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  3. To reduce the power and the radius of attack of the half volley of 50 to 30 it is not logical to be able to kill a zombie in 3 kick Lower the range and be able to dodge the half volley Increase claw damage The damage of the tackle is correct do not touch it however this attack is still less powerful than the famous half volley and it is not normal especially since the tackle is too easy to dodge unlike the half volley The offer also that the uv torch does not remove endurance zombie But what prevents all the same the zombie to dive without removing stamina it would be a good idea I do not think it is useful to improve the mucus however a small buff at the level of the blast radius would not be too bad Increase the temp of human resuscitation and the time to heal too short for me given the slight damage of the hunter a human having duplicated his kit is almost immortal!
  4. Hello, use a boxobjectenabler linked to a sound marker that will enable the sound emitter. Search for the boxobjectenabler into the assets data or add a sensor then change his class (on top of the attributes window) into boxobjectenabler. Can ´t remember exactly the easy way to do this but check the stranded map where you see long vertical sensor boxes that activates falling sound when the player falls inside the box. To check other user maps in the tools, subscribe to the map then, load the tools and in the first window where you choose your project, browse for the map and install it in the tools then load it and you can see how things were made exactly.
  5. As LucasK stated, I feel as if dropkick should be able to be dodged. Ive done some tinkering with the game files on occassion and you can actually give the hunter the dodge move that humans have as well as the lookback skill which lets you tendril backwards. The Night Hunter should be able to learn dodge which would allow for evading dropkicks if timed correctly. Dodging Right - Hunter uses his claws to push the humans legs to the left Dodging Left - Hunter pushes humans legs to the right Dodging Back - Hunter jumps over survivor and pushes their legs down. Dodging would cause 0 damage to the Humans and Humans would not have the recover state like if you missed a dropkick. Either no recovery so no one is stuck in an animation or the recover animation would be fast enough for the hunter to escape but not fast enough for the hunter to have immunity to getting hit with a weapon.
  6. I believe if you go into game settings and disable hints you will never get the popup. I havent seen this popup in over a year now.
  7. One thing I would like to see is an immediate count down from 30 seconds each time a human jumps in water to avoid the horde, it's a cheap escape and the hunter deserves the kill.
  8. Thank you again you are super helpful! I recently gotten Tehclands Dead Island Riptide and I enjoy it but it wasn't with my money a friend got it for me for Christmas hope you have a great Christmas and a lovely new year thanks so much man if you want to friend me on steam and ever play dead island riptide you can add me under the name youneedsomemialk or TvpuncherBrecken
  9. Thank you very much, I am trying to gather more information to go and edit this but so far I am not getting anything new and I am watching playthroughs.
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  11. I think it would be inappropriate in this game.
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  13. We're waiting further news Techland I hope you don't disappoint.
  14. Agreed, mine has popped up repeatedly.
  15. Very interesting research indeed man.
  16. There is no way to get it for free on other platforms, don't worry I've bought the game on console twice and once on pc and all DLC On all versions lol.
  17. The only case where these two changes should be implemented is if: - Health regen from medkits is somehow drastically nerfed - Animation camp and abuse is removed (DK and DFA when the Hunter performs pretty much anything) Otherwise they are actually needed, as imperfect ways of dealing with overpowered ''tactics'' (medkit spam is way, way worse than Ghost Claw, by the way).
  18. Аre you actually telling me that you - with 3000 hours on the game - regularly lose to a Hunter with 40 hours?
  19. try reading my post again to see how much play time i have.
