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  2. Where is Egyptian Kh 300 × 225 - opesh at shops after Survivor level 25? There are some available at lvl 18 to 22. But none after lvl 25. Not any shop not even loots, nowhere. They are pretty handy weapons. I like them most.
  3. 3rd Mutation Level 60 Apex Predator
  4. Hi herotina, I'm looking at tuning this Molotov damage down for Hunter and Nests along with a few other balance adjustments. We might be able to get something out next week... I'll keep you posted!
  5. Thanks for the video. I have an idea for a fix. If everything works as I expect, we might be able to address this issue next week.
  6. Normal game. BTW, what are you expecting? Techland didn't fix bugs and glitches from The Following (only some of them) in the whole 2016 (they claimed support to the end of 2016), why they should now?
  7. 3rd Mutation Level 60 - Walker
  8. OK, since the game starts to litterally dying out and there's unavoidable increasing flood of delusional players resorting to all glitches/exploits there is, just anything to win, why not to post instruction of the cheapest move for hunter here for everybody? The most skilled players succumbed to their delusions and self-justified "morals" of gameplay, trying to stick a tag of a PRO technique that only PROs know (and keeping it in secret). Instant tackle will allow you to tackle opponent after dodge even if your stamina is depleted! You can also perform double tackle if human hit something and is still in tackle range. If you're always crying over OP humans, it's something Techland prepared for you in secret. It's not hard to find if you can use a google, but it seems that many can't, so here's one of the tutorials: THX Techland for phantom support in 2016. Have fun!
  9. The tutorials of how to do instant tackle are on YT now, search for yourself if you are interested in exploiting unintended game mechanics.
  10. Hey retards Do you think if I uploaded some chupacabra in here, will I get noticed?
  11. So I have gotten dying light enhanced edition for my birthday. I thought that I checked all of the cards from the case. I had only found another card in the case of the game today. It was the card from the dying light team card that leads to the website. I had read on the card that there was a token of appreciation but when I went there, there was no token of appreciation. Is it the years worth of bonus content or something else?
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  13. Try updating your drivers both video and audio...then update your cache files on steam
  14. Hi y'all Need Help looking for someone with a few gold weapons That I have not aquried yet I have gold weapons not modded or upgraded . Have some king and clicker mods I can get rid of .Really looking for something new like tribal axe ,smack Hammer ,rune hammer ,tribal knife .If needed can give list of what I have. I have all Fabulous , extravagant, and legendary in Gold + more . And 5 fantasy. Skull mace , Hoco bat ,Blade of order , Axe of Titans ,Gonuba
  15. So apparently my computer busted down so I have to wipe it. This means I lose everything and have to restart all over again. im wondering if this will affect my dying light save, I have a LOT of progress and I'm not interested in starting back at base 1 as I'm no speedrunner. if it does affect my save, is there any way I can get back all my chupacabra? Response would be helpful
  16. Weapons I'm looking for are as follows Gold weapons 1)Heavy tribal axe that glows blue 2)Smack Hammer 3)Tribal blade 4)Rune Hammer Keep in mind legend and survivor maxed
  17. Hello All I know not much of a topic but looking to keep game exciting I have 30 + gold weapons plus others looking to get something different other Than what I have .Will compensate with gold weapons or anything that I have that will motivate a Trade just message me ps info and I will join your game or vice versa. Thanks
  18. Please Techland, revive Hellraid from death. It's amazing game and I think have a great potencial to be a big success like Dying Light. Unfortunately I changed my girlfriend(ex on perfil's photo) , but do not worry, I will never change my favorite company, just ask you not to forget about Hellraid. Thank you
  19. Hellraid still alive?
  20. Is there currently any way to successfully edit the zombie parameters such as damage / aggro range via the game files on PC? Patch 1.12.1
  21. Ok thanks you, i test it when i'm at this point
  22. Maybe try to delete the mesh visibility params script? or set it in the mesh visibility params window in the devtools under optimisation or another menu.
  23. Yes, it's working, thanks you very much, and just last questions, all object with texture yellow, i see it invisible. If you can help me on this, i loving you
  24. Ok, i go test thanks you and for the radio, if someone search, go here : @KNG have replied how make this, thanks you ! I go test @cr1m3 and i say that in few minutes
  25. He made object groups so, For selecting one object, open the object list window then right click on the group then select open group. now you can select any object in the group. now for light shaft or ray, i guess they are 2d textures as you said but it ´s working fine once you set the good angle.
  26. Hi, thanks you for your anwser, but i have downloaded but i don't know how i can select just 1 object :/ So i don't know how he make For the shaft, i have a windows, but i can't resize the object in 3D, just in 2D. Thanks you
  27. Hey, bonjour. For animations to trigger, you can also use movies to play animations. also for enemies animation or set the start animation in spawnboxnumber attributes. for the sound, check techland tutorials again or use a boxobjectenabler that enable a sound marker or another option in the boxobject or any sound area sensor like ambient, music or soundEmitter... now some area that would start actions, you could use , boxobjectEnabler or collisionrecievier object class , switch, or the most complete tool for actions is the quest code . now for the light, type shaft in the assets browser. maybe some doomguy's example in the link above could let you enable a radio without quest code but .
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