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  2. Don't you get more money from the milk anyway? Might be worth it , convenience-wise to just sell them via the tablet when they get old and don't produce as much milk.
  3. Ah, gotcha - yeah, from what others are saying, it's storage only, which is unfortunate and a missed opportunity for another game mechanic.
  4. And I don't think they said they will add a bigger trailer. So I think I'm with you not care about animals. It isn't worth the effort.
  5. I know. But I haven't found those options in Pure Farming. It looks like it's just grass storage and nothing more.
  6. Having to save and reload just to get it moving faster is annoying I'm just going to wait till patch fixes it before I travel to other maps again!
  7. I don't really care about animals. Like with 45 cows and the small trailer! it would take 11.25 trips to sell them all to make 22500 or use tablet to make 18000 and lose 4500 11.25 trips to sell cows is way too many! Even if there was a bigger that might hold 6 cows it would still take 7 trips and then sell the last 1 using the tablet. If there were 1 of each animal pen somewhat close to where you sell them then it wouldn't be so bad.
  8. Absolutely!
  9. Milk and meat. Maybe sheep next? Mutton and wool. With some orange juice. Lol.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Cool. Now all we need are oranges.
  12. Goat milk is already listed on some of the purchasing centers and also goat meat.
  13. Agreed, it's more like a tedder/kicker than a windrower imo. I sometimes harvest my fields in a circle for giggles, and I was hoping to put the straw into more manageable rows for bailing, which is how I found out it won't work on straw, which just makes NO sense to me. So, no more crop circles for me, lol!
  14. I was just thinking the same thing. Being able to sell goat milk would be awesome. I grew up around dairy goats, so I'm looking forward to having goats in the game, especially if we can sell the milk too. But I wouldn't mind an orange orchard either, lol!
  15. Well, you have to do more to it than just let it sit, but yeah, you're supposed to level it and cover it with plastic so that it will ferment. Just leaving it out, it will dry out and become a hay/compost mix with hay on the top and only deeper layers will ferment, but it takes a long time and a larger pile. It needs heat and moisture to ferment, hence the plastic cover, which aids in keeping the moisture and heat in allowing for faster fermentation.
  16. True, obviously the current way is more "realistic". I did say I was spoiled by FS17 . Therefore, if we are talking realism vs QOL (I agree, simulators should lean more toward realism), then there still needs to be an "unload" feature for both the bailer and seeder to purge the remaining materials so you can swap out just as RL machinery does.
  17. Kiedy Patch na ps4 bo widzę że na komp był 12 kwietnia
  18. When you exit a vehicle, the trailer loading/unloading stops? Why?!? Especially under conveyor belts? Can we fix this in the future?
  19. Yeah, but if you store grass doesn't it usually fermit into silage fermentation? Weird sentence I know, but you know what I mean... right?
  20. Dear Techland, I love Dying Light, it is one of my absolute favorite games along with DEADRISING 3, Dead Island, Dead Island: Riptide, & the Assassin's Creed Saga. I love everything about the game except for 2 handed weapons and the way Kyle Crane fights with them. I was browsing YouTube one night and looking at gameplay for Dead Island & Dead Island: Riptide. When I noticed that in the Dead Islands 2 handed weapon combat was significantly better than 2 handed weapon combat in Dying Light. I want you to keep the whirlwind upgrades and that part of 2 handed weapon combat in Dying Light, but other than that 2 handed weapon combat needs to be more like the Dead Islands & Kingdom Come Deliverance. In conclusion keep the whirlwind upgrades but, make 2 handed weapon combat more realistic, and faster like how 2 handed weapon combat is in the Dead Islands. Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you in the near future. You can contact me by email: You can also contact me by phone: +1 (530) 333-7348. Sincerly, Sammy Johsnon
  21. It is just grass storage you use a bucket to get the grass out for the mixing trailer or you just sell it using the tablet
  22. Yeah, but I have the feeling dev team's or PR people always say they are looking into this sort of "news". If it's timed it's usually know from the beginning.
  23. Bumping yet again due to lack of moderation on these forums. l:
  24. Well, they mentioned around release, but we're over a month beyond release now, and still no word about this. @James Gallagher, any news on this topic? Thanks.
  25. You're righ @Gabrielmpf. Was answered in AMA before release to a question from me.
  26. I remember reading in a post by a dev team member that they were looking to add the orange DLC at some point for console players. If that wasn't possible, they would've said it right away. No point in misleading us.
  27. Its useful if your mower doesn't windrow but in Pure Farming the harvesters and self-propelled mowers dump in neat rows by default. One of the machines I've never purchased in the game.
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