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  2. I had a similar issue . i was painting the terrain with some default texture and each time i was building the terrain (it automatically locks terrain blocks), the trash texture was replacing all the areas i painted before. So, i painted the whole terrain (no need to paint the whole terrain) with some default texture (can ´t remember which one) and then builded terrain again ( under build map options, check terrain) and then, the new overwriting texture was staying on the terrain so i could paint any new texture layer without loosing it again. I guess some textures are cleaning all color channel layers. So you could test to overwrite your texture that disappear with other textures until it keep your paintings . Ps: you can increase the brush size beyond the max scale by deleting the value then put a bigger value than the default and press enter. (be careful cause it could crash the tools if you paint a huge terrain area in a row also if you drag the center of the brush out of terrain while painting, so paint smaller areas then release the mouse button then hold it again to paint the rest ...) Not sure if it could fix your issue.
  3. First of all, thanks for the great game. I bought all the supplements and got a lot of fun playing it. The lack of Russian voice acting often caused inconvenience, especially when reading the talks during intense battles. Your colleagues from the SD Project Red have managed to create a Russian voice acting in their game, Witcher 3. Tell me please, why did not it work for you, and is the appearance of Russian voice acting in DL2 expected? Thank you.
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  5. Hello Dying Light community, I have a really big problem. When I try to color the terrain, everything looks fine at first. But after locking the block the area becomes white. Except for the grass color. This does not happen in other maps. Any ideas what could be the reason or what I could do or maybe which files are responsible for the terrain? Big thanks in advanced Joluk
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  7. You want a hint....ok techland is making dying light 2 for a while now, they are also working on a second AAA game, may see something at e3 in june? That's all I no? Hope this answers your question?
  8. the corpse limit so they don't disapear would be awesome
  9. It seems the virus is really out of Haran. Because all are dead here :)
  10. since day 1 of messing with the tools that i haven't been able to correctly use the water boxes' skins is it just me, or are most of the skins transparent when submerged, in the tools? is it a problem only when testing the map in the tools? do they work fine when running the map outside from the tools? what skins can i rely on, that will definitely work, when playing a map from the workshop? anyone know? could we please get a patch to the waterboxes skins to work in the tools, like they work in-game (actually seeing the water in front of the player when submerged, instead of transparent? i'm limited to one skin at the moment, at it's not even close to the skin i wanted) btw, here's a few screenshots of what i've been doing with the tools for the past year or so
  11. wip

    Nope I sure aint dead, just needed some time to finish of other mods for other games. Maybe there are beers, maybe something a little better! The shop might include, hold on! Cookies! And thanks, I will keep on going, 'till the map is finished! Maybe got some tips or ideas? Update btw! Someone hasn't got his or her driver's license!
  12. wip

    I see you're not dead keep going. And i wonder what's in the misterious shop. Maybe some beers?
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  14. NEVER. Gonna have to consider this game VAPORWARE.
  15. I saw those "serious" players having fun. Most of them switched to "not serious" mode, that's all. Being serious about a computer game is sad thing.
  16. wip

    Working on a Very usefull shop, you'll find out what i'm talking about when the map is finished,
  17. Slice Glitch (use a broken weapon), it's help Human slice and destroy Nests, attack Hunter faster. Please fix it like two handle weapon, this glitch can't active with it.
  18. wip

    Added a small pharmacy on the left, and some roof. Just some progress and showing im not dead.
  19. I'm calling it a Techland Paradox. It's the first game i see where upgrading skills puts you in disadvantage.
  20. You people are just sad. Of course zombiefest was hyper unbalanced and the worst was the GP range, but all in all, it was timed event and we had fun with impossible physics. The fun of defeating a hunter was even more satisfactionary. You shouldn't take seriously the remarks of kids with dementia during that period, it was clear as day, that hunter was OP to the bone. It was their last chance to heal complexes.
  21. The one final patch is needed, unfair glitches and exploits should be addressed, but we are now beyond the support time so why would techland work on fixing bugs they weren't during support period? P.S Somebody is spreading info that some fixes (instant tackles) and nerfs are coming like no GP+SPIT and delays to prevent DFA after pounce or smth like that. I found it rather not credible, but PETE, could you confirm if anything is coming at all? "live tuning" - does that mean that we will return to old rules when steam is offline and i'll try to play LAN game (if LAN is possible with offline steam of course)?
  22. It doesn't matter how one reffers to. The fact remains that you're (and your ex-worshippers who are removing you from friend lists recently) exploiting flaws in game mechanics. It's not an good option, if anything, you should be able to escape or to push human away, not to deal most times undodgeable attack you, It's like rewarding your failure, but since you're trying so hard even with double instant tackles in a wall-lock on the noobs (and even instant tackles while having 0 stamina), i don't know if this conversation have an point. So the game sense is all about when to switch to glitches and exploits? That is rather shamefull for high caliber players, but here you are with your skill but still trying hard to win like you're life depend on. Invent something to counter failed GP and the movest will be complete. Have fun.
  23. scripting

