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  2. Damn I had a feeling envprobes did that. Anyways, thank you so much!
  3. Hi Pete, thanks for the latest patch, it pushed the game slightly in a right direction. Changes are good in my opinion. -Quicker uv heal helps a bit. Before releasing a new patch i would like to add some notes: -People are complaining about double or triple claw glitch (shown in the video above), i am spamming it like crazy because other moves are just not working. What would you say to those people ? I would fix it by: increasing the claw knockback to humans, it would remove the problem in open areas. ( It would also remove pole campers problem). -Reviving humans should take more time ( maybe 3-5 seconds ? What do you think). I would like to see reaction of the community. -Make hunter immune to dropkick for 1 second after being dropkicked or decrease the damage after just being dropkicked to not allow players for cheap dropkick chains which cannot be countered One dropkick means death and is very easy to do or let hunter regain control quicker after being dropkicked. (there are plenty of situations on countryside when one player dropkicks you and the other finishes you with 2 handed weapon before you get up. -Fix fire + explosive damage combo to nests glitch, it ruins the experience. That is all for now.
  4. I was thinking about it this evening, what if Dying light were turned into an MMO. No I'm not talking about your average WoW MMO. I'm talking Dying Light mixed with Day Z, The dying light world of scavenging and missions combined with a massive open world such as a country, with harsh survival elements that Day Z possesses. Start off with several different factions all with their own objectives and goals (GRE, Ministry Of Defense, Rais Bandits, Tower Civilians as examples), then you can make your own choices deciding if you should choose to help further their interests or go rogue and go out for yourself. Player encounters would also be a big role, scavenging for supplies and encountering hostile bandit players, rival factions or running into allies in a scavenging party. All of this to contend with along with hoards of undead and mutants and trying to locate precious antizan airdrops. Groups players teaming up or competing to capture airdrops of antizan or weapons/supplies. In depth player customization, finding different articles of clothing and gear in the world to customize your character. Players should only get a one shot life, as well as take great care not to get bit by infected otherwise suffering a serious penalty, realistic injuries, sickness, hunger and thirst as well as sleep. Thoughts and or opinions? I just think this would be an awesome idea.
  5. I was playing Dying Light this week (got hyped for DLC + it's an awesome game) and i was thinking of as many things as i could and so far (Including my ideas of my recent post ^^^) They should get rid of the auto aim on the bow's regular arrow along with adding new water zombies who lurk in the seas and maybe even a whole new map??? @Zombie slayar 17 ... I really like your outfit perk idea.. i think that would give more purpose to outfits for players who play offline (such as myself). C4 would be cool too
  6. Hi everyone! I am making a map using the Dying Light developer tools and I am curious to hear about what you guys wanna see in a map that you download from the workshop. I am in progress of making the map, and it is already pretty large! Fully open world! Currently, in my map I plan to have inactive safe houses that you can unlock, merchants, a detailed fully open world, a story with some side quests, quarantine zones, and a dangerous night time experience. The town you are in is called Karun, and the tower has evacuated you and a few other survivors in a bus. You end up crashing into a quarantine fence in a tunnel, holding out behind a quarantine fence. In my map, the Volatiles will be much more active at night. Although I am not sure how well I can make a quarantine zone, I do plan on making 3: Hill Cross Tunnel - A collapsed tunnel where survivors held up in; unfortunately, the tunnel collapsed and many were sealed inside of the tunnel by the local quarantine team. They were given supplies and told to wait for an evacuation plan, but unfortunately they never got the call. The only thing they received were swarms of infected coming in through sewer tunnels and a violent fate. The Trash Piles - Underneath an apartment complex in Karun was an underground garage that local quarantine forces used to store devoured corpses and dead infected corpses. Many thought it was a great idea to hold out in this area due to the infected smell, but little did they know it was only going attract more. Hordes of infected came into the Trash Piles attracted by the smell of rotting flesh, devouring everything in the quarantine zone. Eventually, the quarantine forces decided to abandon this body storage and sealed it up, leaving survivors and supplies in a rotting, disgusting darkness. Rumors of the Trash Piles spread around Karun about a possible supply cache hidden deep within the Trash Piles, many trying to take advantage of sudden evacuation of the zone to steal supplies. Many attempted to enter... but those who came in, never came back out. TBD - What do you guys think would be a cool quarantine zone? Leave any suggestions for what you think would make a fun map to play. I'm eager to hear your suggestions! Thank you!
  7. i can't find where to get a techland account to login to get the free new rifle
  8. you have to place envprobes to make places totally dark. search around the forum, there's a few posts on it
  9. I agree they should have been made to look more tactical. I mean some of them are wearing sweaters lol... They should have body armor, gas masks, grenades and better grade weapons and as previously stated they should engage you, rias men, and any civilians. I like that they're finally adding more content, but they advertised this in the trailer and gave us some guys that just stand around lol.