  20. I guess I'll have a stab at this discussion. Humans Increase: 1: Gun Damage - Guns feels like peashooters when up against a hunter as they deal tiny amounts of damage. It really shouldn't make sense that a revolver should deal 6 damage, or even an assault rifle. Even shotguns at close-to-medium range are terrible. Now I don't want it to become like Call of Duty, or have the Semi-Auto shotgun act like it was when it was first released, but buffing guns to their respective type would be nice. 2:Unused Equipment - Equipment such as the shield lost became unusable after the following dlc came out and patched it. Its more of a hindrance seeing as it leaves you incredibly vulnerable to tackles, ground pounds, and even pounces. You can't even dodge with this thing and it is very easy to manipulate a shield user. Molotovs also suffered the same fate as they were exploitable, but having a huge nerf to where the there is a massive cooldown for each molotov and having it do no damage is not the right way to balance things. All this plus Grenades, all throwing stars and firecrackers, would be nice if they were tweaked to be usable as well. I'm a person that likes variety instead of having to use the same things 24/7. 3: Crossbow - Now I do believe I am biased on this (please call me out), but I think the Crossbow should be buffed and the Impact bolts deal its normal damage from before. Having to shoot a hunter who uses tendril sprint 24/7 is difficult considering its a projectile weapon, and with the Hunter now has it makes it not an ideal weapon to even use against Hunters, and the headshot "bonus" is not even worth it in the long run and should be reverted back to normal. Landing a headshot before meant dealing a massive amount of damage as it took skill hit a tiny hit-box. Now two solutions I had in mind is revert the crossbow back to normal 1/3rd it dealt in 1v1, but anything past 1v1 will decrease its damage. Solution two is have it deal damage depending on how far the bolt has traveled. Lastly to remove the range limit for the bolts. The Crossbow bolts travel to about 50 meters before completely disappearing whereas the Bow travels infinitely and you can still collect the arrows from 300 meters. Decrease/Nerf: 1: Drop Attack - I love this move alot. It is incredibly satisfying to pull off, but even I can admit the BS with this move, and agree with everyone else to increase the range of when this move triggers. I should not be able to sit upon one of the short houses in Slums or even a Van in order to pull this move. That is pretty much it for humans for me. I rarely ever play with people so I can't think of anything else, especially on team fights :/. Hunter (This is mostly from a 1v1 perspective as, again, I rarely play with people as Survivor. I'm just by myself) As it stands I think Hunter is fine as it is and I honestly can't think of nothing to increase except maybe his respawn time. It does feel like a bit long minus the autobalance. As for decreasing I would slightly nerf the range of tackle as there are times where the range gets ridiculous. Things I want Fixed and Added Telebombers - this has been an issue for a very long time and has not been resolved. I do not understand why as it is pretty unfair for something like that to happen as it gives a clear advantage. Also there are times where bombers can climb when it clearly states they can't so a fix for that would be nice. AutoBalance - Everyone here has pretty much said it; its broken and unfair. The respawn times can get ridiculous as just as a Survivor is winning and kills a spawn the Hunter gets back. Spamming spits and uv shields is poor way to influence Night Hunter gameplay as its pretty much "Oh I can spam until I get lucky, and his UV light only cuts my energy to half." Another issue with autobalance is the amount of zombies to deal with. In a 1v1 its too much for one person to have a goon, a bunch of virals, and a Night Hunter to worry about. Goons and virals can stun the Survivors which can lead to unfair kills. Just remove autobalance and the goons. Matchmaking - I don't know if its just me, but I am paired with players who just started the game or are not equal to my rank. There are also times where there is no one to find at all between the thousands of players in the Night Hunter matchmaking. Fixing this would be nice. Remove the Tendril-Claw - I understand that the healing is unfair, but doing this is even more so as it does alot of damage, and makes the player unable to attack at all. At this time the Hunter engages two players and manages to tackle one of them, and immediately does a second tackle. That is unfair since there is nothing he can do. From what I know this happens when the Survivor is tackle up against a wall and the Hunter is still in his face. Adding a huge amount of resources to the reward pool would be nice. The limited time rankings should be a permanent thing and added. Something like Overwatch where their ranks continue. Lastly I just have one question. Is it possible for you to issue game bans to cheaters? Many of us here can record and provide screenshots, and have mentioned cheaters before with links to their profiles with screenshot and/or video proof. I would not mind sending information about cheaters, but is the point if they get to roam free without gamebans. Overall thank you James for taking the time to talk with us and listening.
  21. Last week
  22. Hey, I need some help completing the Bozak Horde on ps4. My gamer tag is MrMaddest-Hatter. Prefer someone with a microphone. If you can help me beat it in under 31 minutes tho, no microhone is fine. Thanks!
  23. Hello Again, I've got a problem with connecting trigger to sound emitter once. I want to make an area connected to sound emitter. When player will walk into this area, sound emitter will play sound once. I tried to use invisible switch DI but nothing works. When I used physical switch DI it worked perfectly, but I want area when player is in this area, the sound plays immediately.