    I don ´t have the time to test and i downloaded : Wsa 0.7 fix for steam 1.12 cause other mods were not scanned. i saw the placeholder , you should remove it. Now if there ´s things that cause problems, try to remove mod folders one by one and test each time ingame then you ´ll probably find where ´s the problem. and for the turning effect i don ´t know how it is made , i don't even know what it is and what you mean? in the developer tools, the player infection is started with The quest code and player effect sensor or varlist effect. but this is only a visual effect.
  24. scripting

    All what I need is replace simple Poison (for player) effect on turning effect or combine them into tandem, when player have 8-12 secs to runaway or use supressant.
  25. scripting

    Here is a LINK . If someone really wants to help or test mod, send me PM on nexus and I will throw version with collectable food, cuz already existing file is adapted for Use, not collect. And what about Turning? Do you have any ideas? So i found infection_fx and playerinfection. Files that can explain duration and hardness of using poison effects, but no words about What effect to use. For example : Strings of infection_fx ... _INFECTION_MIN_POWER(0.99) _INFECTION_MIN_OFFTIME(10.) _INFECTION_MIN_ONTIME(0.5) _INFECTION_MAX_POWER(0.99) _INFECTION_MAX_OFFTIME(0.1) _INFECTION_MAX_ONTIME(5.) _INFECTION_FLASH_ONTIME(0.1) _INFECTION_FLASH_OFFTIME(0.25) _INFECTION_NEW(0) ... Strings in playerinfection InfectionLevel("first_time") { VirusConcentrationParams(0.3, 0.8, 0.45, 0.1, 0.45, 0.55, 0.01); //SpeechBeforeActivate(5.5); Animation("Unarmed_Infection_FirstTime"); Speech("Speech_Infection_Symptoms_First.wav"); HearbeatEffects(15.0, 10.0, 5.0, 15.0, 5.0, 1.0); CameraShakeParams(0.2, 2.0, 0.05, 1.3, 0.1, [0.0, 0.0, 0.0], 22.0, 22.0, 15.0); AttackParams(20.0); //CamuflageParams(0.0); StaminaDegradeEffects(1.0, 19.0, 10.0); FitnessDegradeEffects(1.0, 19.0, 10.0); DofEffects(100.0, -35.0, 30.0); NoTutorial(); } InfectionLevel("runaway_first") { VirusConcentrationParams(0.3, 0.8, 0.45, 0.1, 0.45, 0.55, 0.01); //SpeechBeforeActivate(5.5); Animation("Unarmed_Infection1"); Speech("Speech_Infection_Symptoms_XX.wav"); //CamuflageParams(0.0); HearbeatEffects(15.0, 10.0, 5.0, 15.0, 5.0, 1.0); CameraShakeParams(0.2, 2.0, 0.05, 1.3, 0.1, [0.0, 0.0, 0.0], 22.0, 22.0, 15.0); AttackParams(10.0); StaminaDegradeEffects(1.0, 9.0, 10.0); FitnessDegradeEffects(1.0, 9.0, 10.0); DofEffects(100.0, -35.0, 30.0); } ... and etc.
  26. Try to locate those strings in the full game data with agent ransack. make a full copy of the game folder somewhere and extract all data0.1.2.pak with a zip archive extractor (merge all data paks) then type some loading screen text you ´ve seen in agent ransack and you may found where it is located in the game folders. also look inside data speech folders. ( i mean the data pl, data de, data fr... localized language folders and paks)
  27. scripting

    I don ´t know why their empty inventory give them the "inventory is full prompt". make sure they installed the mod correctly. also there was some zombiefest event that techland made recently by modifying the game scripts, maybe it affected some users who installed your mod. i don ´t know what differs between the english and russian game versions except for the dataSpeech paks. so you could try to set steam language settings as English to test the mod. and there ´s a better forum to ask this (if someone still would answer) also add the link to your mod so that somebody could download and test.
  28. Yoo dude its in the game lol.... there's no modders on xb1 yet lmfao
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