  10. Hi there! So on my map, it seems that in areas where there would be total darkness or a lot less light, there's still this grey / neutral lighting no matter how closed in a room is. For example, my first safe zone you spawn in is a tunnel. During the day, the tunnel isn't dark like in the real game. Instead, it has this neutral lighting that I can't make darker. Any tips? Thank you!
  11. We have a fix...will be in the next patch.
  12. Yesterday
  13. I have seen videos, and I agree, they look like regular RAIS squads but in black, and as a 250 lvl I expect too some heavy loaded enemies, and more like 6 riffle men, or 5 riffle men and 1 grenadier, and they should be a bit separated , but with long distance perception, also be able to kill infected with few shots and be able to kill goons and demolishers (if they need it to). Also in all videos I see people kills them SOOOO EEEEEASILY and laugh, there is like zero challenge.
  14. Alright so iTackle got fixed, now let's ask ourselfs what a average "Night Hunter" has up his sleeve? The only thing that was the least expected from the hunter was a tackle right after the evade also known as the iTackle, it could save you from certain death after evade or defend from the brainless DFA crows that just wait to flawlessly fall on you smash that LMB with the full strenght of their fingers and then say "EZ". Survivor has countless exploits and ways to counter hunter at everything he attempts. Toxic spits if You corner a survivor it's very useful in 1 versus 1 scenario but even in a 2 versus 1 and so on survivors are 90% of the time able to get back up their fallen comrades before the hunter spawns. Then the sense spit who cares about this spit? It's the one the least used it can be countered so easily by survivors sticking close to each other and puting their FX volume at 100% because hunter is extremely loud when he jumps or tendrills. +Mr. Pete how hunter is supposed to get away after failed tackle unless a survivor is clueless? Survivor can easily dropkick hunter after the groundpound or DFA him and how does it even make sense " And if you are in a position to allow a's because you put yourself there "? The problem is that hunter can get DFA'd pretty much everywhere on the map unless he's inside the building or in a small tunnel oh wait DFA sometimes goes through walls.. Stop trying to fix stuff that was perfectly fine and complained on only by people that just want to spam 2 handers and DFA everywhere. How about fixing stuff in PvP that makes it completely unfair like random telebombers? Groundpound+spit was perfectly fine avoidable with ease by a simple jumping before the gp, but of course people are lazy and they have to complain at everything. +There is also a strange bug. Infinite relaod was ment to be a thing ONLY for the infinite crossbow, but if the survivor switches real quick between 2 normal crossbows or a crossbow and a rifle it puts the second weapon into infinite reload. This thing is extremely frustrating and has to be fixed ASAP.
  15. This should already have been addressed in my opinion. I too was expecting heavy-armed soldiers patrolling the city and killing everything and everyone in site. I've seen nothing of the sort, there should be patrols of 4-5 heavily armed soldiers patrolling and this should be a more frequent event. They should engage all zombies, Rais thugs, and civilians. They should also use grenades instead of throwing knifes.
  16. I'm going to put this here, I know the first DLC just came out yesterday but the trailer advertises a false point. In the trailer it's made out that there's a new force in the city and that they'd be doing patrols in the city looking for their target and killing everything in their paths. I have yet to encounter this, i've only encountered a single group of 3 of them just standing there and 2 of those had machete's. They don't seem to engage the zombies which is already flawed AI behavior (along with the core game AI/Rais Men) and Immersion killing, they also don't seem to engage Rais men, which they should.
  17. I'm thinking a lot more outfits and guns would be warranted, seeing as the game places emphasis on outfits. Such as making more of Rais thugs outfits available, the Gas mask should be combined with those outfits or the T.E.A.R solider outfits. We should have access to those, we should also have more gun options, seeing as the majority of guns use the exact same models, give us some new models such as M4 Carbine, G36k, Hk416, M16A4 ect. Also there's issues with the AI, the AI outside of the fortresses do nothing, they just stand there with hoards of dead right outside, they don't engage the zombies, nor do they engage each other. They should also have grenades. Should add in the Ministry of defense soldiers as well. There should be several factions not just two all fighting for their own interests and fighting each other as well as the hoards of dead.