  24. I been gathering intel of what could have started the DL virus of Harran. 1. The virus spread within the city of Harran within two months This indicates it spreads fast and there isn't a vaccine for it yet but according to the Doc it is a form of rabies never seen before and it mutates through some of the reform versions of the virus thus giving us the variety of Biters such as Goon Demolisher and most fan favorite Volitile last but not least the weirdest of them all Toad. they all have very unique abilities and styles to their attacks you even have the first base gen of Biters they are more recent versions of them known as Virals they are fresh turned and they have humanity?. Correct Virals have humanity left in them, I've came across some virals who back down from me and say please no then get up in a rage and start back at fighting me this tells me they are still human but can't fight back the virus for too long before going back in anger at you. I have scouted across the slums and met some of the NPC's who really don't have anything important except of who they were before the outbreak. One I found was near the shop you get chocolates from when doing the side quest everyone loves "Mother's Day" this man would be there sitting up on the little side part just staring when you walk up to him it automatically interacts he tells you he has seen his friends die he was once on of the ones who had helped to fight back the virus people who came in wearing Hazmat suits they thought they were safe it is what they were told by their director that they couldn't possibly tear into the suit they manages to and cause the Hazmat squad to go down in a bit of wander-less biter who cant do anything but swing at you. 2. Aldemir's number one fan I came across a girl who is a big fan of our beloved Jade Aldemir and even was training to be a boxer like her when she came to Harran with hopes and dreams the outbreak had hit and her and her sister were in the mist of running like the rest of the people in fear but instead of keeping her sister they lost each other and all she saw was her sister being gnawed on dying to a bunch of Biters she lost her sister but still tries to manage to survive while staying in one of the Slums various safe houses the one particularly has the guy who thinks he is faster then the player and gives you the challenge to prove your speed. 3. The Mother The once proud Mother of the children of the sun has given you her story of the outbreak when you go to face her either to take the antidote causing you to become the {Night Hunter} Ultimate predator for Harran's city who isn't infected or to having to join her filling the prophecy of nuking all of Harran to end the virus there and save the whole world from the virus path, She tells you when the outbreak start her husband was a general and was taking her to a safe location in Old Town (I assume and can't remember what part of Harran she is from) A military base with supplies she is needed and help but her husband got biten on the way of trying to escape she was given a pack of cigarettes from her dying husband as she and some others her children of the sun are running to escape she was in total shock and fear by the time she reached the outskirts of Harran where the story of The following takes place she had gotten bit and when finding the area you find her in she was looking for medical supplies with her group before she could turn finding the mist that for some reason makes zombies not go near you and she had taken a drink of it causing her to become a superior volatile before all that she remember her husband never smoked and looked in the cigarette pack which had the map to where she was leading her too it and giving her the wrong set of codes to enter in the nuke to end all of Harran. One of the people who she had in her group was a man who was dying of cancer and he had the correct codes entrusting them to crane when had sent him on a goose chase so that the man could commit suicide he didn't want to die from cancer and turn or just die from cancer in general nobody knows his reasons of his suicide just only know he done it when you choose your path ending the following either nuking or become the predator it is up to you but there was a third option a military supply drop has dropped a package into the sea where you must go and retrieve it on your own giving you a code reader for other military crates and a blue print and a map to where you have to go to find the key card to the truck on the highway that had a nuke on the inside and you also have to have the military keycard from Jasir to open crates leading to it once you gather all you need for the truck you go to it and you enter it putting in the card for the nuke and looking back at the door way as if you are saying goodbye as you nuke all of Harran and unlocking the outfit Team Dying Light what a way to go I like that ending more to be honest. 4. Aliens In a side quest to save man who believes the virus came from space and giving you a gun that is useless in your mind but is usfeulf because you must collect rocks in the following to see them and get a secret outfit while a upgrade to the gun making it even cooler either way the man you save thinks aliens have something to do with it well there is a reason stranges symbols posters and other various thing all around old town point to the aliens theory being the best one because of the tribal weapons and grenades to suspend Biters all point to aliens so the virus must have come from a meteorite from space causing it to be a zombie outbreak These are just points and notes of information I have gathered to give a compelling theory for the readers out their wondering if there is a origin to the Harran virus. Hope you enjoy and play Dying Light to have fun and to see if you can make a better theory then me I actually want to hear your theories and beliefs on the virus of Harran.
  25. Hello, Techland I had owned your game DyingLight:Enhanced Edition The Following for Xbox One and I was wondering if there was a way for me to get normal Dying Light for free on PC like some code or something to put into steam for it. Because I was wanting to play it on PC since I no longer have it on Xbox One and don't own one anymore I went to a 360 and played Dead Island and loved it . But I am far more concerned on how to get DL for free but for PC since I already had a previous copy for it on xbox one but I only ask for a normal one my steam name is youneedsomemialk or tvpuncherbrecken thank you for your time.
  26. Hello Users and Techland, I had your game DyingLight enhanced edition for xbox one but I was wondering if I was able to be transfered to having it only on PC for free only the regular DyingLight copy I am not asking for it I was just wondering if it was a possibility to get some code or something to get DL for pc on steam or from your website specifically my IGN for steam is the same for my xbox. I only am wondering thank you for your time and hope you all have a lovely new year and a christmas and please keep on making dying light even funnier and cooler. ~Love your keyblade weilder SoraRocks7300
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