it out of the game befor release. There was a mod on nexus mod that enabled the wall run but I'm not sure if this mod is up to date. Maybe we will see the wall run in an upcoming dlc or in Dying Light 2
  14. No they are working as intended. They only disable one side. So make sure your barriers are facing in the right direction.
  15. Another thing that is also on my mind and want to discuss with all of you. I've always felt that guns were always under-powered, and I am pretty sure most of you agree, but to being this under-powered feels.....wrong, if I had to pick a word. The damage it does to Hunter is just incredibly mediocre especially weapons such as the assault rifles, shotguns, and revolvers; and this could be for balancing sake as they are means to be finishers, but even so the guns are just so very weak. When you think of a Revolver you think of a really powerful gun that has devastating power and/or pierces enemies; yet the revolvers in this game act like pea-shooters towards the Hunter along side with the regular pistols. Shotguns, close-ranged weapons that destroy enemies, yet doesn't do a considerable amount of damage to the Hunter even at point-blank. Assault Rifles, reliable and good damage over all, and once more it acts like a pea-shooter. Even SMGs are just pathetic. Now I completely understand that Dying Light focuses mostly on Melee combat, and for its PVP as well, but the guns just do so little damage. When The Following revealed Revolvers I was excited that revolvers are coming, and that it can be used in PVP as well I thought of a weapon that could do a good amount of damage with at the cost of six rounds and slow reloading. Sounds fair. Except the damage is just pathetic. Again I'm not asking for this to become Call of Duty, but maybe some damage buffs with the guns to fit their nature would be nice. The Bow and Crossbow; while I feel the Bow damage wise is alright the Crossbow should deserve the same treatment, but first the bow. The bow is alright again damage wise, but why was the elemental properties removed against the Hunter. It makes no sense. The point of the Electric, and Fire arrows is to deal said Electric and/or Fire damage as well whether or not the initial hit lands and if he is near the Electricity or Fire. The Explosive Arrows are just goddamn mess. If it lands, yay, it deals added damage along with first hit, but the explosions are just messed up. If I were to hit a Hunter the explosion would follow him and not do additional damage along with the explosions, and there times where it doesn't hit him and the three explosions that happen somehow follow him. Second is the fact that when near enemies the thing just goes off right in your face, or when you are aiming down from a rooftop. The Crossbow, as discussed in another thread, I feel is under-powered. Yes Toxic Bolts are back, but what about Impact? Of course it was the mostly used Bolt out of all of them before the nerf, but it doesn't make sense to remove its elemental property (the additional damage) it had. Also the damage the Crossbow does just feels weak. It does 1/4 of damage, but it just feels like it doesn't matter even if a Two-Handed weapon is in play. Also, again the fact aiming at the Hunter's head to deal the original 1/3 of damage is a complete insult. Before the nerf, aiming at the Hunter's head dealt a massive amount of damage or instantly kills a Hunter which took skill considering that the Hunter moves too damn fast for a headshot to land nearly all the time. It was actually rewarding, and if the hunter decided to stand still it was his fault. Now it just doesn't matter with the damage that is set in place now. A problem that arises is the fact that one person can wield up to three crossbows in their Weapon Slots which leads to quick switching between the crossbows to deal stupid amounts of damage, but a solution to that would be to limit the amount of crossbows to be used in the Weapon Slots to just one. Also LucasK's solution to damage balancing in another thread is also not a bad idea. Lastly the Elemental Properties. Why was this removed? Again, I don't understand. There are many blueprints, and equipment such as the Molotovs and elemental grenades that we have at our disposal. Now they useless as all hell. I understand that the Molotovs were broken considering the tactic that was used with them, but there are other ways around fixing it rather than straight up nerfing it to the point of being unused forever. Only elements that can be used are the ones filled with toxic, and explosives. All those blueprints we found around the maps to make our weapons more powerful and dish out fire, electricity, bleeding, etc are now worthless. This was used against the nests, but still the fact elemental damage was removed against just makes the point of blueprints worthless besides against zombies. Also the fact the some of the elemental arrows and bolts have lost their properties doesn't make sense at all. So yeah more opinions of mine that wish to discuss as well. What do you all think as I would like to hear your opinions, and I do enjoy being proven wrong to my opinions. Opens up alot of things.
  16. When I playtest my map and test out the barriers if they work, I simply walk through them. And then when I try to walk back to the map it doesn't let me. Do barriers work based on facing a certain way or should they work on every side of the barrier?
  17. Sry on General Discussions an not be posted can only post here I'm a Chinese boy I'm very much like Dying Light this game but My English is not very good, installed third party localization patch, do not understand the plot As a result, I did not experience much of the original content, such as reward model under the Chinese version of the flash back pls
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  19. I've been trying to find some help getting the Korek V2 blueprint. If this is the wrong place I apologize I've just been trying in a few different places with no returns. Trying to get all blue print and really like the Korek. I've tried soloing it but I'm too slow I guess and the jugs keep despawning. Anyone know anyone or any place I can look for help?
  20. will you add wallrun it would be cool
  21. Not in all places. And as I said in the generation stops at the same place.(seen in the picture in the .bat window)
  22. ARG and better crafting/weapons upgrades.
  23. do you see the navmesh on the ground? did you turn it on? zombies only walk on the navmesh (that blue colored area of the floor)
  24. Turn off firewall for IPv6 through modem and it will let you connect. Did it just now.
  25. Hello! I had a problem with the navmesh! He comes to one point and stops Left for 7 hours and has not reached the end Maybe someone had the same problem?
  26. Or a hang glider....
  27. The armour thing may be a bit too OP. The tank thing can be bad if it was set off with a GP, because then you'd die possibly performing any attacks nearby propane or barrels. Maybe if the claw only set off propane as if a human slashed it, not the GP, and the same with red barrels. If the claw does it then you can potentially come in to GP people in the slums, turn and claw a tank and escape, then get a kill if they happen not to notice it going off. They have the same chance to try and set one off and hope it hits you. As for barrels, they'd have the advantage in being able to set it off from afar, but in a no win situation (cornered, out of stamina), you can potentially take them out with it, but it would be 100% suicide. In some cases if you knew a barrel was below and you fell off a roof, you know you're gonna be DFA'd, you can claw a barrel and deny them the kill, possibly take them with you.
  28. no idea. i haven't messed about much with weather. hopefully someone else can help you. in the meanwhile, do a search on the forum about weather, if you haven't already. good luck!
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