  18. When is this glitch going to be fixed as repair glitch was fixed also double claw?
  19. Hey Everyone! Hunters tackle was never intended to be spammed until the human is caught in a state they cannot react. It was meant to be used strategically. Hunters need to think about when and how they use it. It can be a very deadly tool if used in the right situations. It can even provide instant kills (into spikes, fall damage off a roof) As for after a failed tackle (as with almost everything in this game) it is very situational. I would say you should be typically be thinking about 2 things though: Get away (break LOS, regroup) Groundpound And if you are in a position to allow a's because you put yourself there. The Hunter needs to always be planning a couple steps ahead and you need to use the correct tools for each situation. Tackle isn't always a viable option. Hunters do win. Increasingly so. They used to have issues in 3v1 and 4v1 situations... but even these are essentially even with Survivors now (in equally matched games). Again, my best advice to struggling Hunters is to choose only "Full Green Bar" games under the matching category. These are Survivors that should have a similar skill level. Anything outside of that means a greater mismatch (could be higher OR lower ratings than yourself)
  20. Getting the same issue here, keystrokes not registered gazilion times fell down cuz the bloody hook didn't work or simply the flare didn't go off. Thought I had a faulty keyboard... Also since the last patch firing from rifle in the critical moments when hunter is as almost dead has become a real nightmare as it didnt work! Completely useless! What in the world?? For my weapons I'm using khopesh, xbow, two handed and a rifle. Also what is going on with the xbow, I shoot one and the bloody thing starts reloading without letting me use second xbow if I have another one?? Same goes for the rifle, if xbow is left empty without reloading I cant fire my rifle? wtf? Stuck in an endless loop of reloading rifle even if it's full of ammo? Do you even test these patches before you roll them out? And sense nerf, is it really necesary to be the same in game 3 sec delay if I'm not playing hunter invasions? Cant find some items looking for hours cuz 3 sec delay is there! And do something about telebombers its been like this since the game came out..
  21. Keep the Ideas coming, the more, the better for awareness to the DEVS
  22. you are right mikroni. Human can make a couple of mistakes and still destroy the nests. Hunter can play perfectly and take 6-7 lives from human, then autobalance kicks in and one mistake equals 2 destroyed nests Because by the time you respawn human will destroy one nest and is very close to the next. UV is so ridiculously strong that hunter can't even get close to human without losing energy which allows human for destroying another nest. If you are playing good for the first 10 minutes and take 6-7 lifes from humans, you can't put your guard off because of the autobalance. You have to be even more cautious because even smallest mistakes are leading to death and lost nest. Human can just chill out and destroy you xD. Who i do I still play this game
  23. Nice patch, now Autocrossbow was dead But why Techland don't fix Infinity Ammo-Gun and Modded Weapons? Ex: Add check-code in datagame, if a save game have this elements, Game will auto remove that weapons.
  24. I have to agree with Vallon, playing hunter requires near perfection to ....... have chances for winning. Because horde AI often ignores humans completely and humans instead of running away from hunter are uving him to zero energy and finishing him with dropkicks or slices which is just girlishly easy. (dropkick chains guys, you know them ). Random telebombers are helping sometimes. But usually horde AI is random to the point that humans are not caring about horde. They are targeted and instead of hurrying up to the roofs they are chasing you. Even if you tackle climbing human you are DFA'd. This is just horrible. Just look how hard it is to get some kills now. But after 2017\06 update when humans can make 10 times more mistakes than hunter and still win, they can finally feel that they are good at something lol.
  25. First thing i wanna to thank you for amazing job on this game and brilliant experience... I own this game and i cant wait to see how Crane story will continue. I have an idea of it and i wanna hear your opinion. I could start next dlc with same video but little diferent: In last video in The Following dlc when Crane finally get out and he turned... then should quick twist back and there should be Brecken whose running to him with a cure from Dr. Camden. Next should be a short video how Dr. Camden doing some tests on Crane in his lab and give him some samples what Crane should use when his watch warn about night. After this you should hunt Night hunters for tissue samples for Dr. Camden so he will craft for you more samples of it. And something new for a game: if you did not use samples when night is coming you will turn to that monster at night. And there is place for story as long as Dr. Camden will find the cure for you. Sorry for my English... Its not my native language. Best regards from your fan DiP43ck. GOOD NIGHT & GOOD LUCK and 60fps should be great
  26. I was thinking in the next upcoming dlcs one of them should add; new guns (Rocket launcher, sniper), gun attachments (silencer, fmg, sights), gun camos, weapon combining so 2 of the same kind of weapon, can be combined to improve damage, duability and handling and my last idea is perk kind of system where your outfit gives you special abilities like the ninja could have increased stamina, running speed and faster movements, but story characters like rais or brecken should be able to comand troops so they follow you and will kill Zombies and hostile survivours and T.E.A.R troops. Thank you techland for making an amazing game it is my favorite game and keep up the good work!
  27. I'll throw out there that I've been a lurker for a while. I've logged more time on this game than any other, so thank you for such an awesome experience. As someone who's put the time in to max the hunter, I'm dismayed. I've accepted that the hunter is the underdog against ultimate survivors (Pete said "Glass missile" I think). I'll probably play less now with these changes. Yes, NH is "overpowered" to the inexperienced, but against the crowd that I find available now with hundreds to thousands of hours, it's an amazing feat if I can take them down to half their lives, much less make it a really close game. With some (talking to ya Hank Wilmbelton Jr :-) I'm lucky to get 2 kills. Granted, I'm not claiming to be the "best NH" out there, but I've been told I'm pretty good, so I'm just saying these type of nerfs against the hunter feel a bit disappointing. I'll keep watching and hoping for continued progress. As someone who works in development, I understand there is a definitive balancing act that is very difficult to do, so regardless kudos for making such a freaking epic game, and I do look forward to the DLC!
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