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  2. It says on the gemly account I have the shotgun and neon buggy paint but it doesn't show up anybody else having the same issue?
  3. R.I.P G.A.R Your movies put the genre on the map hell you invented the genre you had a passion for it and stuck with it simply because you loved it out of love and true respect I in some way shape or form purchased your movies!Thank you for posting this topic this should have way more post!...R.I.P G.A.R!
  4. I got a solid amount of sub sonic ammo but cmon man silenced weapons take regular ammo I know you have been getting creative but cmon man keep it realistic....RUSTY STRONG WEAPONS WOULD BE COOL TECHLAND JUST SAYING...
  5. Sorry I can't agree I work and have a family to tend to and still managed to acquire a respectable amount of money items and weapons legitimately. I don't understand the point of "playing a game that requires you to find trophies" and the first thing so called "gamers" do is find the nearest website to pinpoint where they are.When you don't cheat you actually appreciate the gold weapons you acquire not to mention that's the point of the game.We can all agree to disagree at the end of the day you paid for a game play it the way you want but it's just my opinion.I do not play with cheaters it's like ok let's play a game where we have to level up "or we can go to a lobby and all the packs to level up are given to you in one swipe there you go you are level 250....what's the fun in that...where is the part where you actually PLAY the game...anyway back to topic I know in PC it's even worse but it's a real smack in the face when people are creating communities for strictly cheating.HERES A IDEA TECHLAND HOW ABOUT CREATING A AMAZING WEAPON THAT ONLY THE TRUE GAMERS WHO GRINDED AND DIDNT CHEAT CAN USE GIVE US SOMETHING FOR ACTUALLY PLAYING THE GAME....AND PLAYING IT RIGHT !
  6. Short and simple can you update the dying light companion app so that I get notifications! Lost the buggy paint and crossbow camo I know you have updates but logically speaking wouldn't that app serve a purpose to do that in...LET IT HAVE A NOTIFACTION ON MY IPDAD BE IT A RING SOMETHING SO THAT I KNOW WHEN A EVENT IS ON DAMN TL !
  7. Bow switch. The bow cancels pretty much any recoil animation for free. This isn't an exploit, never has been.
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  9. You should try the same. The people where asked to give the devs their opinion. Not get on here and say what other people are saying is stupid. After seeing everyone criticized by one person that is just another gamer like us I got tired of it. And yes I did say I didn't care about his opinion (his opinion about our opinions). It is the devs job to pick what they do or don't like about what we say. And with the change alot of people thought it did need change just not as much as they did.
  10. I wouldn't be that hard. And if you've played any other techland games you'd know they are janky as all hell
  11. ............ i feel like vallon is one of the only sane people here. you dont care about his opinion but yet you respond to him? vallon decided that people were being unrealistic about the update. the update was good, but it needs tweaking. he gave people his opinion and instead of people acting like a person and taking it in stride they decided the most mature thing was to huff and puff and type away at their keyboard saying 'i dont care about your opinion.' think before you type please
  12. since this has become a pissing contest at this point, i have 2 accounts(ps4), both 60+ hrs, apex, mostly undefeated. i've never heard of a player running around using his fists. if you are an ultimate surv and have played as often as you say you do, i think i would remember a player running around with his fists... you list many exploits for the hunter, yet fail to list some for the human. for instance, the grapple cancel, literally infinite items, poison bolt(thanks for the patch, but still somewhat used with pros and spammers, dropkick lock, etc etc. you complain about these tackles, but most of them are counterable. it feels like the only way to tackle a true pro of dying light is if the surv is blatantly not paying attention or cant possibly evade (in mid air). most of the time about 90% of my tackles are evaded with a true pro. you unconsciously depicted yourself as a pro saying you've been against nearly every zombie, so how about you start acting like one and try to improve instead of complain. p.s., humans can still evade tackles through buildings, and some pros even bait the zombie out by waiting below a van or something alike.
  13. Oh well in that case I'm just going to hold off on this game if no support arrives I will just buy it second hand in a few month
  14. All I can be definite on is that it's not something we have for launch. But at the same time we're not ruling anything out for the future.
  15. Thanks for the reply. Must say I'm suprised and disappointed in the lack of support for Xbox one x. Hopefully its only a temporary situation. Obviously Xbox one x would be the best way to show the game off on consoles
  16. Hey there, sorry for the delay - I wanted to make sure I was giving you the most up to date info. Multiplayer won't be in the game at launch but we are exploring it as a potential update in the future. Running on PS4 Pro, the game will have longer draw distance and better shadow effects/post process effects automatically on. There are no specific enhancements for Xbox One X at the moment.
