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  3. Same thing for me when linking to xbox today, got the old trusty, but not the rifle, snd ofc...cant try a second time
  4. Hey there. Hate to bump something old but this very same issue applies to me. I linked my account to ps4. I registered the docket codes. Old trusty went through to the quartermaster. The harran rifle didn't, but i can't run the code again. So I have no way to get it now. The strange thing is that the rifle registered twice for me. Once for steam (which I don't have) and once for console. Any help is appreciated.
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  6. They're bounties. One bounty for each three weapon. Here's tutorial about Kuai Dagger.
  7. after drop #1 update on Oct 16 2017 my play menu lost the option to play custom maps. did system restore, file verification, corrupt files found --steam reinstalled. still same problem. it would be a shame if i couldn't keep playing the custom maps. regular game works fine. have dying light the following with custom maps,custom maps 2, be the zombie and harran military rifle
  8. has anyone has any issue with the sounds being muffled in their maps? i have a sound emitter that gets it's volume reduced by 90% when i use the ,set-day-time phase in my quest. also, changing the varlist time of day slider muffled the sound emitter as well. it looks like (at least) sound emitter volume is tied to the time of day. setting the time of day to noon makes the sound emitter has it's volume at normal height. setting time of day to 20:45pm diminishes the volume. anyone know how to block this from happening? edit: setting the audio bus of the sound emitter to special sound doesn't muffle audio, but stuff like vases breaking are still getting muffled.
  9. Luckily i update the map on steam workshop regularly, so i was able to recover it through the workshop...still lost some work but not too much Thanks for help.
  10. Wow an fbx exporter would be so awsome. Anyway/Anywhere i can download the beta tools? I dont need rigging skeletons or any other animation stuff, i want export the slum architecture to use it maybe for a distopic cyperpunk VR. Just a little project i try to realize in Unreal4. Everything 100% non commercial and just for myself to play and lern, how to work with UE4. Im not sure but i think it isn't illegal in this way. I didn't worked with ripper tools or something like that bevor, Nina Ripper looks really powerfull, but very annoying too. Download every single model and texture, and edit everything inside a CAD/CGI tool. Its a lot of work Do someone know a way to export a complet level inclusiv the objekt hierachies and histories? Like a fbx eporter would do it. Or any solution to crack the game files? They are all zipped in rpack files typs and i dont know, how to extract them
  11. Hey does anybody know how to acquire the revolver,axe and knife is it thru a certain website?
  12. I can login using the app but no matter what browser or device I cannot login to The gear just spins and spins. :-(
  13. Yes I have played and still do. It is much harder to counter nowadays but you still can nonetheless.
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  15. can you make a flashlight skill tree
  16. Have you even played Hunter? Literally all these counters you listed haven't worked since mid-2016, let alone now when Survivors are fully adapt at how to properly exploit DFA and Dropkick through the Hunter's failed or even successful animations without allowing him to counter.
  17. Could you elaborate more on some of these? Because a lot of these do not need a rework at all or buffs/nerfs. The only thing that I can find unbalanced is the 2 Handed grapple tackle combo that instant kills. Normally it wouldn't be a problem. However, Techland removed the Night Hunter's instant tackle and now that combo is being abused by many humans. Everything else is balanced, has a counter, or a check. Death from Above: Easily blocked by holding your sprint, forward, and tackle bind while looking up at the human. It just requires awareness. Dropkick Spam: There are multiple things you can do. Hold jump and fly off, jump and then hold your groundpound bind right before you use the tendril to get to where you want to groundpound (It will create an instant groundpound). UV Block/Heal + UV Spit also helps as you can stick them (they are running directly at you) and continue to pounce or get away. Spikes are balanced as well. This comes back to the awareness thing. Just be aware of your surroundings. However, I do agree with you on the buggies though. The damage is just a bit much especially in a 4v4 with multiple buggies. They can stun lock and hit once more when you are finally not stunned anymore. The tackle, grapple hook, and crossbow are all balanced at the moment with the nerfs they implement. The only real problem here is the 2 handed combo mentioned earlier. Grappling hook is an essential part of the gameplay and needed to counter multiple combos of the night hunter. As far as the additional things you said that would be cool, a lot of it would need a bunch of reworking to balance it as itd be too strong. I like the tendril pull idea though. [:
  18. Same issue here, i go to get the old rusty, but then it wants me to log in. Im logged in just fine here. But when i put in the same details i used here, there, it says they are invalid. Im PS4 but i havent even gotten to the bit where it has you select platform... ***EDIT*** I managed to get to teh old rusty... it gave me a docket code. WHich redeems on the docket site, for any platform. easy. However... you cant log in on the docket site. Its fubar and sits there loading forever.