  17. So I'm going to guess no-one gives a damn enough to give an answer on wether there's going to be a Xbox one x /ps4 pro upgrade for consoles? think I'm just going to cancel my pre-order until this question gets answered
  18. Come to PC and you will be making a thank you video.
  19. Greetings Developers, I hope a video i made will explain my opinion better that just words. Enjoy.
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  21. thanks for the info on animals
  22. A few things I think are exploits in my opinion. Correct me if I'm wrong. SURVIVOR: 1. Crouch, Kick, shoot arrow from ranger bow makes the arrows come out really fast. A nest spawn can be destroyed in about 5 seconds or less. 2. I've seen several Survivors swing a heavy weapon really fast. Almost like the repair slice glitch still works for a heavy. Not sure how they do it though. 3. Backwards and sideways sliding. 4. Horde flying through the air to explode on you no matter how high up you get. HUNTER: 1. Ghost Claw - Using the tendrils to claw multiple times in rapid succession. (Kind of like repair slice for Humans) 2. Performing a UV Heal after a missed GP. The hunter shouldn't be able to UV heal to escape a missed GP. It makes the penalty for a missed GP non existent.
  23. Develop a game after we'll see .....
  24. Happy three year anniversary, that's a joke right because the games been out three years and yet nothing has changed. Pvp is broken and frankly just plain stupid. The servers come from the stone age which means the severs are trash. I could go on and on about this game. I'm starting to think techland only cares about making money because the players have spoken but no response on techland's side. This game had so much potential and now it's slowly dying, that's why techland brings in game sales. The 10 in 12 updates are gonna be garbage and won't bring any big difference to the game. Does techland have no imagination. If the next update is as garbage as the stupid Harran fighters which all look like crane, I mean come on techland you guys just got lazy on that one. One more disappointing update and I'm braking my dying light disc.
  25. Thanks for not being rude like some people. I'm not a new player btw. I have about 700 hours as the hunter i have 1 apex and a mauler and about 600 hours as survivor and even I think that they made this new update to much. Used to the hunter had to fight. Now most matches I play they spit and run. Letting the flying hordes do the rest. Or I try to jump on their head and land literally on top of them and not get the DFA but instead die right in their laps.
  26. Good morning/afternoon/evening I represent a Dying Light Xbox One exclusive Facebook page with over 7000 members who are extremely upset with the update to the Be the Zombie! Many of them have already left the game due to the changes and i'm sure many around the world and not just in my group have done the same! I have heard that it is near impossible to find players will to join Invasions after their update! While we all agree that the Night Hunter was a tad underpowered and needed the new buffs in order to compete with the Humans(Surviors), what was not appropriate in the eyes of many I have spoken with not only in my group but in numerous groups on Facebook and other social media sites, was taking away or increasing cooldown times for certain Human attributes! I am attaching what they see as not fair and feel if just the Humans were given back the abilities prior to the update(without taking away the buffs for the Hunter), they would be satisfied and return to the game! As an Admin and Manager, I don't see this going well for the game as a whole since I'm sure 60-70% of the players play BTZ and if u lose them to other games, u will also lose reg players as well! My member activity has gone down drastically (not the point)! The point is if these are not remedied soon, I don't see how the game will be seen in the same light! You listened to the Hunters but not the Humans when it came to Hunters using glitches and cheats to win or just aborting if things weren't going their way! But instead of truly balancing the mode, u sent it in the other direction! While I and my group may be a drop in the bucket of ur players, imagine other groups as large or larger than mine walking out of the BTZ! Please consider at least giving back what u took from the Humans while leaving the perks/buffs you gave the Hunters! Thanks for your time and consideration! Christine aka GamerMom1969
  27. Gaming improving decision making and problem solving? That seems to only hold in the narrow sense of the game itself because it doesn’t appear to be as true as the gaming public would like to believe, i.e. you won’t learn how to smoothen social moves, drive better, perform surgery better, or make better decisions generally in the world by say becoming an experienced tactics specialist of Be the Zombie. I don’t see the evidence but since I don’t read everything, perhaps EM could enlighten us and point towards the science that establishes that. Nerves of steel? Lol, with all these benefits from better decision making, to better problem solving, AND growing uber balls it sounds like we could substitute military training and education with playing Be the Zombie. It’s cheaper and we get the same or better results. The problem with specialist arguments: just play a few more hundred or thousand hours and you’ll see what we mean. And that’s perfectly legitimate as far as opinions go, but falls flat when considering everyday facts: doing anything for a few hundred hours will make a person feel like they’re learning something, overcoming something, or conquering fear “practicing steel nerves”, training reflexes etc. But whether this is true for people's lives and in which sense they truly benefit? That seems much more unclear: how can you distinguish a time wasting activity from a bad game that keeps requiring you to spend more and more hours to "get it"? You could say the same about any other game or activity, even unpleasant ones that aren't fun. What makes a quality game world class and distinguishes it imho, is that you don’t have to earn a degree and spend hundreds of hours to learn what normal play is like and people still feel empowered in their choices and excited to play. Good game implies that genuine fun can be had easily. Hundreds of hours means that this is a specialist’s game mode and that balance decisions are made to benefit the highest level of play, while the rest have to bite a learning curve harsher than the early players, that tell everybody to grow some, when that's always easy for us to say because we were around the longest. And in the case of Starcraft etc. this is fine but Techland’s position remains clear regarding the question: Is the game mode only for PvP specialists (that have the freedom to play for hours daily) or is it for the general public to enjoy casually? And the balancing updates have swung BOTH ways, which nourishes false expectations that try to please everybody with neither specialists or beginners satisfied. Techland has repeatedly stated that they want to cater both to veterans’ as well as to casual expectations. But who knows what route they'll take in the end?
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