  19. Here's a list of problems when it comes to btz mode as of oct 2017(at least on ps4). CO-OP Dropkick spam One human dropkicks,another one chains off it, etc. Is avoidable, but barely and requires some luck to avoid. Lag Just common lag. It can vary between getting killed while twenty feet in the air, or getting killed while the human isn't even facing you. 1v1 1v1 gives hunter an edge, since in co op the uv spit is practically useless. Most 1v1s experiences can be fun and intense. Not many issues besides the human/hunter can sometimes get ridiculous buffs if they are on the second nest with two lives left or if they hunter hasn't killed the human once. I've been comebacked many times because of that stupid mercy rule. General problems DFA Again, another avoidable tactic but requires practice and timing to avoid. Kind of like a Trump card for the humans. I recommend being able to block it or some sort of counter, because if you go against a dfa spammer it can get a little cumbersome. Duplicating I understand that this game has that ‘grindy’ feel to it, and practically nobody wants to make a trip to the bridge every 10 minutes to refill on meds, but duping is not fair, in any way, shape or form. It is possible, believe it or not, to win against a night hunter without pooping out flares every twenty seconds and constantly bandaging your forearm every fifteen seconds. Meds and flare duping barely scratch the surface of the things that are duped, but those are the main problems. I recommend adding a limit of some sort to them, and the limit is reset when the human dies. No matter how many times dying light tries to patch kurczak methods, another one always manages to scrounge it's way to the surface. Human tackle That little feature that the devs just had to add in can be so infuriating and frustrating. Whenever I'm up against ‘pro’ survivors, they constantly spam the tackle whenever they can, i.e. after a failed pounce, tackle, etc. Realism wise, the tackle fails to obey the laws of physics. The night hunter, which happens to be one of the most powerful zombies in the dying light universe, can fall over and die if some human manages to rub their arms against the hunter. Personally, I recommend completely removing the tackle. You couldn't do this since they fanboys would absolutely flip a lid if you did, but drastic measures need to be taken against this feature. Grapple hook (if you are going to fix anything, please fix this) This little wooden hook should've been called the gravity breaker, since that is it's primary role in btz. Whether to break a fall by throwing a hook onto a building, which in real life would've dislocated your arm, or rocketing across the terrain almost as nearly as fast as the speed of light. The grapple hook can be used to cancel two handed weapon animations as well, so the human can swingaxe+grapple+tackle to instakill a hunter. I recommend making the speed of it slower, and have it disabled for a couple seconds after the hunter pounces/tackles. Maybe have different types of grapple hooks, like have a gray grapple hook, green, orange, yellow, etc. The crossbow The crossbow, at worst, is unbalanced. I thanked whatever god was out there when the xbow finally got nerfed, and personally the only thing slightly unbalanced with it is the poison dart. I recommend reducing the damage on the nest and making the poison time on the hunter not as long lasting. Unknown glitch Today I was invading a human and I noticed that he was wiping out my nests in a matter of seconds. He also seemed to be killing me quite fast as well with just regular slices from a one handed axe. I called him out on glitching and he didn't respond/care. I don't have any idea on what this glitch could possibly be. The user of this glitch is DECIPITATED748. Things that need to get reworked/buffed for hunter/human. Sense spit in co-op. UV spit in co-op. Buggies. Spike kills. Well, that just about sums it up for my rant. I've been playing btz since 2016 of may, and I've seen it all by now. If even one of these changes happen, I might consider not throwing away dying light. I am completely aware that I have downtime when it comes to matches, and I'm not the best hunter, but these are recurring problems. Devs, or whoever is working at techland, please at least change the grappling hook. This is mainly a rant concerning the abilities of the human. Most humans complain about the many functions that a night hunter has, like gp spitting or how the tackle can sometimes defy physics. Going up against a human who is glitching/spamming/or using teamwork effectively makes it extremely hard to not use methods that seem unbalanced towards the hunter. If I went up against someone like viceral, i would probably lose if I didn't gp spit or tendril sprint. Ideas I've had that could make btz more interesting More skills Stamina spit. When drenched in the spit, the human becomes slowed by nearly half. Climbs slower/sometimes falls off object the human was climbing. Basic time - 15 secs. Upgraded time - 25 secs. Snatch Hunter takes the weapon that the human was using and throws it to the side, unequipping it from the humans inventory. QuickTime event Horde spit v3 Summons upgraded night volatiles, ones that will chase down the human until the humans die or the volatile dies. Can only activate if the hunter spit stuck. Can be avoided if the human goes into water and washes off the spit. Is a separate spit from the uv/horde. Start with half of it regenerated at spawn. Piercing howl Whenever the hunter howls, the sheer volume of it can damage the human. Depends on how far away the human is when the hunter howls. 50-5 dmg Iron skin Skin has a 25% to completely deflect bullets, sharp objects, and arrows. Extremely vulnerable to elements. Should be equippable/unequippable. Stalk The hunter strikes fear into the human, making it seem like there is two of them. Only activatable if the human makes line of sight with the hunter while the hunter is on elevated ground and is unmoving. Think of Michael Myers. Visual impair, still only shows one hunter on the map, but a decoy to the eye. Sacrifice. Hunter needs to be fully upgraded skill wise and has two horde spit, two uv spit, and two uv block. Kills off one entire nest. The hunter's abilities are greatly enhanced for 45 seconds, making it regenerate faster, hit harder, and move quicker. The humans instantly die if they are downed in co-op, and the humans also enter a state of rapid respawn to prevent them from sitting on the respawn menu. The ability can't be used on the last nest. Zombie summoner spits Being able to call in different types of zombies(walkers, day volatiles, night volatiles, goons, demolishers, etc) Tendril pull Tendrils wrap around the human's legs, pulling him to the hunter. Think of the smoker from l4d. Only usable in co-op. Teammates can only save the human. QuickTime events Hunter blocking dropkicks, dfa’s, regular attacks, etc. 2 or more hunters and 4 or more humans. More nest spawns. Demolishers spawning for the hunter when autobalance kicks in. Upgradable nests Being able to have certain zombies around your nests. A tutorial mission which introduces the hunter to the human
  20. and views are back now. Thanks techland
  21. that's tough. i've had the tools crash but never delete half my map. if you've created groups of objects, then you might have .eds.bak files in your data folder. there's also some autosave folders in the project's data folder. (if autosaves was turned on i believe) if not, i don't know what you can do. maybe check the windows temp folder for files related to the tools, or search for other temp folders and files in the tools' folder. and search for .bak files while you're at it. other than that, i don't think you can get your work back. backups and restorations are basically files stored on the computer. never will software store that info inside itself, and magically make it all come back. unfortunately.
  22. Yea i was. But i have been working on it for over a year and have saved many times. But after the crash its all gone :S
  23. Ive created a Techland account and can log in and out no problems but when i try to log in to gemly it says put in your techland email/password but it wont acknowledge it. Also i clicked on the free items the rifle and hachet but it never gave me the option for Console or PC and when i click on redeem its a Steam code and im on Xbox One.
  24. where you in the middle of editing the map when the pc crashed?
  25. *** HELLOOOOOO *** This is fixed when a player joins but techland or something should look into it further so it doesn't happen in the first place.
  26. Hello, I have a problem and it has completely stopped my gameplay at the moment. You see, I bought this game with a friend and we played in co op. It eventually came to a point where I got frustrated I couldn't buy ammo because my personal story line hadn't reached such a point so I came back to solo until I could at least buy ammo from shops. This is where the trouble starts. I played solo to the point where I needed to speak with the GRE after Brecken's night mission failed. Apparently, the night time is perpetual until certain conditions are met but I don't know what needs to be done. This may seem silly but it is a major problem when your mission after talking with the GRE is to team up with Brecken in the Tower's HQ but its still night and I am too early in the story for elevators to work at night. Not only this but all beds wont let me sleep. I've been to all my unlocked safezones and even cleared new ones to test but I am stuck in constant darkness surround by very agitated zombies with no way to progress the story or even sleep. Please help me fix, I want ammo, I don't want to have to restart. I don't know if it changes anything but I play in nightmare mode, have done about 33% or more of the story in co op. Maybe there is a way to force the beds to work? Maybe I am missing just one key point for the day to come or something but please tell me wtf went wrong. -Chicken Milk
  27. Today my pc crashed and when i loaded up the dev tools and opened the map half of the map is gone. Is there any way fix this? Thanks.
  28. Hi, 3: There was some fbx export plugin in the beta tools but i don ´t know if rigged meshes were exportable with this pluging, maybe just basic meshes. Now the tools doesn’t have this exporter anymore. Someone exported Kyle Crane and Jade into L4 Dead but i don ´t know how. There ´s no possibilities to export meshes easily from Dying Light. Also Models creation cost a lot of money so Game studios don ´t want that users export assets into other games. When you install any game you accept the agreement licence so those materials are copyrighted. But you can extract models with rippers or with photogrammetry techniques if there ´s no other way of doing it but don ´t share any asset that you extracted since this is not legal. Except if the company allowed this.
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